Ecosprin 75 Advantages

Comments Submitted Says:

Hi. Please let me know what Ecospirin 75 is indicated for? My Doc has advised Ecospirin 75 to my father -age (65)- after checking BP and symptoms of slight stammering i.e. not able to speak fluently. My Father had visited the doctor for medicine to cure his cold.

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monteiro Says:

I am taking amodep at for BP in the morning & ecosprin 75 with Rosuvas 10 in the night recommended by the Dr. for my high cholestrol. Dr. says I must take Ecosprin 75 for life. Is it necessary to take ecosprin 75 for lifelong?

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Verwon Says:

Ecosprin contains Aspirin, which is used to treat many conditions, ranging from pain, to heart conditions and blood clots.

this site is not medical professionals and can't possibly know your whole medical history to know how long any given medication might be necessary. My suggestion is to talk with your doctor about your concerns. Many people, however, are on a daily maintenance dose of Aspirin, because of its proven health benefits.

Some of the most common side effects may include indigestion and stomach ulcers.

You can read more about it here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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prasen Says:

I am taking amodep at for BP in the morning& ecosprin 75 with Rosuvas 10 in the night recommended by the Dr.for my high cholestrol.Dr. says I must take Ecosprin 75 for life long Is it necessary to take ecosprin 75 for lifelong?

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D. P. Tiwari Says:

I was operated for subdural haemotoma in brain's peripheral right fronto-parietal region with mass effect. Although the mass effect has decreased in follow up CT Scan, I seek the advice from you whether I can take ecosprin for thinning the blood after consulting my physician.

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Gulab Mohan Says:

My doctor advised to take Remistar H5 one in morn ing and Reistar 5 in night. I am taking for last one year. My blood pressure now is normal. Should i continue and what is effect of this..

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P.Radha Nambi Says:

Whether EScosprin can be taken along with vitamin capsules.

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Arsalan Says:

Please tell me about the side effects of Amodep AT for BP

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Sharu Says:

Hi. what was your age when you were on this treatment and did you also have blood clots? do blood thinners weaken the blood vessels?

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Vasudevan b Says:

I am 59 years old taking Amodep-AT. I used to have BP 130/90. Suddenly now it is 160/110. I have not taken the tablets fro about one month, as I felt that the BP has come down. Since I did not want to take tablets regularly, I reduced the tablet intake from daily to alternate days, then twice a week , weekly, fortnightly, monthly once I observed that the BP was normal. Suudenly it is 160/110 this week, I met the doctor who advised me to continue the table. I am taking it for the past three days daily one tablet along with breakfast.

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paras shah Says:

can you just advice me weather i need to take ecosprin 75gm i an taking it for better circulation of blood weather it would effect my spouse is there any side effects.revert me asap

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aniz Says:

I am 45 years old man having blood pressure. Currently taking amlodac 5mg daily morning. My family is having heart attack history, my parents died due to this. Tryglicerides are 250mg and total cholesterol is 215mg. I am 80kg and 156cm. height. Sir, can I ecosprin 75mg. along with the amlodac tablet as precautionary.

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Thanigai Says:

Roll of ecosprin in burning sensation of foot in diabetic patient

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Amita Singh Says:

hi, actually my father got little paralysis attack on his left side and doctor detect blood clot in my fathers brain and find cloestrol level high so they are giving them ecosprin 75 and clopilet tab is it ok to give him this tablet or not?

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Prasad Says:

I am taking Amodep At once in morning for the past 5 years.My BP is normal.Is it required to take This life long.My age 45
If by mistake taken 2 tablets what happens ?

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Mahesh Sharma Says:

What is the role of Ecosprin 75mg in high Fasting Blood Sugar and in Pregnancy

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ritika Says:

Hello, as i m unable to conceive, my doctor tell me to take Ecosprine75 for 15 days from the day 5. Is it good to take Ecosprine tablet to get pregnant? Can tablet is helpful for getting pregnant?

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lambi Says:

I read that Ecopsirin causes bleeding into Gut. is it true. if so, is the daily intake of Ecospirin safe?

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krishna Says:

My wife is 29 years old. Now she is pregnent of 22 weeks. Now her haemoclobin 8.7. Dr given ecosprin75 each day morning. Is it safe for baby and my wife?
Pls advise me.

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Patients precribed for ecosprin 75 haveen asked not to take garlic as it can cause. Bleeding .please comment and advise.

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Chandrajeet Says:

Hi...Me and my wife are planning for a baby and we went to a gyneac to get some basic tests done. The doc has advised my wife to take Ecosprin 75 and Folinine for the next couple of months. While we are aware of the benefits of Folic acid, we are little confused about ecosprin. Kindly advise

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