Epitec 100 With Trimatrptolyne And Rivatrol

Albertus Says:

I'm on Epitec 100 2 in morning. With 0.5 mg Rivatrol morning and night and 2 at night. In the evening I take 1 trimatriptolene to sleep, I think it is 25 mg. I have been on it for about 9 years. I still had Black-Outs (Mall Petit) January I had 3 vehicle accidents. I was then put on Epilim 300 mg but started with a rash after a week. I was told to go back on Epitec now I had about 5 Mall-Petit in last 3 months. I'm due to see the specialist in a few days. Is there something else that might work? I'm paid off and not aloud to drive untill I'm clear for six months. Thank you.