Efudex-40 (fluorouracil)

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Need all information about this medication please.

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heidi Says:

I have been told to apply Efudex to my lower lip, isn't this crazy?

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Verwon Says:

Not really. It is listed in the drug monograph that it can be used topically to treat certain cancerous or possibly cancerous conditions.


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heidi Says:

Has anyone used it on their lips? Won't it just keep bleeding non-stop?

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Richard Says:

Heidi- I've used it on my lips three times. Each time it was an application morning and at bedtime. Though about the second week it gets very sensitive and blister-like lesions appear that means it's working. I applied a product called Acquafor (like Vaseline Jelly) to seal it and protect). The healing takes some time but the outcome is worth it.

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Su Says:

I just used Efudex for 2 weeks on lower lip. from day 7 blistered and ulcerated and wept and crusted. From day 10 it bled and scabbed. Ensure you don;t take it beyond the lip margin into the mouth or it causes excruciating burns & damages top lip too causing them to stick together. Otherwise it has been horrible but bearable. Hope I neer have to do it again though. Hard to eat, floss teeth and even talk at times. Hopefully worth it.

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Regina Says:

Today is the 8th day of Efudix on my bottem lip.
I did not know and got it inside my mouth , it borns like fire when I eat or floss, tears are running. Can I do some thing about it ? and how long should I use it , my dermo said 4 weeks ?!

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Debby Says:

I have to start the efudex 5% cream once a day on upper and lower lips. I am extremely worried about the pain. Is there anything besides aquafor or Vaseline to he help with pain?

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Mary Says:

I am just starting efudex on my lower lip and am looking for info. This is my second day and no real blister sor anything. Maybe I am not putting enough on. Also how close to the lip line did you go..I am worried that it is getting into the inside of my lip. How long after applying can I eat or put aquaphor or chapstick on? Any advice?
Thank you for posting your experience.
My doctor told me I could stop after one week..

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Zoeesme Says:

I am on day 13 of 21 on my lower lip. No reaction until day 6 when tingling stated. Blisters started on day 8. Which is a good sign as that means it is working. Lip feels swollen and tight, eating is uncomfortable, so I drink ensure, milk and juice from a straw tucked into the side of my mouth. Dr. said to wait 2 hours after application before I apply Aquaphor or white petroleum jelly. Day 13 the top skin is coming off and this morning I noticed a bit of dried blood from one place. No more painful than before. Applying the cream is rather soothing. It will all be worth it in the end, Hang in there.

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Mary Says:

I finally got through it. In hindsight it wasn't unbearable , especially with the hopeful result being no cancer on lower lip. I didn't really see any changes until about the 6th day. Then the oozing and bleeding started. It was very ugly. I used a hydrocortisone cream and then my doctor prescribed an antibiotic cream. Then for 2 weeks after I stopped using the cream ( I used for 8 days , twice a day) the healing began. That was really ugly. Black scabs that of course fell off as I applied some aquaphor or Vaseline. Took 2 full weeks before the scab finally fell off for the last time- I had some bleeding problems form one section of my lip- it just wouldn't heal. I applied pressure and it would stop. Anyway if I could get through it anyone can! Good luck to anyone using it!

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The auld golfer Says:

I have been treated off and on for Paget's disease of the scrotum. I have been fairly relaxed about it. I apply it to the area for a week or two and although it doesn't represent a total cure, Efudex keeps it at the level of being a bit of a nuisance. However I now have a wee rash on my genitals. Has anyone experienced this and would Efudex be inappropriate in this instance?

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Joleen Says:

Hi,Mary. I stopped using the Fluorouracil cream 5 days ago, and at the same time started a cortisone cream. I tried to go back to work (I teach PE, so lots of talking, especially in the first few weeks of school). It seems the constant talking (and smiling - gotta do a lot of that with elementary school kids) the lip worsened. It sounds like it took you a couple of weeks after you stopped the chemo cream for it to finally heal. Does that sound accurate? Thank you.

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Comments Submitted Says:

I did Efudex 15 years ago. I had a derm recommend doing it again. I am wondering if that makes sense? I have redness on my temples from sun damage. I am thinking about a different treatment option like blue light. Does it make sense to do the same thing twice?

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Barbara Says:

Re: Su (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Su, can you tell me on what day the pain started and on what day it stopped or at least subsided? Thanks

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Joleen Says:

Re: Barbara (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I don't know what part of the body you are using the cream on, but I did it on my bottom lip. It took at least 5 days or so for the pain to start. I thought it wasn't working at first, but it just takes time.

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Barbara Says:

Re: Joleen (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks Jolene, how bad did it get and how many days did you apply it. Did you have good results? It's my bottom lip also.

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Dave O Says:

I did the 21 day Efudex application on the complete top of my bald head after a squamus removal. At the end of the course, my head was like a baby's skin. The new skin has never had UV exposure at all. My question is, does that mean it would be free of the cancer problem? Any answers please?

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Joleen Says:

Re: Dave O (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

It was suggested that I follow up with my dermatologist a few months after the treatment, so I did and I was still clear. Always a good idea to get it checked out yearly too - that new "baby skin" is going to be sensitive, so stay covered! :)

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Dave O Says:

Re: Joleen (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

My damage was done long ago in my surfing days :-) but I now wear a hat outside and have done for many years. Still wondering if it's possible that there would be no further outbreaks in this lovely new skin. Going for a checkup soon. Thanks.

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Joleen Says:

Re: heidi (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have done it. It could save your life! It's a painful process, but if a doctor recommended it, you should do it. It only acts on the precancerous cells, and it leaves the normal cells alone.

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