Excessive Wetness With Estring

Sheila Says:

I'm coming to the end of my first year of using Estring. It has definitely helped with severe vaginal dryness. I noticed the smell someone else mentioned above but that seems to have stopped. My new concern is that I seem to have excessive wetness from the vagina. It's almost to the point of my questioning if I have incontinence but it is clearly coming from vagina. It's causing a lot of crustiness of the pubic hair around the area. Most unpleasant. As I consider other options they're all equally expensive and the rest seem even messier. So I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this issue? And if anyone has any better solutions?

One thing I've done is give my body a break for a few weeks between rings. I figure that has to help minimize the exposure to the estrogen (family history of breast cancer) and give my body a chance to rest. I don't think I have the heavy discharge at the beginning (that's when the smell is) but by the middle to the end my underwear is really suffering. Sometimes I'll stand up and it feels like it's pouring out of me!


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sheila! How are you?

The FDA does list that as being a possible side effect, it is usually due to your body having excess estrogen. Your doctor may be able to help supplement your progesterone to help prevent it from happening.

However, given the odor that you've mentioned, there is also a chance that you have bacterial vaginosis, so you should have it checked out to be sure, as you may need to take an antibiotic.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Sheila Says:

thanks for your response. I doubt I have a yeast infection as the symptoms went away immediately upon removing the device. And the odor was ON the device when removed, NOT in me. Seems like if I had excess estrogen I would not have been suffering from excessive dryness in the first place!

I wonder if it's possible to get a lower dose of Estring? I will ask my doctor about that and the balancing with progesterone, though I really want less hormones, not more.

I may just give up on Estring. I'm taking a month break and will try my last one before I go see my doctor early next year. Thank you.

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