Enzomac Forte Tablet

Rekha Says:

i had met with an operation of abses in my breast on 7th jan.there is some hardness nd swelling found in it.doctor advice me to take enzomac forte for 5days. i jus t want to confirm wheather this tablet solve my problem,or not.

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jack Says:

Dear Rekha,
The tablet known as enzomac forte,Revozyme forte or any other are systemic enzymes and is a combination of (Trypsin 96 mg + Bromelain 180 mg + Rutoside Trihydrate 200 mg ).
The tablet doc prescribed you is for Fibrocystic Breast.There seems to be a Lump ,that can dissolve ,but yes you may have to take it 3 times a daily for 20-30 days
Special precaution ,you should take it empty stomach or with gap in meals say for 1:30 hrs and with lot of water to have maximum effect .Yes you can try REVOZYME FORTE available online at less price you can also call for getting it delivered at your address

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Verwon Says:




The information provided on this medication is correct and you can learn more at the above links.

As to whether or not it will help, that depends on what caused the problem. Have you discussed it with your doctor?

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Sontoro Says:

I have an ulceration over left tonsil which is swelling and under my left jaw there is a lump about the size of an egg. The ENT prescribed ENZOMAC Plus 10 tablets, Antiano cap. 30 and Azifine 500 to have Biopsy done. Sir please tell me is my condition very serious and is it cancer ?

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renuka Says:

is enzomac plus tablets are pain killer medicine

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