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Ebastel 10mg tablets

I took a tablet and developed rushes on my face and got abdominal pains. Is this serious? Then what happens if I take 2 tablets in a day while the doctor prescribed 1 tablet per day ## Ebastel contains the antihistamine Ebastine, but if you had such a harsh reaction to it, then it wouldn't be advisable to continue taking it, without seeking medical evaluation first. The abdominal pain is a known side effect that you can read more Ebastine details about here. It's just not a very common one. However, the rash may signify that you're allergic to it. How many had you taken when you experienced this reaction? ## Ebastel 10mg where can I find it? ## Must of eaten something thatday wasn't the pills.... they're not strong to cause these affects which everyone whining about!

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the use of ebastel

Can I take Ebastien / zyrtec with proxen 500. ## Listen..... what a load of crap.... ps I not a doctor but this is like an antihistamine...... get over it!!! It not gonna kill u......,,,it helps itchy noses , eyes like hay fever in U.K.....why people questioning it's anything diff???? Cos it's foreign???? Lol

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Cold Urticaria treatment with Ebastel

I read that Ebastel could be useful to Cold Urticaria sufferers. I would like to hear from anyone using this drug, as to whether it really works and is it available in Canada? ## I have had cold urticaria since I was 16 - about 30 years now. I use a very effective drug - Cyproheptadine - used to be sold under the brand name Periactin - but is now off patent so sold under the generic name. You have to ask a pharmacist to order it for you as they do not usually stock it. You do not need a prescription. Not much money in it for the drug companies so it is not promoted. It works.

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