Estring Questions About Side Effects

Attie Says:

Has anyone been hit with constipation after starting to use estring? So strange, but that's the only change that I can pinpoint to have affected things. Also, is anyone experiencing a successful diet experience as a result? I am having better luck than ever losing weight and controlling my appetite. I'm just trying to figure out if either of these things are due to the extra estrogen.


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Attie! How are you?

Constipation can happen due to the slightest change in your body, so yes, that's highly possible. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, breakthrough bleeding and PMS-like symptoms.

The losing weight, however, is unusual, as these usually tend to cause weight gain.

Have you experienced any other side effects?

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Kim Says:

Just got put on Estring and have been getting headaches. How long will this persist? The Estring vaginal estrogen ring is inserted every 3 months.

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Becky Says:

I was prescribed this Estring and it's causing cramping. I moved it up as far as I can. Is this due to my complete (no cervix) hysterectomy? I had to remove it as I couldn't even sleep.

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Jk Says:

Hi! I have gained weight.!! I’m just two weeks short
Of 60 days with the ring. Today I pulled it out. My belly seems
Much fatter and I gained a firm 4 lbs

The ring had a white substance around it. Like goopy stuff sort of like soft
Chalk. What is that?

Didn’t help my pain enough. I’m gong to try vaginal
Botox next. Ouch

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Milou Says:

I just had estring inserted by my doctor yesterday and my excessive burning won't go away now in my 2nd day. I am 64 without any pregnancy nor hysterectomy. Gynecologist prescribed this for my extreme vaginal dryness. Any help would be appreciated.

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Marie Says:

Does the estrogen in an Estring affect your partner in any way? I understand you can leave it in or take it out during intercourse, but does it affect them during oral or normal sex?

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