Ecosprin During Pregnancy

mbgbj Says:

I'm in my 21st week of pregnancy and my doc advised me to take ecosprin 75 before sleeping. She said I had a little bit of uterine artery resistance on one side. Can u explain why and how escoprin will clear my problem?

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Verwon Says:

Ecosprin contains the active ingredient Aspirin, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.

In this dose and in cases like yours, it is used for its blood thinning properties, to help increase blood flow.

With this artery resistance, it can inhibit blood flow to that side of the uterus and proper blood flow is vital to the baby for their health and survival. When you lay down to sleep, all of your weight is basically just completely resting and can further constrict the blood flow.

Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation.

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nitumoni Says:

i am now 6 months of pregnant. my doctor told me to continue ecosprin 75. is it safe for me?

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pinky Says:

im 20 wk pregnant dr prescribe me to take tab ecospirin 75 for one month.during scaning they findout that the amniotic fluid is inadequate.why is it happened?why dr prescribed this tab 2 me?plz be kind enough 2 answer my question.

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neh Says:

hi , i have autoimmune thyroiditis and now im 16 weeks pregnant. i am on thyroxine 75 mcg and ecosprin 75 mg.i have anti tpo and antithyroid antibodies but no lupus ecosprin safe for me and my baby. i have had 2 miscarriges at 5 weeks and 6 weeks.

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Goldi Tiwari Says:

I am 24 week pregnancy. my baby growth is low, doctor prescription in the give me Ecosprin 75, please satisfied this tablets is in case will safe?

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saran Says:

i am 24ys old, i suffered 3times continuous abortion. so my doctor suggest folvite and ecosprin 75 take daily.
please satisfied this tablets is in case will safe

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Karthika Says:

Hi, Me too having the same problem, Now am in 23rd week pregnancy during scan they found out that amniotic fluid is less than the normal level so doctor suggest me to take ecosprin 75. Please advice me.

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keerthana Says:

hello doctor my name is keerthana i have undergone for a first trimser scan there they have given a impression as, Gravid uterus with single live gestation corresponding to 12-13 weeks, recommendations:

1. review with combined test
2. anomaly scan at scan 20 weeks
3. In view of elevated uterine PI patient may be offered uterine artery Doppler at 24 weeks
4. prophylactic aspirin

And after that my gynac docotor reviewed my scan reports and she asked me to take ecosprin-75mg tablet for 10 weeks. now my query is:

1. what is the problem in my first trimster scan report says?
2. what is the cause of prophylactic asprin?
3 is it safe to use the ecosprin-75mg drug for 10 weeks?
4. will the ecosprin 75mg tablet affect my baby's organs growth?
5. what would be the reason for elevated PI 2.6?

Please make my self clear docotor because i am so scared and disturbed about it.

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Lovely Says:

Does ecospirin really bring organ deformity in foetus especially in early pregnancy. My doc said its absolutely safe. Studies & research on internet show mixed opinion. KINDLY HELP.

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Rebika Says:

Hello..I m 33 years old and 8 weeks pregnant. I had a miscarriage last year when I was 5 weeks pregnant... Today my doctor prescribed Ecosprin 75mg but when I was reading the reviews it sounded so risky and I was a little worried. Please suggest whether it is ok to take Ecosprin 75 mg at this stage of my pregnancy?

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Ramsi Says:

Why did my doctor prescribe Ecosprin for me in my 5th week of pregnancy? I have been taking this since yesterday...

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Raj Says:

Hi. My wife is now 15 weeks pregnant and by mistake she started taking ecosprin 300mg from week-3 onward instead of 150mg. Please let me know if it will affect the baby?

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Ntd Says:

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I'm taking Ecosprin 150. Actually, I have a doubt that I accidentally took two tablets today; one at noon and the other at night. Would there be any problem if I did?

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Yera Says:

Hi. My age is 32 and I want to conceive but I'm suffering from probable SLE..and my dr suggested I take Ecosprin 150mg. Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

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Neha Says:

Hi. My doctor told me to take ecosprin 75 mg tablets, but I have not remembered whether to take it after meals or before meals. Please help. This is my 1st pregnancy.

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Rahi Says:

Hi. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor advised me to take Ecosprin 75 Monday through Friday, one each night. But I also took one on Saturday by mistake, so will this cause any problems with my pregnancy?

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Gopay Says:

Re: Neha (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Did u take ecosprin, if yes did u have any side effects? Plz rply

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Pnm Says:

I am 24 yrs old and 2 months pregnant. My Dr advised me to take Ecosprin 75mg. Now I am getting red spots all over my whole body with heavy itchiness and swelling. Can it be a side effect of Ecosprin 75mg?

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