Eptoin 100mg Side Effects And How To Stop Using It

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Jess Says:

My brother has been taken eptoin 100mg for more than 4 years till date with 2 doses a day and at present he is complaining of backaches and pain in the right leg which he cannot move and sometimes he is having breathing problem and weak. He could not sleep every night but slept around 2-3 Am morning till 11:00 Am, along with eptoin 100mg, the doctor advised him to take Dicorate 500mg and lobazam-0.5 which he is taken regularly. Do these medicines have any side effects? If he stops eptoin what would be the result? Please do reply with any suggestions.

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Verwon Says:

Eptoin contains the active ingredient Phenytoin, it most commonly used to help prevent epileptic seizures.

Has his doctor expressed any theory as to what is causing the problems he's experiencing?

Those are not generally normal side effects of this medication. It is also not recommended that he stop the medication abruptly, he may experience rebound effects, if he does so and it could result in much worse seizures than those he was being treated for.


As to the other medications, all drugs carry the risk of side effects.

Dicorate contains Divalproex Sodium and is also used as an anticonvulsant.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, loss of coordination and loss of appetite.


Lobazam contains the active ingredient Clobazam, it is a Benzodiazepine that is used to treat anxiety, nervous disorders, insomnia and can also help with seizures.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability.

Learn more:


If he wants to stop the Eptoin, he really needs to consult with his doctor and make sure he does it properly.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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My mother aged 82yrs had to undergo head injury in 1992 ...She had been prescribed eptoin 100 2tabs at bedtime...4-5 yrs back this dose was reduced to 1tab. Since then we have noticed that she is increasingly becoming very aggressive in behavior. Of late she seems to have become somewhat violent...Often raising her hand at the maid who works for her. Also she has hallucination n says..."My son n his family came last night...Call them for breakfast" whereas her son is in another country...Sometimes she starts cooking for some guests who she says are in the house. She is particularly rude n uses abusive language with the domestic help. Since she and my 86yr old father live alone, it is increasingly becoming difficult to cope. Does eptoin 's dose have anything to do with her changing behaviour?

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preetul mazumdar Says:

hello, i am 23 yrs old. i have been diagnosed with nocturnal epilepsy. i only get seizures when i am asleep. doctor has prescribed me with 3 tablets of eptoin 100mg a day with two other medicines.
i also smoke marijuana on weekends.
my question is, am i gonna have any side-effects due to smoking marijuana with the prescribed medication?

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Verwon Says:

Preetul, I am afraid I have no information on that, so I can't answer that question.

Since Marijuana is an illegal substance in many countries, including the U.S. where we are based, there are no studies done that evaluate its possible interactions with prescription medications.


However, you should be careful, because it does work on brain chemicals, so there is no way of knowing what effect it may have on you.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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preetul mazumdar Says:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my post...
really appreciate it... if i have any more questions, i will surely post them and let you know... thanks once again...

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Don Says:

Hi! I am 43 yrs male.
In 1st Jan. 2011 faced to an open brain surgery to remove a Pituitary macro Adenoma. Since then taking Eptoin 100mg 3times each per day( at night abt 1 hr before sleep). In mid may 2011 had CSF leak and repaired by a Lumber draining. But, again CSF leak started 1 week later and added Diamox 125mg 2 times per day till now. CSF leack now not flowing out from the nose.

Now I am facing to, late night sleep and late wake up; Heavy sleepy feeling while even 10mints reading and getting to a deep sleep for several hours even without feeling mobile ringing beside the bed; Knee pain a/f short walk; Extra leanness of legs, specially thigh; Sensitivity loss in foot specially right side; Tingling in both legs foots, specially Heel and top side close to taw fingers; Spine pain and some burning feel spots; Occasional burning feeling in forehead and top; Some water flowing feel in ears & still from nose( but never come out); 16 Kg weight loss within 6 months a/f surgery; Short term memory loss; Loosing rapid urine passing; cough when bend the neck and constipation as the mains. ARE THERE ANY POSSIBLE LINKS WITH ANY OF ABOVE WITH EPTOIN? IF YES, PLS LET ME KNOW WHAT ARE THOSE & HOW IT REACT.

All medicines taking now are,

Eptoine 100mg(bd) for 11/52;
Diamox 125mg(mn/noc) for 7/52;
Hydrocortisol 10-5-5mg ( total 20mg per day) for 11/52;
Thyroxine 150mg (mn) 100mg for 6/52 and 150 for 1/52;
Neourobion 1 tab (mn) for 6/52
Folic acid 1 tab (mn) for 5/52;
Atova 20mg(noc) for 3yrs;
Astrix 100mg (noc) for 3yrs;
Ezemibe 20mg(noc) for 2/12;
Nicorandil 5mg (mn/noc) for 2yrs;
Preterax 2.5mg (mn) for 2.5yrs;

All Hormones of bothT4 and TSH; 9am cortisol and
Testosterone levels are below the lower range.

Those hormones were improving a/f surgery BUT again went down range a/f CSF leak start.

Kindly read all and provide your professional comments. Tx!


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Jince Says:

I have undergone Gama knife therapy for AVM (post sylvian). 10 years back. after that Iwas taking 300 mg eptoin reduced to 200 and 100 ater 4 and 5 years. Later I stopped it for 3 years with consultation from Docters.
Since last 2 years i am facing with seizure without any reason ( all test are negative including DSA. and now i am taking 200 mg daily. What shall be the reason and how I can get released out of it. It is experienced 3 times in 2 years with highly anxious situations

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anil Says:

sir, using eptoin 100 mg 2 tabs daily at night after meals
the doctor prescribed it in 1993. the last consultation was in 2003 .after 1999 i have no symptems of epilepsy founded. till date i am using the medicine some personnel problems i am not consulted my doctor. i want to know any side affects ?

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i m 45 year old . i m suffering from TB. i got feeds 2 times with in 72 hour , so that i had been kept in ventilator for 6 days in very critical condition . now doctor says you have some obceses in right frontal of brain & advised me to take eptoin 3 dose in day. but problem is that i have been trouble with skin problem on my boady desent allergis raches all 24 hour time. i also take ATT. & EPTION as per advise of doctor . but both medicines cause bad effect on me . please advise me & suggest me .EPTOIN CAUSE LIKE ABOVE SIDE EFFECT & SUGGEST ALTERNATE SOLUTION OF THIS MEDICINES ?/// PLEASE REPLY

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eptoin Says:

My mother who is 74 had a head injury with blood clots in her brain . This led to seizures which were treated for a year with eptoin . During this period she had almost complete loss of memory , cognition , and a lot of dementia like symptoms . After being taken off eptoin this month many of these symtoms have reversed . I can emphatically say that these symptoms had been caused by taking eptoin over a longg period and it would be beneficial for you to approach the doctor to consider taking stop the drug completely .Eptoin or any anti convulsant has these side effects an so must be taken under close medical supervision and for a limited time .

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Shobhit Saxena Says:

HI, my sister (11yrs) got fits attack before 2 days and doctor suggest for CT scan and find a symptoms of fits. He suggest to give her EPTION Tab. She is child could you please give me any suggestion for her health.
Is EPTION Tab have any side effect for her health.

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Nitin Makwana Says:

I am an epilspsy patient since 1998 , i have been consuming Eptoin 100 + Folic acid the results were alost negative i have also been advised for eption levels which wee further done by me but it was concluded that i have been a adictive for this drug , i have maried recently & am worried what gonna happen , i have also experienced 2-3 cass ( after marrige ) where i became un cautious this is really a mess for everyone in my life specially for my wife .
Is there any wauy to get rid of this drug , plz let me know .

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Bhavna Says:

I am a 23 yr old girl last year 0n 23rd may 201,i had passed through a surgery for knee patella, after surgery i was in ICU at that time i had a seizure but that was not epileptic, Dr prescribed Eptoin 100mg thrice a day for three years i am consulting with Dr regularly & taking my medicines properly but since last two months i am feeling some side effects of this medicine, i complaints for a severe headache, and last week my left hand and left leg were become insensitve for sometime and then it becomes normal but there is a severe pain in my hand, and i got black out many times i got blank wen i talk to somebody on phone manytimes, Dr prescribed me sleeping pills for that I want to know how can i cope up with this problem.

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Sonu shah Says:

hi this is sonu 23yrs,male.
I've recently while being back from work felt giddy and laid down.doctor seeking,adviced of low bp n prescribed medicine relevant to it.later again after 3 days got senseless n as per my colleagues statement they said i've behaved very ruthlessly n madly.
Later i've been to home town and seek neurologist and as per instructions i've check ur of eeg and mri.
Mri reports impression-no abnormlity is detected
Eeg -NAR
Doctor seeking those reports passed oxetol 300 for 2months.what do this indicate

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Oscar Lobo Says:

What are the possible effects of stopping Eptoine 400mg daily on the completion of a 2 year treatment ?What are the precautions she needs to take to minimize these negative effects?
My wife had an sudden and unexpected bleeding in the brain a year and 10 months back. Fortunately, for her she returned to normal within a short while without much damage.

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soni Says:

Hi my brother got fits last week 2times in alternate days.dr Rx eptoin 100mg.is it use for a long time or when his health good,can they stop ?

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Thir Thapa Says:

There are many side effects for Eptoin -100mg because I'm taking last 14 years I'm 3 time surgery my gum, I'm so weak its very difficult to work, i want change my medicine anybody help me please?

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ramamurthy Says:

I have been taking eptoin 100mg, frisium 10mg, respidon 4mg and oxetol150mg past 2 years and i have night walk during sleep and i have been smoking regularly. pls suggest me the side effect and about night sleep walk.

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richa Says:

i am 28 years old . 2 years pahle mere left hand and legs mai few movement hota tha then left side ka pura face tircha ho jata tha kuch second ke liye . tab doctor ne bataya ki apke brain mai calcium clots hai . aur 2 years se mai eptoin 100mg 3 tablets ek din mai 1 morning mai and 2 night mai but ab baby conceive karna chahti hu . to kya kar sakti hu eptoin se kya koi effect ho sakta hai.

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Srividya Says:

I am srividya i am havin EPTOIN TABmg 3tablets daily 1-0-2.I have undergone an accident last july.I got brain injurgery,there is a blood clot in brain.After 3 days i was in coma,i can't response to anybody,then i shifted to anoyher hospital there i got fever after that i got fits.The Dr told i have Epilepsy.Dr aviced me to take Eptoin100mg,Levipil750mg.I am havin this for 11/2yrs.I can't sleep properly in the night,My behaviour has changed a lot,My hands,left leg is painin a lot.I am 32yrs lady.
Can u Advice me for this.

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