Epclusa And Leg And Back Pain

Theresa Says:

Has anyone taken Epclusa and experienced back and leg pain? I already have 2 herniated discs but it seems that since I started the medicine it has increased my pain and started pain in my legs.

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Verwon Says:

Joint and muscle aches can be a normal side effect of this medication, according to FDA reports, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, and headache.

Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications?

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Theresa Says:

Not any new meds other than Epclusa. Dr. put me Gabapentin which has helped with the leg pain.

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Eva Says:

About 2.5 to 3 weeks after starting epclusa I've had back pain and leg pain its worsened and am down to my last 2 days. I'm hoping my pain is contributed to the epclusa and was wondering how soon after treatment will the pain go away

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Theresa Says:

No new medicines. Pain in legs started after I started Epclusa. The doctor put me on Gabapentin for the leg pain and helped to start with but is not helping now, sometimes it's unbearable, but I must suffer through it. I have 2 more months to go then hopefully it will go away and my energy will come back.

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Kiki Says:

I can barely walk because I'm in so much pain. My back and legs hurt... It feels like my bones. I've been on it for 1 month and a week.

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Claire Says:

Re: Eva (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hello Eva, did the back pain go away after you finished the treatment? I am currently experiencing back pain that started 3 weeks into my treatment.

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Eva Says:

Please cal and report it to them.i did and i was told thst was the first time they've heard of thst. Side effects need to be known..i wonder if anything like this was reported during clinical trials.

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Alex Says:

Yes after I finish the treatment it started in the left leg and now it's going down the right. I had to have a CAT scan of my lumbar spine which did not show anything that would cause it. It's almost like my entire body from my hips down has become so painful I can barely walk on my left leg and I'm terribly fatigued. Some people reportedly had similar experiences and they said for some of them they had a vitamin D deficiency after the treatment. Some doctors are ordering blood tests to check vitamin levels.

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Zane Says:

Severe back pain after 2 months on Epclusa. Wake up sore in the ribs every morning and old injuries in the L4, L5 and AC Joint are also more painful than normal. Glad to hear others are experiencing similar problems. Hopefully this will change after course is finished.
Interestingly, my Dr has requested a Bone Mass Density scan on completion of cycle.

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Alix Says:

Yes, along with extreme fatigue. Turns out my Vitamin D bottomed out while on treatment. I was given a prescription strength of D and got better within days!

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Bucci Says:

I have unbearable low back pain by 3rd week of EPCLUSA.
Severe even with pain medication. Has anyone read about EPCLUSA effects on kidneys. ? I was supposed to be on Mavret which does not effect kidneys. It did not get $ approval. It is known that one of the drugs in EPCLUSA causes kidney damage

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Bucci Says:

Yesterday I felt good in morning and the pain mostly went away in back n legs, my head was clear . I waited till 10 am to take the EPCLUSA and within an hour after taking it all the back pain came back. Last night I took vitamin D and will continue that. This morning is a little nagging pain in back and I’m going to wait before taking the EPCLUSA to see if it gets worse on its own. Otherwise this is week 7 and my head is clear. Something is definitely working and getting rid of that flu like brain fog. I am wondering if I can half dose this EPCLUSA

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mary Says:

Mary here. I was delighted to find this discussion. I too am wondering about the kidney damage because it started in my left kidney area moved to my side and now it's literally swelling in that area. My left leg seems longer than my right.
I am seriously wondering why NAC has not been entered into this discussion. Look it up and look at what it does. I used it frequently after reading about it for protecting the liver and enhancing glutathione production. Do not purchase and take glutathione straight because it's not as bioavailable as NAC. It is less expensive than glutathione and is the precursor and enhancer to the production of glutathione. In my research I discovered that it also does the same for the kidneys. I wish a physician would get in on this discussion or a pharmacist. I'm going to share this with my pharmacist also.

I have dreadful skin problems and do believe they are parasites. And my brain came up with the idea that perhaps some parasites are capable of actually contracting hepatitis C. I wonder is the epclusa treating those parasites? Does it enhance their production by making them healthier or does it kill them. There is an article that seems to discuss this and apparently it is effective to rid the body of some parasites except for one which is a skin parasite. I do believe I have that little goodie. I also consider that some parasites are not developed enough to have any liver that could be treated but I don't know that much about parasites and I get sick of researching them. There has been quite a change in their behavior. On the first day across top of curly white things came up on the right side of the liver area on the skin. That is not occurred since but other things have occurred and my skin seems to be overall improving.

(Side Thought: does this drug have a possible future for the treatment of parasites? Telling me I need psychiatric help is already been done and I'm pretty sure psychiatric help my legs ulcer and many other symptoms just nasty.)

What this thread did was reassure me that perhaps I do not have kidney cancer, colon cancer, constipation to the max, and other such nightmares. But the research isn't in because there's too many people posting in this thread and for each post we probably represent many more who are not posting.

Still, my nightmare of the possibilities could be true. This drug could possibly cause ramifications that have not been disclosed or discovered. For the price of this drug I expect that the homework was done and that the nightmares do not become real for us.

I wish we could demand home help. I have not bathed in a week. Because of my skin problems I need to wash my floor and change my sheets and shower everyday and I cannot. And I was a teacher so my insurance doesn't cover everything like those of you that have apple, better, insurance coverage through the government.

Please, please help us! We are becoming incapacitated. We need help. Do we go to a gastro, a chiropractor, a psychiatrist for antidepressants and whatever else they could give us to enhance hope, etc.

Please, please post in this thread and report your symptoms to the government. Still, if you nearly write, "Me too!" because you don't have the energy to write and describe in detail as recommended.

Sorry, we don't all have the energy to write in detail because the pill is beating us up while it is a godsend.

By the way, FDA, get over your issues with the use of Oxycodone, Oxycontin, because these back pains are exactly what this drug is prescribed for if you look it up in the PDR. Back pain and oxy go together. I'm 72 and I do not care if I die addicted but without pain when it's unnecessary as there are drugs that can relieve it after other avenues have been researched and eliminated. Examples: chiropractor. Pharmacists who might be able to specifically find the ingredient causing these issues and the exact solution/prescription to solve our hell.

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Bucci Says:

Hi everyone, I want to let you know that I read up on the kidney pain. My lower back pain was the worst ever pain in my life and it was ripping from inside my guts to my back. My legs were falling out from underneath. No pain meds took it ways. Then I started drinking filter ionized water and it all changed. Back pain was gone and my mind so clear. The filter is very expensive so I been buying it by the jug paying $1.25 for half gallon refill in a brown glass jug. I was not able to get the plastic bottle water down enough. This water my body loves drinking and it has enables me to stay on this medicine which has given me a new life.

So water water water and try to find a real filtered water place by you. The filter co was called Life ionizer and I notice they has a few models but I am so lucky to just be getting refill jugs. I no longer have the back pain. Rode bike twice. Walking round the block. And MOND VERY CLEAR. I was supposed to be on Marvyret for type 3 but did not get approved for the $$. I see people having really scary side effects. What I really want to know is what is the difference in these genotypes. Where is that specific info. Why was Marvyret FOR TYPE 3? Is there a common kidney issue with type 3? The EPCLUSA filters they kidneys so we have to chug water. The Marvyret does not filter thru kidneys. So are they saying type 3 people get kidney neuro damage?? Still would like more info.

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Enoughalready Says:

Report all side effect to the FDA website. I took Harvoni over three years ago and you are having similar problems with your treatments. It doesn't get better. Also had Vit D and Vit B12 totally depleted and while I take Vit D and got my level better B12 no longer gets absorbed through my stomach. Injections for life. Pain is off the charts everyday. Search the Harvoni sufferers here and you will see what we are living with. Best of luck to you.

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Kathi Says:

I have never been as sick in my life as when I started Epclusa. I took 12 weeks. Ended may 29th of this year. I was told i contracted hep c 39 years ago from blood transfusions transfusions. Felt awful for about a year. No energy. Bad coughs. Went to er once because both kidneys so painful. Had two knee replacements and was asked each time if I had ever had transfusions. Yet no one checked me for hep c. Even though i am a baby boomeri.I now have chirrosis stage 4. My back hurts. My hip hurts and I feel like I fell through the rabbit hole. No one told me how dangerous Epclusa is. Or side effects All I learned came from internet. I have been depressed. I cry all of the time. Feel isolated. I am on ambien because my sleeping pattern has changed. I cant sleep more than 4 hours at a time. Has anybody else experienced the same? I wish the best health to all of you.

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HepCFree Says:

Epclusa contains sofosbuvir (sovaldi) which is in all the Gilead Hep C products. Take a look at threads on Harvoni and you will likely see all the same problems that you are experiencing with Epclusa. There is nerve damage, joint pain, back pain, cancers, digestive issues, kidney damage, heart issues, lung issues, digestive issues, you name it. I am three years post treatment with Harvoni and every side effect I had during treatment is still with me. Wish I never took it!!! Report your issues to Gilead and to the FDA. They are supposed to be protecting us here and not doing such a great job in my opinion. Good luck all!

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laura Says:

Re: mary (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I agree with you Mary. This stigma has got to stop! Don't take away the only thing that works for me!

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Lou Says:

Re: Eva (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I'm a yr past treatment with no virus ATM, but have so many bad effects now, too many to mention. I can honestly say I wish I never touched Epclusa. Get back to me if you want details.

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Lou Says:

Re: Eva (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

If you're like me, it won't go away. I wish I never touched it and listened to their propaganda about how easy treatment is. I don't know, since when has anybody tried to help or cared for a minority group, especially if there's stigma involved? Good luck to everybody. It's been a year since I finished and feel like crap. I felt better pre-treatment.

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