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Trazodone and Excedrin PM

I'm taking 50 mg trazodone for insomnia. Some nights I have a lot of hip pain. Could I also take an Excedrin pm? ## It is generally best not to combine the 2, unless your doctor instructs otherwise, since the Excedrin PM also contains a medication to help induce sleep, according to the FDA. Taking them together could cause you to experience too much sedation, which may result in respiratory distress, or respiratory failure. Are you on any other medications?

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can excedrin pm cause a false positive for cocaine

can excedrin pm cause a false positive for cocaine? ## I was curious to see what answers you've gotten about this since something similiar just happened to me; my pain dr. drug tested me and i came up positive for cocaine!!! i haven't touched that crap in years!! and now my dr is threatening to discharge me after 5 yrs. due to insomnia, i take alot of sleep aids so i was just wanting to know what other people thought ## What medication can positive for cocaine? ## I have recently testyed positive on a hair follicle test for cocaine, I haven't touched the stuff in almost 7 years, I am on flexiril, hydrocodiene, and while I was in hospital I was given, Morphine, Dilodiud, and Adavan, can asny of these make me test positive? ## 5 days before.....I did cocaine! do I come out pos...

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is excederin PM safe to take after expiration

I have some Excederin PM that expired on Sept. 2009 and it is now march 2011. Is it safe to take it so long after the expiration ? it is hard to get where i live. thank you ## Excedrin PM contains Acetaminophen and Diphenydramine. No, neither one of those gets dangerous after the expiration date, but they will lose effectiveness, so may not work as well as they used to and since they do contain Acetaminophen, you will have to very careful about taking any extra tablets, because it can be toxic if you take too much in 24 hours. Are there any questions or comments?

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