Estrogen Methyltestos Hs Tab Weight Gain / Constipation

Bumstead Says:

Does this medication make you gain weight or retain weight? I am on weight watchers and have gained 4.6 pounds in the last week, when before I was losing 2.2 pounds every week.

Also is one of the side effects of this drug, constipation? If so, how do you correct this?

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David Says:

Weight gain is actually a common side effect associated with this medication as well as other drugs that affect one's hormonal balance. Hormones help regulate your metabolism and thyroid function, which directly influence weight gain or loss.

The best way to combat weight gain in my honest opinion would be to change your diet and/or exercise regularly if you don't already do so. If I were in your shoes I would start with eliminating any excess fat and sodium in the diet. Foods with high sodium create water retention, making you appear bloated after a meal. As far as fat goes, I'd stay under 20g a day if at all possible. I would also cut out meat and dairy and get your protein from leaner plant based options. All refined sugar is a no go as well. This can easily be substituted for fruits.

I do think that these factors will have some of the biggest impacts on your weight and overall vitality.

Does this help at all?

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Bumstead Says:

Thanks for your reply. I am on Weight Watcher's and am eliminating fats and sodium from my diet. I am exercising two to three times weekly. Trying to do more in that area. I do not eat much meat and have not for quite some time.

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Deb Says:

Yes to both questions. I gained abt 10 lbs. constipation sorted with regular use of probiotics. The ring caused me to lose 5lbs during the 3 months I was on it.

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