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It helps the pain

I have used this product for many years and I am glad that I bought a lot of it a few years ago. I have come to my last one and I need it more now than ever. I hope that I can find it somewhere. It is Eucalyptamint Ointment 16% Menthol. CVS and WAlgreens in North Myrtle S.C. ordered it for me in 2012. Where can I get it now ? ## There are many products available over the counter that use menthol for topical pain relief, it is simply a matter of looking for them, and finding one close to that concentration. You can ask your pharmacist, and they should be able to help you find something effective. The side effects of these topical analgesics may include skin redness, irritation, itching, and dryness, according to FDA reports. Alternatively, you could ask your doctor about prescribing some...

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Eucalyptamint not being found!

Just want a final, accurate answer..... can this still be found? I, and several others, love this stuff. We swear by it!! We need it!! Please tell me it is somewhere. It works like nothing else. Absolute relief! When you have arthritis and fibro both, you need something, and this is it!! ## Hello, Kay! How are you? There are other products available that contain the same active ingredients, such as Icy Hot, Bengay Ultra, and Castiva Cooling. The FDA warns that these products may cause skin burning, drying, and irritation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Eucalyptamint gel 16%

Where can I buy Eucalyptamint gel creme 16%. Have an old squeeze tube of Eucalymtamint gel creme distributed by CIBA Consumer Pharmaceuticals in Woodridge NJ 07095. Anyone know where I can still find this product. ## I can't seem to find any specific details on stores that might carry it. Apparently, Insight Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of this product. You may want to contact them directly to see which stores they ship it to. INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals, LLC. 900 Northbrook Drive Suite 200 Trevose, PA, 19053 T: 1-800-344-7239 I hope this helps! ## It seems this product is no longer manufactored. Just called the company listed for it. So sad, it really helped my Mother, now looking for something that will take it's place

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