Etamsylate Used To Stop Bleeding During Pregnancy

Pallavi Says:

My doctor prescribed me ethamsylate and tranexamic acid as maintenance tablets to stop bleeding. Unfortunately my bleeding has not stopped yet. Can I just take etamsylate instead of tranexamic acid for my pregnancy of 8 months?

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Lyn Says:

I am lyn here in the philipines . I already pregnant for 6 week but i had a bleeding for almost 2weeks. The doctor prescribe me to use isoxilan hci .it is safe for me and for my baby. ??? And how to stop my bleeding.

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Bujji Says:

Hi last Monday I confirmed that am pregnant but first two days I have spotting a little.. But after that I had heavy bleeding doctor suggested to take sylate 500.. Should I take it or not now am so much confused, can anyone help me please?

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