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My pharmacy discontinued Says:

Can anybody recommend a generic substitute for Endocet? There are so many out there that don’t have the same effect. I played this game six years ago and found Endocet, now they just took it away from me. What generic is equivalent?

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VerFree Says:

I am very sorry about what you're experiencing.

As to Endocet, it contains the active ingredients Oxycodone, and Acetaminophen, so any generic that contains them in your prescribed dosage would be considered equivalent, however, since we are all different, they may not all work well for you.

Ref: Endocet Information

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

Is it that your pharmacy is no longer carrying the one you were taking, or has it been discontinued by the manufacturer?

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Dreams4you2 Says:

Re: VerFree (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

They no longer make Endocet in the USA. I found this information on another website. There is one that is made by the Manufacturer Alvogen. Also they have other manufacturers to which I have some questions as well. I don't know if this site allows me to give certain information. I have a bit of a vision problem so it's difficult for me to see small letters and numbers. I'm going to take a chance and tell you this and whom ever runs this site. If I am out of line with this information please by all means delete my reply. I am not giving any NDC information or any other repacking manufacturers other than one of them was discontinued. There is a lot of information out there. I was in communications for many years to which I might be going back to once I settle an unfortunate happening. There was thunder and then the entire sky lit up. Many in my building lost very expensive equipment flat screen tvs laptops sound bars modems for cable. I lost an HP Quad Core laptop that was used for my job and my modem. Both were fried.

Anyhow enough of that. Look up the manufacturer. I use to be on Endocet. I know what you are going through but like your other reply it depends on the person. Me, well I have allergies to certain inactive ingredients as well as fillers and compounds. Also this is a big one. I have a mangled twisted spastic Colon. So I have absorption problems. Not just this medication. I have to do searching an experimenting. I'm a mess. I finally got health insurance. I have to make sure about any specialist I go to is the right fit. Usually that means waiting for months just for one appointment. By the time I get that dr. It's still not always the right fit for me. They found about 12 yrs ago a pill in my intestines that never absorbed. Any how that's all I have to say other than it's the closest one that you might find in your state unless they are no longer produced in the USA. I did not look that far.

All I can say if even this is allowed, depending on your dosage. I only know about the 10 mg with Acetaminophen. It's round and yellow. Where I am located I am still researching. Just a piece of good advice like I do myself. Try not to take them. I know a lot more than I'm saying. Soon in any form they are going to be replaced with another medicine. Scientists are already working on it. It's really not a good situation for people who really need that medicine. Good luck to you. Whoever checks these comments please give me some feedback as to what is appropriate as well as what is appropriate by the laws of this wonderful site.

Ty once again. I do hope this was helpful.

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