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white cross energy pills

smaller than an asprin and makes you want to get up and go, fast ## I am not sure what you are asking, if you need me to identify your I will need more information about the pill. If you need me to locate a drug or it's ingredients, I will need more informaiton as well. Please post back so i can assist you with your question. ## It's about half the size of an asprin, it's white, plain on one side, an X or a cross on the other side. That's all there is to it. ## The only pill I could locate with just an X on it is Sennosides 17 mg, but it's brown and round. I will keep trying to see if I can find any more. ## those pills are probably no longer available. we used to buy them in the 70's for $20 per 100. 2 in the morning and you were ready for anything including los...

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White capsule shape Pill With P in a Circle

I have two pills capsule shaped with a line on one side and a P in a circle on the other they are white ## Let P in a circle on a white oblong shaped table, there is just a line on the other side, does anyone know what this is? ## Hi Craig, The closest match I've been able to is a round yellow pill with a P inside a circle (the circle is about the same circumference as the pill itself) and then a score line on the back. One source tells me that the pill I just described is Primatene (Ephedrine- 12.5 mg + Guaifenesin- 200 mg). However, there is another "P in circle logo" that I found an image of, and apparently it's the Pharmascience Canada logo. With the imprint being so vague it's hard to know for certain what the pill is... Where did you find it? Has anyone else se...

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yh224 3850

yellow & black capsule with 3 brown stripes ## what is this ## it's called a yellowjacket. Sold as dietary pill/fat burner. Contains ephdra, increases metabolism so could be harmful if misused. ## Hello, This pill has been identified as a yellow jacket energy pill. Here is some information concerning this supplement. Ingredients: - ephedrine 25mg - caffeine 200mg - cordifolia - citrus aurantium - kola nut extract - ginseng - ginger root - capsicum - stearic acid - magnesium stearate - gelatin - activated carbon - black iron oxide - titanium dioxide This drug is no longer available in the United States because the FDA has banned the sale of supplements containing ephedrine due to their cardiovascular effects. You can still find Yellow Jacket for sale outside of the U.S. There are...

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capsule1/2 black &1/2 yellow with 3 black stripe

capsule 1/2 black &1/2 yellow with 3 black stripes around 3/4 not a complete circle on the yellow part of the capsule- on the black side is marked YH224 with a line under it and under the line 3850 ## It's called a yellow jacket. Mostly caffine, used as a dietary supplement. ## This capsule is an old generic of Stacker 2, it was used for energy and weight loss, but it contained a form of Ephedrine, which could be dangerous in some people that take it, so it was removed from later formulations, due to the risks of cardiac dangers. The FDA also warns that it carries the risk of causing increased blood pressure, and heart rate. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am sorry, upon further reading, this was not a generic, but a name brand of Stacker 2. ## Does it make a differ...

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Effergin tablet information

effergin tablet information ## Iv been given some small white pills sold as effergin to aid weight loss. they are very small and white with ATOM printed on one side. Can anyone tell me if they are effergin and is it ok to take two each morning to suppress appetite? ## yes they are and they do work well they do 4 me ## hi could i please ask does anyone know how i can get effergin pills from?? as i carnt find them anywhere. thanks ## i wudnt recommend effergin tbh, me and my mate took a load along with 4 grenades, ok so it was a stupid idea but we were bored at work and he dared me. had an amazin night with incredible energy and amazin feeling of shudders thru my body, never felt so good but after 4 hrs the bad effects kicked in, shakes (or tremors it feels like), insomnia, feeling of sic...

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Dark green and light green capsule with SA from mexico

I have a friend who is taking a capsule that she got from mexico. She says it curbs her hunger and gives her energy and focus while she is eating very little. Sounds dangerous, I'm trying to figure out what it is. The pharmacia opens the box, pops it out of the foil packs, and gives it to her to walk across the border without declaring. Any ideas what it is? Im scared it has ephedrine in it, and sometimes she drinks while on it, etc!

EP 225

PILLS ARE SCORED ON BACK AND WHITE AND ROUND THANKS FOR ANY HELP ## what pill is it? what is it used for? ## Dickey Consumer Products lists this as containing 25mgs of Ephedrine and 200mgs of Guaifenesin, it is used to treat, or prevent various upper respiratory issues. NDC code: 65193-0320 The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and headache. Is there anything else I can help with?

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n25 white cross

round white cross ## I was in high school in the 70’s. There was a little round pill white I thought they were called criss cross pills. I was very shy and I took them and liked them. That’s all I remember. ## Yeah lol I remember those! They contained ephedrine. I used to take a similar OTC (mini-thins) like candy when I was younger.

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im looking for a reliable stockist of ephidrine i got some last year and they where fantastic suppressing appetite fat burning rapidly

I bought ephidrene from Canada which turned out to be hay fever tabs.the real deal are so hard to come by and id really love someone to put me on to a stockist whos no timewaster,thanks ## You can never have enough Ephedrine when making Meth, eh? ## Ephedrine is easier to find than anything else for me ## Maybe good for methamphetamine . Sounds a little fishy ya know

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Yellow Pill With Ssa On Capsule

I got some yellow capsules with SSA and stick figure man inside a circle at my gym. What is this pill please? Is it a fat burner, steriod.. please can someone get me an answer asap. thanks Kim ## Hi Kim, I ran a few google searches, and the only conclusion I can come to is that you have been given some sort of anabolic steroid. Companies that make steroids don't log their imprints, which makes it quite difficult when you're trying to identify one. Are there any other imprints on the pill? Please post back with any additional info you have and I'll be happy to assist you! ## Hi Kim. Did those yellow pills work for you to burn fat? Did anyone ever get back to you regarding ingredients? Thanks ## Hi I also recieved yellow capsules with black print on SSA and a circle with n man...

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Small white pill no markings on one side, scored in fourths

Found these in my kids room. Would like to know what they are before confronting him. It's a small round white pill. No markings on one side and the other is just scored to be broken in 4ths. Any ideas? Thank you so much for any help. I'm lost. ## In other related discussion threads here, a pill with this same description has reportedly been identified as a "white-cross energy" tablet containing ephedrine. There have also been reports here of this pill description linked to amphetamine 10mgs (from Mexico). The problem I'm seeing is that because the description is so vague, it ends up fitting the description of more than one medication and/or supplement. That said, I think your best bet would be to have its contents analyzed by a lab and/or drug panel for 100% verific...

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black and red capsule pill

I found a black and red capsule pill that has Dex twice on both halfs (red and black ) ## Hi Samiam, I located a black capsule that has 'Dex' twice (once on each half) that is rumored to be diet / stimulant related, and could possibly contain ephedrine, dexedrine, or hoodia. These are the three main prospects I've honed in on, although I still think a lab analysis would probably be your best bet for narrowing down the options. Also, there's a manufacturer by the name of Delmar Labs who is known for putting "DEX" on their capsules. Perhaps that company may have some leads... I hope this helps!

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ephedrine mini thins

Where OTC can these be purchased for asthma? ## I live in South Africa. Can I get mini thins here ## According to the manufacturer's website, Ephedrine mini thins are legal to buy, albeit with certain limitations (involving the dosage and/or number of packets being ordered at any given time). While Ephedrine mini thins are not deemed legal in some US states, here is the list of legal states it can be purchased from: "You can buy ephedrine if you live in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, West Virgina, Virgina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire." Source: "Is Ephedrine...

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yellow capsule rj8

yellow capslue with the imprint rj8 on it ## I cannot find a listing for this in any of our resources. Was it found in the U.S. or elsewhere? ## RJ8's are Yellow Jackets. Speed. I used to take these when I was a kid. Bad stuff man! ## They are caffine speeders from the late 70s. Caffine, ephedrine sulfate and phenolpropanolamine. Spelling might be off. 300mgs, 25mgs and 50mgs.

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EPH40 (ephedrine tablets) by Health and Vitality

Is this company legitimate or what? 30mg in a dose is high in this form too. The batch I have ended up smelling of ammonia and makes me sleep. I had to throw the rest away. Health and Vitality says that they're easily contactable by phone or by email, but I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone directly regarding this. ## EPH 40 Can't be the same Company. I have used it for ages. The telephone number for healthanvitality is 0207 0789 086 (from the UK) and works between 8am and 8pm seven days a week. Their email is [email protected] Both work well. The EPH40 is genuine and also works well. My Gym has used them for last 6 years.

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small, round, white tablet. with MSJ imprinted on it ## Myu son had a small blue pill with msj stamped on one side and a line half way accross the other side. What is it used for what is it ? ## i got told it is ephedrine, but it doesnt have the same effect as the ephedrine i got off my mate. this tablet i have got only has msj on 1 side and nothing on the other side ## its valium 10mg from switzeland !!! ## hello a few of my friends know of these msj pills and they are a tipe of valium. but they wont tell me were they get them from but they do say they get them in tubs of 1000x. ## how long does its stay in your blood stream, can it last up to 10 hours? ## THEY ARE FROM INDIA, I WAS TOLD THE SMALL BLUE MSJ DIAZEPAM ## these tabs are doing the rounds in my town at the moment, they'r...

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Small White round pills - Printed with MSJ - Is this effergine?

Bought them off a friend who says they are effergine for weight loss? is this what they are or not? ## Could you tell me please?? I have little white pills which says MSJ on one side and on the other there is nothing...please could you advise me if these are ephedrine tablets ? ## I have bought some of these as well from a guy in Wales and they are supposed to be ephedrine, havent tried them although I would like to know if they are ephedrine. ## Hey, yes they are ephedrine and very good too. ## I can't find a listing for this, and if they are Ephedrine, which are banned in the US, I don't know how to find any information on them. Does anyone else know for certain and perhaps how much is in them? ## Apparently 30mg and don't take more than 3 in 24Hours :) ## I have just boug...

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side effects greenworld slimming capsules

If I am on anti hypertensive and cholesterol lowering drugs, can I still use any of the slimming stuff ## Hello, Nara! How are you? It will likely depend on the exact ingredients of the weight loss product you want to use. The best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor about it, to see what you can safely take. Is there anything else I can help with? ## does green world capsule contain ephedrine

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small white round pill with letter r on it

small white round pill scored with a little angle has a weird letter R on one side and notthing on the other looks like if it was folded by hand ## small white round pill with a weird letter r on one side and scored once on the other. ## yeah i got one 2 but im not sure what it is. can someone help ## I have small pills with R on one side and the guy told me it is 20mg ephedrine hcl russian made! Am still looking as other say it might be Clen. Either way both used for far loss ;) ## The small white pill with score on one side and weird R on other is a generic axnax: Mainly prescribed to patient's for anxiety. Hope this was helpful, be careful taking certain meds together as all meds do not mix well!

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efogen slimming pills

its a white pill ## Sorry, nothing listed under this name, can you please double check the spelling? Or were you possibly looking for information on Ephedrine? ## I think slimming pills coming with appetite suppressant are always suggestible. The general use of appetite suppressant medications is to treat obesity should be combined with physical activity and improved diet to lose and maintain weight. First thing in weight reduction is to follow that is perfect dieting system. ## I used to take these slimming green (half light green and half dark green) pills. And they worked great. But the lady I used to buy them from moved. And now I'm trying to find them online to purchase them. The ingredients were Lotus leaf, dietary fiber, aloe, cassia seed, and oriental waterplantain rhizome. ...

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