Epclusa Side Effects
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Kathleen Says:

Hello. I am 16 months post epclusa and feel worse than when I started. I was a server for over 40 years. Full of energy. Then hep c happened. I had epclysa for 12 weeks. Now I am in bed most of the tune from no energy. My ears are ringing. I feel deflated. Anyone else feel like this? My hep c nurse waived off my complaints.

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Lou Says:

Re: Sunshyne (# 93) Expand Referenced Message

Just read it , unbelievable what they can get away with ! Feel like I'm stuffed my asthma I never had lung problems till I did treatment now just to top things off my feet ankles are puffing up ,drs won't believe that treatment has caused my problems ,I know it did ! Take care

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Sunshyne Says:

Re: Lou (# 92) Expand Referenced Message

Read blue link in my last post of hearing on side effects.

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Lou Says:

Re: Sunshyne (# 91) Expand Referenced Message

ThanksSunshyne ,sorry to hear of your loss,try and be strong stay safe,sometimes I think they are just trying to wipe us out, because we are to sensitive to there crap.

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Sunshyne Says:

Re: Lou (# 87) Expand Referenced Message

It's wrong what they did to tennis player.
The whole world has seen news.
If you trust Pharma & government to take care of you, you've been misled.
J & J (leaking) pain patch killed my sister. And GILEAD Harvoni killed my husband.
Mandating jab is wrong & tyranny.
Personal choice not to be forced on those who've had covid & recovered with natural immunity.


I pray for all who are suffering from Pharma pushers and government profits.

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 89) Expand Referenced Message

How are your feet mine seem to be swelling more lately I try to elevate feet as much as possible ,think it's all from Edema from Lung problems or heart not working working probly just from Epclusa ,I have to go to lung specialist next mth,can't say I'm looking forward to it ,take care safe

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Kathleen Says:

Re: Lou (# 88) Expand Referenced Message

Never drank or smoked cigarettes.
I had a blood transfusion in 1985 and they traced it to it had Hep C.
So went 40 years with many problems but not being diagnosed. So when Kaiser diagnosed me with Hep C they put me on Epclusa.
Then found cirrhosis.
So I guess I should be grateful that I didn't cause it myself.
For some reason never liked the taste of alcohol and hate the smell of cigarettes.
Some people can do it and that's their choice. I guess I'm glad I was not attracted to either.
EPCLUAS made me feel almost insane within hours of taking it. I could not think clearly. Had to have help for all personal issues. Could not even cook. Felt like I was poisoned. Every day. Has taken years to feel better.
Take care mate.

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Lou Says:

Re: Lou (# 83) Expand Referenced Message

My step sister is going to try get another diagnosis for liver problems,I really tried to warn her about alcohol .problems that it's so dangerous,I havnt had a drink in years! Itake care

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 85) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Kathleen, everything over here is getting expensive also yet our prime minister keeps reassuring everyone that we are going so well,I'm lucky to have been vaccinated just hope that it works lot of kids have not been able to get vaccine yet not untill next month, I hope your eyes are not giving you to much pain! It's very hard to even see a dr here,plus supermarket shelves are not looking very good, people get in a panick and make sure they over shop,I think people here are similar as to what you said about thinking that they are so important.The amount of shootings are getting worse over here not as bad as U.S as yet but slowly catching up, I suppose you have heard of Novak Djokovic the tennis player,he is currently trying to play tennis in big competition here but our prime Minister obviously doesn't like him threatening to throw him out of country an not letting him play in competition all long story I won't bore you with it ,I hope you are trying to stay safe and well ,every time I cough or sneeze I hope it's not the start of covid! I don't know if my aches pain ,thin skin , puffy feet Edema ect is from my COPD asthma or from my liver starting to give me problems symptoms are very similar one common thing is epclusa ,take care

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Kathleen Says:

Re: Lou (# 83) Expand Referenced Message

Well Donald was president so they did everything under their knowledge to get him through it.
So many people here still won't get jab because of him. He went on tv said he had jabs and his base very upset about it.
We are a country of people who think we are special.
That rules don't apply to them.
I do think that most people will get omicrom.
It's not that serious for people that have jabs.
It's Luke the flu. Not going in to lungs.
Your sister in law too sick for epclusa? Wow. Im sorry to hear that.
I will say that you and I are lucky you be alive and even with horrible effects we are still alive.
When I found out I had her c I went to a class with about 15 others. Only 2 of us signed up for treatment.
The alcoholics and drug abusers wouldn't quit doing drugs/alcohol.
When I went I. For scan they told me I had stage 4 cirrhosis and needed epclusa treatment.
It is $1100. 00 a day for epclusa.
I have insurance so I wad covered. Almost one hundred thousand dollars for my treatment.
We're you covered for epclusa?
I hope your daughter can stay away from people until baba is born.
I wish there were another way for us to write to each other.
You have been here for me for many years..

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Kathleen Says:

Re: Lou (# 84) Expand Referenced Message

Yes california always on fire. I live in carmichael.
Epclusa killed my sleep pattern.
I now use ambien nightly.
Maybe you should ask for another dr with a heart.
I now M having trouble with my eyes.
Even in winter now I must use my ray bans when going out.
Sometimes the TV is too bright for me.
Never had this until epclusa.
Glad you had all three jabs.
I had same but Moderna.
Now saying maybe another booster.
Prices of food and gas going so high.
I'm on social security so I have to shop wisely.
What next
Take care Lou. Think of you often.

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 81) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I had 2 ASTRAZenic plus a booster , so far going ok been lucky this summer so far no fires ??but a lot of rain ,too much rain everything damp! No such luck with getting any sleeping aids ,I think my dr was weaned on a lemon !! California fires very bad news.

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 82) Expand Referenced Message

Hi my friend ,great to get your message,I wasn't sure what a entitled Karen was as IV never heard that term before,but IV seen a lot of people who would be entitled Karen's that's for sure ,!! No it's a hard one about Epclusa I agree I think they should have gone into a lot more detail with older people,also high viral loads ,when I mentioned to the liver dr that I had an ongoing very high viral loads of hcv,he didn't bother trying to find out why ,just said it won't effect your epclusa treatment yet since doing treatment IV asked drs about what damage it may have caused having high VL for so long,IV found out that I was getting damaged having the high readings immune system kidneys infections ect ,IV read articles that say if have a high VL I should have been getting checked weekly to see if any damage happening was being done .I mentioned this to them but they didn't agree of course!!! Pandamic seems to be getting worse over here ,politicians are saying most people will catch it,hope there wrong as I don't think my lungs would cope plus vit D deficient I'm very worried my daughter has just been thru IVF stuff to get pregnant took ages but now 4mths pregnant ,but dr told her because in 30s that she would be lucky survive pregnancy if catch virus,she is stressing!! I had bad news yesterday my younger stepsister rang me told me that she had been waiting to do Epclusa as she had hcv for or over35 yrs she was told that her numbers were too bad to do Epclusa but has to have biopsy ,asp to see what damage has been done,she has always been big drinker of spirits and worked in hotels and clubs,now she is starting to show signs of serosis damage I'm also worried about her ,it's a long story I will tell you one day her father also big drinker died a alcoholic ,I remember when we were young instead of some family members trying to get her to stop drinking ,all they would say is" oh your just like your father chip off the block "ha ha it's not very funny now she has been damaged from rum ect,??anyway I'd better have cup of coffee ,take care be carefully ,one thing I can't understand is if Donald had covid how did he recover so soon, I just hope they can stop this virus soon,my breathing hasn't been very good lately ,but I wouldn't like to go near hospital unless impossible to avoid.take care.

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Kathleen Says:

Re: Lou (# 80) Expand Referenced Message

Yea will ask doctor about body jerks.
Never happened pre epclusa.
I just wish big pharma would make it mandatory for us to know side effects from epclusa.
Would probably still have taken it but would like to have had options.
I too mostly stay clear of shops.
But I enjoy home decor so go to certain stores for that but everyone wears masks.
Had to Hold back from not going bat s... crazy on an entitled Karen not wearing a mask.
Since epclusa I really have monitored my outings.
Yes 2022.
How are you mentally? I know it can be difficult. Hope you have support.
Be safe mate...

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Kathleen Says:

Re: Lou (# 80) Expand Referenced Message

It's not a body jerk but all of a sudden out of nowhere I gasp and my lungs act like I'm oxygen deprived. Never happened until Epclusa.

Yea it's a totally different world. Masks and people killing each other. Over covid shots. I received all three. Did you?

California got some much needed rain. Fires hit us hard.

Do you take sleeps meds? I do. Epclusa changed my ability to sleep regularly.

Please stay safe. So glad to have found you on here. I worried. I also think you and I were some of the first people on this site.

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 78) Expand Referenced Message

Hi ,really hope you are taking care of yourself! IV just arrived back from doing some shopping ,it's so hard to do shopping with a mask on makes it Evan harder to breath , especially when humidity is usually over 80 %have to make sure I don't cough in shop,can be hard not to sometimes ,I avoid going to shops,it's just I heard a warning on radio about food grocery items are getting low becourse of virus,I have to try to eat the right food to try raise vit D levels ,I don't think it will happen at my age plus other complications COPD ect,my dr just shows very little interest,now some government medical expert has been on tv saying that by end of month most people would have had or have the virus,not a very positive thing to say I think. Hope your staying clear of virus ??what is really annoying me now is these body jerks I get usually when trying to relax or nearly asleep makes my knees and legs ache more than usual ,I'd say it's probably just another neuro problem caused by Epclusa,my dr certainly knows nothing,any info you may have heard about body jerks would be interesting it's just another thing driving me mad!now I have appointment with heart Lung specialist in February ,last time I saw him he noticed a couple of things he wanted to check ,in February,I don't feel very good about seeing him dually means x-rays breathing tests ect,anyway take care hope new year is good one for you ,I can't believe it's 2022 seems so long ago ,when I was growing up !!

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 78) Expand Referenced Message

So sorry to hear about the new diagnosis Kathleen,I'm also not having any great news to pass on to you,my breathing seems to be getting worse lately I don't know if it's because my Vit D deficiency the 4 capsules I'm suppose to take daily cause extra nausea,brain fog seems to be getting worse Edema on stomach and feet ,feet especially seem worse in warm weather,Evan though Epclusa seems to have cleared the hep C ,I feel like my liver isn't working properly,.If I get to speak to my dr ,his only taking phone appointment s so I can't Evan talk to himface to face he never seems to have any answers for me I don't think he really cares much ,not good attitude for a dr ,it's impossible to Evan see a dr at the moment,I was coughing heaps last night had trouble getting a breath I was Evan thinking of going to hospital ,but that's proberly not best place to go!!This covid virus seems to have made it into most people's lives or soon will over hear,I worry about my son daughter and their kids ,I hope they can stop it soon that's something you and I don't need to catch,I think we have had our share of rotten medical diagnosis especially you ,I guess or we can do is keep on trying to keep on ! Being able to talk (kind of talk) has been really good to actually talk with someone who understands,thanks...best wishes to you and friends,hope and pray things improve for you.,..I think IV got the messaging ok now seem to be working ok.

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Kathleen Says:

Re: Lou (# 77) Expand Referenced Message

Tried to give you my email but site won't let me.
I have to have ultrasound on liver every 3 months now.
My body betrayed me. Or should I say epclusa betrayed me? So many new symptoms.
I have pain every day.
Hope you have a happy new year my friend.

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Lou Says:

Did you have to do the talk ?I just found your message , maybe my phone isn't working properly,

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 57) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Kathleen ,hope you are ok and enjoyed Xmas as much as possible and new year is a important for us and many others,it's very hard to enjoy anything with this horrible covid risk ,the numbers here are getting out of control,yet some people insist on going out ,watching sport our gov won't do anything they just want to make $$ don't care about people. I'm having trouble with our messages don't think I'm getting messages thru wish I had better address , happy NY.

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Lou Says:

Re: Kathleen (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

Xmas was quite this year ,I'm basically a hermit these days ,can't risk catching a virus or flu ,kinda use to not seeing people these days ,hope my posted getting thru.

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