Etodolac And Paracetamol

Abhijit Moitra Says:

My Dr.R.Homechoudhury Prescribed Me For My Knie Joint Pain Please Sujjest me The Best and The Cheap Formulation of PROXYM-XT

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Mohan H Pise Says:

I am prescribed Proxym XT for my knee joint pain and imflammation, diagnosed 'Medial Miniscus injury for one month 1-0-1 tablets daily. I am also advised to take tablet Fit Joint 1-0-1 tablets daily for one month. I am 73yrs old male. How effective are these medicines? Any side effects? Thaks.

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Sukhdev sharma Says:

I am 61years old,I doubted about the side effect as heart attack,brain stroke.tell me with detail about this. I am taking the dose 1-0-1daily from one weak, I am the patient of back pain since three months,

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