Estrogen Methyltestos F S Tab Side Effects
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nicki Says:

does estrogen methyltestos f.s tabs cause weight gain

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Tammy Says:

Yes I have stopped taking it too because of rapid weight gain, breast tenderness, lack of energy, body aches, & fluid retention.

Is there any reason you have to take anything once you get past the night sweats?

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Linda Says:

I am thinking about not taking the Med just because of the side effects of gaining weight. Intercourse is not that big of deal but I was hoping for the help. But not if it is going to make me gain weight. Is there any help to tell you what to do to not gain weight. And I have a lot of trouble with passing out and the Dr can't be found out what it is causing this. And now I am taking this med and I have the headache and breasts hurt and the weight gain. The weight gain makes me feel like I don't want to have intercourse because of the way I look. I don't want to go to the gym because of feeling so tired. And I was doing good about going and I was losing weight but I started taking this med on Aug 13th 2015 and I have already gained 5 lbs. I stay hungry all the time. Help Please.

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David Says:

Hi nicki,

Based on my research and from listening to other's personal experiences, I'm led to believe that any type of hormonal supplement can easily have a significant impact on your weight in general. With this particular medication, weight changes are a common side effect.

Reason being is that your hormones are largely responsible for proper thyroid function; which in and of itself controls your metabolism and other like-factors that help your body to maintain and control it's weight.

You can view a list of side effects here:

I hope this helps!

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