Eryko 250 Side Effects

Sharron Says:

I've been using Eryko 250 for 3 days and currently experiencing nausea, heartburn and pain in my colon. I feel week and giddy. I have a taste similar to iodine on my tongue and the my breathe smells like iodine.
Could it be because of this medication?

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David Says:

First things first, I believe that if you were not experiencing any of these symptoms prior to taking this medication (and you aren't taking any other forms of medication), then the answer is most likely yes, this is a side effect of Eryko.

Eryko contains the active ingredient Erythromycin, which has some pretty serious side effects that may be associated with its use. Although I couldn't find anything suggesting that it creates a weird taste in the mouth, I highly recommend taking a look at the two links below for side effect info on stomach or abdominal pain:

NOTE: in the link above, you may need to scroll down to the section on "adverse effects".


I hope this helps!

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DIDO Says:

got them at the clinic yesterday i was told to take 2 three times a day, i am only on my second pair and honestly i feel sick an there is this awful pain in my chest don't know how to explain really but its painful.cant continue suffering from tonsils .please help

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carmie Says:

Hi,I'm 33 weeks pregnant and got eryko 250 at a clinic as it has been said I have infection,I'm suffering from lower abdominal pains in my right side and lower back.I am experiencing tiredness,nausea,vomiting and extremely drained,is this side effects?wil it have an affect on my unborn baby,because the pain has not gotten less its more severe?

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talitha Says:

hi if got the same problem im 33 wks and the pain doesnt go away what can i do?

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Angela Says:

Hi, I have a terrible ear infection and was prescribed ERYKO-250. I note on the container that they contain sugar, and was not even asked if I'm diabetic. Will this be an issue. Although I have not been diagnosed as diabetic, I suspect I might be, or on the way. I am not eating any sugars currently, not even fruit. The other thing is, I have been prescribed two tablets four times a day for five days. The tablets contain 250mg of Erythromycin stearate and 15mg sugar (Lactose). Oh, I"m also lactose intolerant. I'm a 5 foot woman! This seems excessive to me when I read on this forum how much other people are taking. Could you please advise?

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Lady D Says:

I think it is! I'm also feeling same symptoms, plus blood spot stil coming out of my vagina after urinating.

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Moe Says:

I also took these pills and they made me very sick. i was vomitting and my back was so painful. went to the clinic to change them but was told to do a pregnancy test 'cause they think that i might be reacting to them due to pregnancy.

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Phumeza Says:

I went to the clinic a day ago suffering from short breathe,shivering and heartbeat.I was given ERYKO-250 and now I have pains that I never had before.I can't eat nor drink cause I have pains on my chest and I can't keep anything down.Should I be worried?

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shuping Says:

I'm 35 yrz and 2 weekz pregnant and the doctor prescribed eryko 250 and told me to take 2 and 4 times per day and iv bin bleeding during the early days of my pregnancy before consulting a doctor but the bleeding has stopped now.May I continue with them???

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princes Says:

im using eryk 250 its 3 weeks nw an im losing libido. is it a side effect? im lady 27 years.

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Sele Says:

I took Eryko for 3 days for an ear and sinus infection. Can I stop the medication since it makes me feel tired and dizzy? I was prescribed 1 tablet 3 x daily.

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