Eszopiclone (lunesta) Orange Tablets, No Imprints

Pops Says:

Small orange/peach round, uncoated pill from INDIA. No markings. They are supposed to be eszopisclone (generic lunesta). Came in legit looking bubble package. The back of package reads ESZO, color listed on back Ponceau 4R FCF.

There is a purple stamp on the bottom of back pakage that reads: B.No. 65, MFG 08/012 Exp 07/2015

Looks legit -- but I'm worried there's no markings. Plus these pills to not provid the tell-tale bitter taste in my mouth when I have take Lunesta 3 mg.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Pops! How are you?

Unfortunately, this is one of the hazards of ordering in such a manner from a foreign, non-approved source….there's just no way to be sure of what you receive.

They don't have the same strict regulation that the U.S. does and there have actually been quite a few instances where people ordered many different medications, but all received the same tablets, so obviously something questionable was going on.

Learn more Lunesta details here.

They may or may not be what you ordered, without any markings or anything, there is no way to be certain.

Is anyone else familiar with these tablets?

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JOHN Says:

received same as POPS (Tue.Sept.24,'13) no markings, no pharmaceutical firms' name.

Purple stamp reads:
B.No. -728
MFG. 10/2012
EXP. 09/2013

Obviosouly counterfeit - threw these out!

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