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How safe is it? What side effects?
Glenmark Est is this a safe and good choice or should i use another manufacture?
I use DS 1.25 / 2.5 mg tabs

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P.Pisano Says:

Are one of the side effects for taking Estrogen-Methyltestos, little small sores on my scalp and hairline.

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laura Says:

Can u get boils with this medication estrogen-methyltestos f.s. tab?

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Tammy Says:

I do not know if this is a side effect but I can say that I also take this med and I also get those same sores. Little boils/pimples mostly on my neck and hairline. I was recently in Florida and got the worst sunburn I have ever gotten in my life in one day and with wearing my usual 60 spf lotion. I was curious if sun sensitivity was a side - effect?

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dee Says:

I'm 62 and decided to stop this medication. I have started the hot flashes and it's been about 3 months since I stopped the medication. Is this normal, it's like going through menopause. Thanks for any info.

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Verwon Says:

These are synthetic hormones, so they really aren't completely safe to take and yes, they can cause all types of crazy side effects in people that take them.

For HRT, these synthetic hormones were found to cause more cases of blood clots, strokes and etc. As a matter of fact, they caused so many that the testing was stopped!

And yes, if you've been on them for awhile and suddenly stop, your natural hormone receptors have most likely shut down and it will take awhile for them to start working on their own again, which explains the hot flashes.

For anyone still seeking such information, there are naturally derived hormonal supplements available online, or in most vitamin or health stores, they can help you supplement back both estrogens and progesterone.

If it's safe for you to do so, you may want to try them. They aren't synthetic and don't carry the horrible side effects and dangers.

There is nothing 100% safe and side effect free, but they are an improvement.

And many doctors just assume women are low in estrogen, when they are really estrogen dominant, that's what usually causes most perimenopause, menopause and PMS symptoms. If you add back Progesterone, great relief can often be found.

There are also herbs that may help, such as black cohosh and evening primrose.

However, as I said, make sure to check with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you to try such things, before heading out to the store.

Are there any comments or questions?

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lechezz Says:

Estrogen-Methyl testosterone I have been taking this for years from ANI pharma. twice my pharmacy substituted EMT from another pharmaceutical company, and each time I broke out horribly, when normally I have very clear skin. As soon as I got back on the med from my usual pharma company (ANI) my skin cleared up. So it may be the difference in manufacturers that could cause skin problems.

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