Effectiveness Of Generic Meloxicam Changes With Manufacture

Carol Says:

I take meloxicam , I have found that the effectiveness changes with manufacturer . Does anyone know which generic is the most like brand name Mobic?

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Rachael Says:

Meloxicam manufactured by Cipla USA is the absolute WORST. It has so many fillers it may as well be a placebo and does not relieve arthritis pain in any way. I find that the generic manufactured by Lupen Pharmaceuticals is the best out there. I have taken 15mg daily for several years and it has improved my mobility dramatically. Unfortunately, pharmacies change manufacturers frequently, so if you find that your current pharmacy stores one that does not work for you, either change pharmacies or have your doctor prescribe the name brand, if possible.

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David Says:

Hi Carol,

In conjunction with the helpful information in Rachel's post, I just wanted to add that one reason why you may be experiencing different reactions from each manufacturer, is because of the various sets of binders/fillers that can affect bioavailability and how well your body absorbs the active ingredients. If you're able to research and narrow down which inactive ingredients are the culprit in brands/generics that aren't nearly as effective, then maybe you could convince your doctor to write down a particular manufacturer's name on the prescription (or a note to the pharmacist so that they can then order a better brand/generic on the Dr's behalf). I don't know to what extent doctor's & pharmacists are willing to "go the extra mile" for their patients/customers, but it may be worth looking into so you can get more consistency out of your medication.

I wish you all the best!

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Carol Says:

Thanks, I noticed that Cipla is the manufacturer of the generic that doesn't work. I am trying to obtain a different manufacturer , but most of the pharmacies in my area have changed to Cipla as well.

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Yourfingers Says:

I had to quit taking it. Eventually my foot, ankle and calf had swollen to the point where the pain was worse that the arthritis, even after reducing the dosage from 15mg to 7.5mg daily. I recommend watching for edema in the lower extremities, the swelling took nearly 14 days to subside and at least another 2--3 weeks more for the pain in my foot/ankle to stop. I don't remember the manufacturer.

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