Ecosprin Gold 20 Composition

shriniwas somani Says:

what is the effect of ecosprin gold 20 on blood pressure

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Verwon Says:

Ecosprin Gold contain 75mgs of Aspirin, 10mgs of Atorvastatin and 75mgs of Clopidogrel, it used to help prevent clotting and for blood thinning.

With its blood thinning properties, it can help, slightly, to lower blood pressure, because when the blood is thinner and moves more freely, it lowers the pressure and means the heart doesn't have to work quite as hard to do its job.

Side effects may include: nausea, stomach irritation, joint/muscle aches and increased risk of bleeding.

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chowdeswaraiah Says:

What is the purpose of using two antiplatelet drugs like aspirin & clopidogril ?
why u choose clopidogril as a blend why not for atorvastatin ?

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brahmma Says:


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niaaz Says:

don't use this combination.atorvastatin will effect the metabolic activity of the prodrug clopidogrel(CYPA450mediated activity and this combination reduce antiplatelet activity of clopudogrel.

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satyaprakasham Says:

why double antiplatelet drugs.what advantage it provides over these two drugs if independently used

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Ganesh Says:

I am advised to take one benetic A &one eco sprin gold 20 after my angioplasty daily Now my dentist has advised me to stop ecosprin gold 20 fo 3 days as my one teeth is to be removed on third day of stopping ecosprin gold 20 please guide me

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Fh Says:

2 antiatelet drugs are needed for those who have undergone cardiac surgery or angioplasty or have had an heart attack . It is recommended by the guidelines

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Fh Says:

It is now proven that there is no cliniical significance of the interaction between clopidogtel and atorvaststin

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Kcb Says:

The work on your teeth may cause bleeding . Stopping Ecosprin Gold withdrawal for a while will minimise this . However your risk of a cardiac event can go up for the period when this medication is withdrawn . Consul you cardiologist .

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harsh Says:

Ecospirin is causing my stomach lining to deteriorate and I am having to take Esomac 40 to contain reflux

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fh Says:

there is no reported effect of ecosprin gold on BP.

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