Embolism In The Eye

ek94 Says:

Hello, my dad is 76 years old and two months ago an embolism occurred to his right eye. The upper half of the right eye lost the vision in curtain form. He started hyperbaric oxygen therapy immediately after the embolus. After the oxygen therapy, he got positive results and the vision was almost %100 again. During the controls, nothing was found in the heart and brain,but there was %90 congestion in the left carotid and he had a carotid surgery. After surgery, embolus arised again to the same eye and he lost the vision of this eye again. Subsequently, all controls and hyperbaric oxygen therapy were repeated. At the moment right eye is almost completely blind and blurry. After the second embolus all the controls were repeated, they couldn’t find anything. Then we went to the hospital with heart palpitations, and the pulse was 160. They lowered the pulse and said that it is arrhythmia. It was said that arrhythmia might have not been detected before. As a result, it is estimated that the embolism occurred because of arrhythmia, not carotid. Now he is using medication for arrhythmia and embolus . They are Cordarone 200 mg and pradaxa hard capsule 110 mg. I wanted to ask if there are alternate threatment methods to improve his vision and is it possible if that eye starts seeing better. Thank you very much.

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