Expired Ambien (or Other Z-drugs)

Gualandi Says:

Hi, anyone tried expired ambien or a drug similar to zolpidem (z-drug), especially if it's been years since it's expiration date, and what was the effect? Is it still as good as it used to be?

I have seen studies showing that some drugs practically never expire. One study found 50 year old barbiturates that still had over 100% potency left! Another study looked at ambien for NASA space station, it found that 2 year expired ambien still had about 101% of potency left. If it's true that ambien is similar to barbiturates in this regard, in theory, it should still be near 100% potent even 50 years past it's manufacturing date provided it's stored in optimal conditions. But I would like to hear your experiences about it.

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Jimbo Says:

I have a script that is 3 years old and as I stopped taking it and left it in a cool dry cabinet. I was cleaning up and found a 30 day supply I never used. I took it on vacation as I have trouble sleeping on vacation and your about statement is correct, I took a 5mg and fell asleep in 5-10 minutes. I did not feel any different than when I took it daily years ago.

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Optimistic Says:

Idk know about that med but the other day I asked my doctor if my year old xanax will still work, she laughed and said they’ll turn to dust before they stop working.
In my experience as a patient the only meds I won’t take that have expired are antibiotics (could be dangerous) and LDN (because it won’t work when it gets old).

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VerFree Says:

Most medications do not become dangerous, once expired, but they may begin to lose effectiveness. As was already mentioned, storage conditions plays a role, those kept in a cool, dark, dry place in sealed containers will always last the longest.

However, since it is impossible for us to know if they have become degraded, it is always best to dispose of them, and obtain a new supply, if needed, unless your doctor instructs otherwise.

The FDA warns that Ambien may cause side effects, such as dizziness, headache, sedation, sleep actions, and next day hangover-like effects.

Ref: Ambien Information

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