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exelon withdrawal

My husband has been on exelon patch for about three years but his alzheimers is progressing faster at this point I think moving into the severe stage. This medication costs us over $400 per month and that's with our insurance paying for part of it. Our income is going down and we cannot afford for him to take this any longer. Can you safely quit cold turkey, should you cut the patches in half for a month or two. Surely someone has had this problem. What kinds of reactions can we expect to see if he no longer uses the exelon patch? ## Kathleen there are numerous pharmaceutical companies who will give you your medications for free due to financial hardships. Goto the website for the company who makes the medication in question and search for financial hardship or how to get said medic...

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excelon patch

EXELON PATCH RESULTS ## What is Excelon and what are the side effects? ## The Exelon patch contains the active ingredient Rivastigamine, it is use to treat dementia associated with Alzheimers and Parkinson's Disease. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea and vomiting. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Are there withdrawal symptoms to be aware of in stopping the exelon patch cold turkey. It has been an awful experience and we decided to stop it over the weekend. ## my mother was put on exelon. tolerated the lower dose, placed on higher patch dose. she has gotten worse over the course of several weeks...while i don't believe she has alzheimers and was not diagnosed with it, it now seems the wrong "drug&#...

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Exelon patchs and breathing difficulties

My mother (86yrs) started on exelon 4.6 4 weeks ago. She suffers from bronchiectasis on one lung and I feel like her breathing has worsened since using the patches. Initially - as its coughs and colds season- the GP put her on anti biotics and high steroid dosage (6 per day) but 10 days later she has worsened. As of today 6th Jan, she is on the 9.5 patches. I have read it can cause breathing problems. Any other experiences or advice please on this, as the GP doesnt think it is Exelon related. Thanks in advance ## Thank you. Sadly, she has now passed away. But I am grateful to forums like this. Its a place to turn when nobody else seems to be listening

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