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Grammy B Says:
This is a relatively new medication, one reason I'm reluctant to take any drug. Once thousands (millions) of people have taken a drug, over a longer time than they've originally been tested, a much broader (more accurate) picture is available.

I've been prescribed at least three medications, over the years, that have been yanked from the market for safety reasons, and don't want this to happen again! The previous blood pressure med.'s I've taken have all had side effects I couldn't tolerate (dizziness, syncope, tiredness, water retention, etc,). Very frustrating! I trust my doctor, but no one knows what the "real world" results will look like, early on. Also, drug reps are hired to be pretty persuasive! I just want BP control with no (or tolerable) side effects!!

So far, I'm experiencing some tiredness and dizziness, but relatively mild. I've been on Edarbyclor for a couple of weeks (one downside: it's very expensive, "tho I was given samples). There are a few other symptoms which may also be related, but I don't want to jump to conclusions without being pretty sure.

Is there anyone out there that's been taking this med. for longer, who's willing to share her/his experiences? I'd like to hear about them! -- Also, I've heard that this med. has been used in Japan for about 5 years. Wonder how to find out, and what their stat.'s are?!

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Verwon Says:
Edarbyclor contains the active ingredients Azilsartan and Chlorthalidone.

How is it working for you?

I haven't taken it, but I have taken one in the same class, called Atacand, which contains Candesartan and the Chlorthalidone was prescribed separately.

The Candesartan caused me very few side effects and was very effective at lowering my blood pressure, but the Chlorthalidone caused me to dehydrate easily, so the best advice I can give you is to make sure you are taking in enough fluids to balance it out.


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CureIsNeeded Says:
My Cardiologist started me on Edarbyclor 40/25mg two weeks ago. The meds have helped my pressure a great deal; however, I have had several episodes with my BP dropping a bit to low. I was then placed on Edarbyclor 40/12.5mg. and it dropped a little low with this dosage also. I was on the highest dosage two weeks. This is my first week on the 40/12.5mg and now the dosage has to be split in half.
The reason is I have minor headaches and some dizziness which I don't like at all. I was hoping he take me off of it; however, I have been on three others that did not work for me because of the side effects.

Since I have been on this med, I have no swelling but I pay close attention to my Potassium level due to the diuretic. I was told to drink plenty of water (which cause frequent urination).

I was also given alot of samples and a card to provide to the Pharmacy when I have to purchase the refill.

I made a visit to the ER though due to dizziness/lightheadedness an EKG, CT Scan & blood work was ordered..everything was good except potassium a tad low. The doctor at the hospital said I needed to contact the Cardiologist to adjust my med because he believed that was the problem. The doc had not heard of this medicine; I had to spell it for him and we went and researched it.

Besides that, he only stated that I had to give my body time to regulate with the med and if the adjustment did not work, the Cardiologist would have to prescribe another med.

I have read everything I could find on this medicine and it is not as bad as some of the most familiar ones. I hated metropolol, it made my chest hurt....Benicar gave me bad headaches--Azor worked for me but it contained Noravas (spelled incorrectly) which cause me to swell badly so I had to stop taking.

Every medicine has side effects even over-the counter. It basically depends on our body chemistry.

I am willing to give it a little more time because my pressure was bad 205/112...198/117 and now it ranges 120s/70s or 80s...my heart rate has been in the 80s whereas, it would get as high as 122 and off to the ER I would have to go.

I now walk everyday, eat plenty of oatmeal and salads not to mention the water, water, water. I have lost 10lbs. My cholesterol is now 164 instead of 224.

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Grammy B Says:
Wow, CureIsNeeded !(is that correct: Sorry/forgot)
We've had very similar experiences, incl. ER visit. I ended up with chest pain going up into my jaw, and into my back, along with dizziness,etc. All tests neg. ER doc. hadn't heard of Edarbyclor, either. -- Ends up my symptoms were from my stomach, it seems. -- Advice to avoid repeat symptoms has been working. I've had a quirky stomach forever, so it's not too far fetched.

Yes, I got the many samples and a card, too. Edarbyclor IS very expensive, and not covered by our insurance! It did sound potentially less problematic than many other BP med.'s, on researching, which I liked.

Worst Pills Best Pills put it on their "Do not take"" list, however, as Edarby hasn't been shown to decrease the risk of mortality, as a number of others have been shown to do. They also remarked on the many other effective BP med.'s avail. which are effective, and far more affordable. -- It's easy to look at statistics and not take into account the negative life-altering side effects these medications have. On the other hand, if it lowers one's BP without reducing the mortality rate, why take it?!!

We've been on a low fat, low sodium diet with lots of fruit and veggies for many years. I'm slowly losing weight, and my lipid levels are fine -- I take Lipitor 10 mg. --Severe osteoarthritis makes walking difficult, which will improve after knee replacement . -- I'm trying to remember the hydration more consistently, though I wasn't dehydrated when I went to the ER!

So for now the Edarbyclor is a moot point for me. I wanted to weigh in on the discussion, anyway, and will continue to follow. Wish there was an easy answer to this problem!

I was originally started on Edarbyclor 40/12.5. My BP had been low 130's to mid to high 150's (with occasional spikes into the 160's over 90 or less); systolic, over mid 70's, to mid 80's,diastolic. BP control with Edarbyclor was good, BUT it was down to as low as 106/58, and as high as 132/76. I was told that the combo pill was not supposed to be split (because of diuretic), but that plain Edarby was ok to split.
My side effects (Dizziness, as well as basic unsteadiness, edema of legs/feet,many near fainting episodes) slowly increased until they were intolerable, so was switched by Dr. to plain Edarby , as I've had intolerable symptoms to diuretics before, as well as BP med's ! Lowest avail. dose of plain Edarby:80 mg., so cut in half--side effects reduced slightly, but continued. Tried to cut into equal quarters unsuccessfully, but not too bad, so figured they would equal out.

Finally, got fed up with having to hang onto sink, laundry tub, grocery cart etc. as I'd almost faint. Tried to formulate a plan to propose to cardiologist.

Decided that the subtle slide downward in the quality of my life had gone so far that it was ridiculous! I've had reactions to ALL the BP med.'s (at least 5) I've taken over a number of years, each getting worse, as time passed! Being in my 60's, I decided that I'm unwilling to accept this any longer! I certainly don't want to have a stroke or heart attack, but the quality of my life is precious to me! Who knows how long I have left, anyway!! I explained, and asked my cardiologist what other options existed. He suggested That I stop the medications, monitor my BP closely, and see what happens. He also said that some people just can't tolerate BP medication, and if their overall BP can be maintained no higher than the 140's/low-mid80's, it may work out ok.

I'm now about where I was before I began Edarbyclor, (have have had a couple spikes up to 167/82 or lower with pulse 80 --they scared me!) I had been on Lisinopril, at the time med. switched, having occular migraine aura almost daily, with mod. headaches, dizzy, with near-fainting, etc.

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drumr Says:
Hello all....since this drug is so new and I was researching I thought I would pass along my experience. I am 46 male, 5'10" tall and 185 lbs. I don't eat very healthy and have had asthma my entire life.

I am going through my third year in a nasty divorce and after a court date last January went to the Urgent Care to get an asthma rescue inhaler. My BP was 215/135....never had a problem with it before. The doctor gave me a bunch of sedatives to get it down that night and told me to see my regular doctor to follow up the next day.

The doctor put me on edarbyclor 40/12.5 and I started taking my BP every day. After a few weeks it dropped my BP so low it wouldn't register on my BP machine.

I spent the next four months trying 4-5 different combinations of other BP drugs. Nothing got my BP lower than the 160's....still too high.

Now I am back to the edarbyclor, but again my BP is too low. I have tried taking the pill every 48-72 hours....and keeping my pressure around 125. That is where my body seems to function best. I may try cutting them in half (although I have read that is not the best idea).

My asthma complicates the use of edarbyclor. The edarbyclor interferes with the asthma rescue inhaler. Now when I have asthma attacks I have to use my rescue inhaler 7-8 times for the same results as a single use when I am not taking edarbyclor.

Ugh! I have to decide which is worse.....not breathing...or the high blood pressure.

Anyway....just wanted to share my experience. Good luck to all.

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rosebud Says:
I Have taken Edarbycor for 8 months and I started feeling so tired and kept gaining weight. This drug did not work for me! Maybe I could be allergic to this medication

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cindy Says:
I am Diabetic and on this blood pressure edarbyclor and bostilque my blood pressure would run to fast ,I mostly would notice that at night when trying to sleep.
I will sleep 4 hrs, then sleep a hr then sleep a hr , then sleep a hr. Each timegetting up with dry mounth and needing a restroom . I get up eat take meds fall sleep in chair. wake its lunch . Eat take shot fall sleep on couch. wake at 4 or 5 pm I have no life , I am sleep all the time.

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lisa Says:
im taking edarbyclor and was wondering how long it take to work and is it safe

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Pittpaguy Says:
via mobile
I have been taking 40/25 for over a year now. This is the only bp medication I can tolerate. All of the generics I have taken caused coughing. The water pills I have tried have not reduced my edema. I do get a little drowsy, but I have medications I have to take in the am so I take the edarbyclor after work. Then I go to the gym for a workout. The endorphins from the work out usually counter the tiredness.

The only time I had an issue with the medication is when the pharmacist did not leave it in the original container. The medication started to get a very strong smell and it caused many stomach issues. I asked the pharmacist and without hesitation they switched out the remainder of my medication for new. I cannot prove the stomach issue was from the spoiled medication but the issues subsided the day after the replacement.

It does not seem to interfere with my inhaler, testosterone, allergy, synthroid, vitamins, or Prilosec.

There are discount cards that will lower the price of the medication a great deal. My doctor makes sure I have the most recent card and usually gives me a few months free. Average cost for me with my insurance, samples and card equals about 15$/month.

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Mike Says:
I was on this med for one month and it lowered my Sodium level from a normal of 135 to 115. This caused severe palpatations which led me to be in the hospital for 7 days trying to get myself to normal. Still not there (130) but getting better - I think. I was yanked off of this med immediately.

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drugged Says:
via mobile
I was recently switched from 100 mg of metropolol to edarbyclor 40 mg/25. It reduced my pressure to 130/81 far better than what it was. About 8 hours later I felt my pressure rising. It went up to 150/90. Is that to be expected since this is day 1? I almost wanted to take a metropolol

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MZ Says:
All medications have side effects. The physicians have to weigh their benefits against the risks and side effects. After all, they are MEDICATIONS manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, and not a FOOD item, so you cannot expect to take a medication, that has no side effects. You can only hope that YOU do not get those side effects, or at least not intolerable ones.

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Paul Says:
I've been taking Edarbyclor for about two years and it's worked better than any other hypertension med I've tried. But it costs like sin. I'm covered by Medicare Part D and the cost is about $125/month before the deductible. That's more than $4 a pill and an obscene price.

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Nikoro Says:
I have been on edarbyclor for about 3 months now and i will tell you it's the best medication for my BP. I used to be in the 140 - 160/90- 110 with lisinopril and HCTZ with chest pain, headache and dizziness. Since i started this medication, that stuff disappeared and my Bp has been in 115 /74 average. It does makes some people really sick with nausea, dizziness or heart palpitations. It did give me heart palpitations after 3 days of taking it and then stopped. Since then i have been okay, i swear.

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Rita Says:
I never swollen ankles in my life! After taking edarbyclor I noticed that my ankles were swollen and even driving Acari for 45 minutes it would swell like a balloon! I decided to stop and see if the swelling will go away as well as airing on my left ear! Some medications can be worse than the disease! I hope to find answers since I am not a pharmacologist. All the best

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Paul Says:
I've been using it for a bit less than two years and have had no significant side effects. And it works better than any other hypertension meds I've tried. I'm staying with it although it's pretty expensive.

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Troy Says:
via mobile
Your doctor should have given you a 30day voucher and savings card. I got 30 days free and will only cost $25 a month after that. Haven't noticed any side effects yet but only been on it for a little over a week. I do notice a weird smell to the pills, though.

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Diana Says:
via mobile
Could you share more. I'm on Med for a few weeks now. Some side effects.

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Dave Says:
via mobile
In hospital now. Bp dropped to 85/55. Getting lightheaded.

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Kath Says:
I have been taking Edarbylcor and carvedilol (sp?) for almost a year now and do not have many side effects at all from it, except for the occasional dizzy spell which doesn't last long. I do find that I am more tired than I used to be, but that being said, this drug is working better for me than what I used to be on which was a combo of Lisinopril htcz and Verapamil. I had been on those two drugs for a long time and my HPB was not in a good place. I am happy with it so far, except for the price of it. I have a pharmacy that uses a coupon, otherwise it would cost me $615 for a 90 day supply. My insurance will not cover it. Good luck!

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Karen Says:
I have been taking 40/25 dose for 3 weeks. First two weeks BP went from 200/78 to 124/50 in 3 days and just a little sick tummy and a few dizzy. Now in week 3 vomited for 1 day and the runs for 1 and suddenly it just quit. Now 3 days later, feeling weak, sick tummy off and on, and sleeping a lot. I have been skipping doses now and then. I am going to try taking 1 every 3 days. I have been through at least 15 meds and still take 2 others as well. Not sure feeling so icky is worth it........ If I don't feel better in a few days, going back to the doc. PS. I am on Part D & doc sent me to All Care and I pay $25.00 a month.

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