Epclusa Aftermath

HG Says:

Beginning January I completed 3 months of Epclusa, n now am every day dealing with foot,ankle and lower leg swelling. What has happened, am adjusting my diet to minimize effects of that n nausea; it was into the third month that these conditions began to settle in! so far there has been no knowledgeable feed back, like the specialist are only guessing; this is very disconcerting to me.

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Skpp930 Says:

I don't know if you know about the lawyers in Texas helping people on harvoni, but epclusa has half of the same medicine in it. They told me to get more people to call. Their name is George Fleming 1-713-621-7944. I took it a year and a half ago and I'm still messed up with my nervous system. Please call them!!!! This may be our only chance. Spread the word to more epclusa patients.

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Lou Says:

Hi been reading about your epclusa episode ,im 65yr old geno 3 stillF1 ,7.8fibroscan .iv just been diagnosed with copd (didnt need that )im suppose to start epclusa next week ,not sure if my body will handle new powerfull drug ,no medical people want to listen to my concerns they just say tx is a piece of cake and stop reading anti messages on line.how do they no its a piece of cake easy ?i dont feel too bad considering my age an iv had infection since 70s i think, i would hate to start taking epclusa and get sick...after all this time !any advice or opinions greatley appreciated i really dont know what to do i dont really trust some medical people..thanks

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Lou Says:

Hi, im in Australia day 6 epclusa have been feeling ok till last half hr. Now i have extreme loud ringing in my ears. I dont think i can handle this bloody noise...why did my liver dr say only very mild side effects? I tried ringing the liver clinic and of course all drs were out. I dont know what to do. I'm 65 yrs old, geno 3, wishing i didnt start. I felt ok before tx started and tried to tell them, now im really worried. I have a valium but dont know if that would help. I feel like a guinea pig. Any ideas anybody?

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Kevin Says:

Hello HG,

According to the NIH swelling is not listed among even the rarest adverse effects associated with this medicine. This doesn't mean that it isn't related. It could be that you having an allergic reaction the medicine which would be alarming if this was the case and the doctors couldn't figure that out immediately. It is also possible that this is the side effect of the condition that you are taking the medicine for.

Without knowing your situation entirely I wouldn't be able to help even in the slightest but for now I can at least provide you with the information that the epclusa medicine has no case studies no associated swelling side effects listed by the FDA and NIH. I'm not sure what you can do with that information but there it is none the less.

Let us know if you ever find out what was causing the issue. Best of luck.

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Lou Says:

I am also in my 3rd month and I get nausea, constipation, swelling of feet, depression, anxiety, absolutely no back up or support. They wont reply to phone calls from the liver clinic. The nurse assured me they would be there for support, ha ha. I had doubts about doing tx and wish i had not listened to the rave the liver nurse gave me which reminded me of a car salesman. No one knows enough about this med. Just have to read about post tx side effects. Not impressed.

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Lou Says:

Re: Skpp930 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

One thing I've learned is don't believe everything these people are saying about no side effects, nausea, constipation, swelling of feet/ankles, & depression. Hopefully it will stop after the last pill is taken.

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Davoe Says:

Re: Kevin (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Exact response i reieved from liver nurse ,im sure they must do a course telling them to tell people about the very few side effects ,iv just finished tx an didnt recieve 1 call to see how it was going ,i had side effects nothing to bad anxiety wasnt good nor nausea on occasion plus nearly going mental with ear ringing ,but liver clinic didnt have any answers ,now iv just read side effects can last yrs they didnt tell me that pre tx ,a virus with a stigma of a drug users disease which isnt always right ,cant imagine people to concerned (interferon ect ) anyway good luck everybody i just think more shud b known before giving it to people instead of hearing oh iv never heard of that before happening.!!

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Harry Says:

Hi, I've just finished Epclusa tx 8 days ago, and yes, I have feet and leg swelling. My Dr hasn't a clue and the liver clinic that talked me into doing tx no help at all. Thanks - I'm in Australia, any thoughts appreciated.

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Lou Says:

Hi just read your message ,im 65 i live in australia geno 3 F-2 felt ok pre treatment i finished tx 2 mths ago a mth and will get final result ,since doing treatment iv had nausea at times anxiety went deaf in right ear my dr put me on steroid predestone think its called anyway got hearing back so far still get ringing in ears sometimes ,recently iv had tingly numb fingers and left foot feels numb quite often also had worse chest infection had to get anti biotics to get rid of it ?just waiting to see what happens next !! Starting to wonder if i should have started treatment at all as i felt ok for a 65 yr old with a misspent youth .the liver clinic that talked me into doing treatment are no help at all ,never heard of loss of hearing numbness ect .no help with anxiety at all ,mention to drs hvc they think your dr shopping .so sick of it all .is it worth the crap few people i know are now are sick..thanks seems to b great for some people not me i think.

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Davoe Says:

Hi I'm a 65 yr old in Australia geno 3. After being told hardly any side effects I did the epclusa treatment. I'm waiting for final results another 2 weeks. Since taking epclusa, I had nausea, anxiety on treatment. Post treatment I went deaf in right ear. Luckily a local Dr put me on a steroid med for a week which fixed hearing so far. I've got numb fingers on right hand, two numb toes on left foot. Nausea, depression... it's like if I tell the liver clinic that talked me into doing treatment, they'd never believe this is happening. As for any feedback, absolutely nothing. Wish I never took it. I felt fine before treatment started. I've heard of some people with life threatening side effects. Just hope I don't get any more. I doubt it. Hope you are feeling a bit better. Please contact me if any info needed. Good luck everyone.

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Lou Says:

Hi HG,just found your message sorry im late replying,I'm in Australia finished treatment over a yr ago ,I have so many problems since treatment no virus ATM ,but I have numb toes fingers legs knees ache ,totally exhausted plus bouts of nausea ECT I don't think I will ever be the same after Epclusa ,drs just all say the same thing treatment wouldn't cause problems ,I really don't know what to do the liver clinic I go to I get no support at all,except when they wanted me to do treatment, now dr has me booked in to do heart stress test I'm not looking forward to,Epclusa probley did heart damage it's effected every other thing ,I hope you are now going ok and your problems gone, thanks.

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Lou Says:

Hi HG, just wondering how you are going these days? It's been about 3 or 4 yrs since I took Epclusa, I now have adult asthma, COPD, plus vit D deficient. Still have puffy feet ankles, more so in summer. I've reported this to my dr plus Liver. People who convinced me to do treatment, they all say same thing "oh Epclusa wouldn't cause this"

I feel like my life is ruined. Sure, got rid of hcv, but my immune system seems stuffed! Now I'm really worried about covid 19, been told to avoid catching anything as my vit D is so low my immune system would not handle it. I really hope that your condition has improved. Did you have any luck with Texas Law firm? Another thing that I now get is body jerks where almost like a muscle spasm or similar seems to be slowly getting worse all my dr says is maybe nerve damage ! afraid I haven't much faith in modern medicine, all the best for new year!

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Lou Says:

Re: Kevin (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Epclusa has caused so many problems ,I won't go into details ,but try reading about terrible side effects and fatalities , I was told not to read the internet ! I wonder why that would be , maybe they don't want people knowing the truth.!!!

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