Estring Stuck

Jinty Says:

I've only used one Estring so far, and it is time to change it. But it feels stuck when I hook my finger around it & tug on it. I can push part of the ring away from the vaginal wall lower down, but it won't budge from higher up. It totally helped my symptoms & I want to put in a new ring, but I don't know what to do. I hate to have to go to my gyne for this Any suggestions?


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Ryan Says:

I have difficulty removing the estring because my uterus is retro verged and my fingers are too short to reach. Easy solution, bear down like you are constipated and the ring moves down to where you can reach it!

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Rebeccah Says:

I usually struggle to get my ring out to change it, but this time was a real bear. Usually if I can get a finger under the edge, I can loosen it enough to pull it out, but not this time. Just as you said, it seemed like the deeper edge was just stuck.

After scheduling an afternoon gyn appointment just in case, I inserted a half of an inserter full of Estrace estradiol cream (which I usually only use on the vulva). An hour before my scheduled appointment, I tried again, and it slid right out.

I don't know whether the additional dose of estrogen caused more mucus production, or whether the cream itself acted as a lubricant. I do think I have more difficulty if I wait too long before changing the ring, and I think it might be because the delivered dose rate gradually decreases over the 90 days.

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Emma Woodhouse Says:

I've found that the Estring is easier to remove if you do it a few days earlier than scheduled.
My doc also suggested wearing latex gloves for more traction.

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Pat Says:

I've had the same problem. I tried bearing down like when constipated, and I was still having trouble. The estring would move down where I could reach it, but it felt like it was stuck up higher. So I thought I'd try adding some more lubrication, even though I didn't think I was dry inside. I had an applicator from another lubricant that I filled with KY jelly and injected that into my vagina. I didn't even wait and tried again, and it slid out much more easily!

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Worked for me Says:

If you can reach it but it feels stuck, apply some lubricant, like a liquid KY, high in the vagina near the cervix. Use a vaginal applicator or narrow syringe to insert the lubricant while lying on your back. Wait about 30 minutes then squat, bear down, and pull it out.

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Pat Says:

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Thank you for the info. I tried it your way and it worked.

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Jennifer Says:

I feel like I am having a hard time putting the Estring in, it’s so big. I can feel it if I put my finger in there, is that normal?

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Robin Says:

This is my 3rd “refill” with estring. First 2 came out without a problem but this one was just plain stuck. I tried all different positions, bearing down and no luck. I checked posts and read one where it was suggested to put in some lubricant, wait a while and try again. I put in lubricant and went to bed. Got up this morning and had no problems removing the estring. I am very relieved! Hope this tip can help someone else.

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Gloria Says:

What is the best position to be in when you try to remove the e-string? On the back, standing up, etc.?

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L Says:

Re: Emma Woodhouse (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

The latex gloves worked like a charm!

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