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justchecking1976 Says:

I know this is not right but not many things are any more.... Does any one know of any pharmacies in MO that will fill prescriptions early? It is dated for yesterday but the do not refill date is next week.

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David Says:

I don't know of any pharmacies personally, but I can provide you with a link that locates pharmacies in your general area. I would just suggest calling up a number of them to see who may be able to fill it early. I'm sure some pharmacies have loop holes that allow them to look past this sort of thing. I guess it really depends on who's working there and what kind of person they are at the time you call them. I hope this can help!

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kally Says:

Nope - They will call your Dr and then you will really be in trouble, the pharmacist will rip it up. I have tried that my self hoping they may not notice, well they didn't at first then ten minutes later they said Oh Miss so and so? your prescription cannot be filled until the date the Dr wants it filled on so, I acted stupid and said ok thank you, and took back the RX there is nothing that can be done sorry

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Matt Says:

It depends on the med. I take Dexedrine tablets and because it is vital to order, I am able to get them 2-3 days early to ensure that I am able to get them before some Vyvanse patient gets a booster of Dexedrine tablets. My sole medication is Dexedrine IR and the vyvanse kids can wait a few days. I am also hyper and bug the hell out of them calling and showing up and rambling on and on so they know I need it because they see the difference and I could kiss my job goodbye. When I was on Adderall 30 mg tabs, I had to be a day or two early or else I was told to wait.

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BlueMoon Says:

I live in MO and have been able to continuously get my Norco 10/325 filled 3-4 days early. Sidenote: This was up to last month. I have my new written script according to new FDA/DEA regulations dated for the 17th from my Dr. ; however, last month (Sept) it was filled on the 25th. I know in the past with a new script it has been filled a week early, but with the crack down I'm not going to push it!

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Duh Says:

As I'm sure you found out, if the doctor wrote "Do not fill before ##/##/##", NO pharmacy will fill it before that date. Legally, they can't.

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taylor Says:

the only way is to ask your Dr. to change it, I had the same problem many times, pharmacies are being really crappy now, if it says cant refill till next week then there isn't a thing you can do, unless you ask your Dr to call the pharmacy and ask him or her to change it good luck

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JOHN Says:

They have ripped up your script before, or is that something you have heard happened to someone you know? I don't even think that is legal. I know I have turned in a pain script in MO where I usually use Walgreens in Ferguson, and when all the riots happened they got cleaned out and partially burned down. I then went to another Walgreens about the same distance in a different direction and said explicitly that I don't need it for 2 days but I would like to leave it here so it will be good to go at the 30 day mark. Well they said they can't hold or fill anything two days prior and that because of the prior location being "out of commision" they have had alot of extra customers filling their pain meds.

It's such a pain in the ass and I have had a pharmacist or tech tell me that they don't have it in stock or it's a day early even though I specify I don't need it that day and hold on to my script while I respond. I will just say okay "CAN I have my PRESCRIPTION back?" in which they give it to me. I would be livid to see them rip it up especially if you use their pharmacy over the last 3 years and never get if filled early. This is why I seek the home delivery for express scripts, but it's such a process to go through the validation to get a 90 day supply because of mailing an actual script hand written (No copies, and no faxes) much less to get it back within the time you will need it. People don't understand. Alcohol, tobacco, and now marijuana is starting to become more lenient in some states but in either instance it's all something that does not affect anybody but yourself if you "CHOOSE" to mistreat it.

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roro Says:

Well now the govt is extending there typical solution to issues to those of us with incurable (short of a miracle) chronic pain --- rather than make the punishment severe enough to detere the use of a drug illegally they pass lAws punishing the law biding citizen by making it harder to get your needed medications and forget going out of your local area because you wont be able to get your meds because of dea regs --- so basicly if you suffer from chronic pain you are a regional prisoner and can not travel out of that region

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Bob m Says:

You should ask yourself why your running out early

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Missy Says:

I have a paper prescription for Adderall but it's too early to refill and i think i left my prescription in an uber. What can I do?

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Christine Says:

This post is hilarious. Im from PA and there is no way in hell if it is dated could I possibly get it early. Wow if someone can thats seriously risk A.

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Bob m recovering addict Says:

Yeh Christine that original question was 5 yrs ago

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Gaba Says:

Hi. I was wondering if I wanted to refill gabapentin early, how early would I be able to refill? I do know it's not a narcotic.

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Amanda Says:

If it says to not fill until (in any wording or similar meaning) the pharmacy by law, cannot fill it. You'd have to call the dr and have him rewrite script or change (increase) your dosage. Sad but true, this is a fact. And I'm 10000% certain on this one .

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Jane Says:

I read where someone responded to you or this ? And said you SHOULD call different pharmacies and ask them by phone. Absolutely false! MANY/MOST pharmacies will NOT tell you by phone. Secondly it will most likely be next to impossible if not impossible to get an Early refill. The Main Reason Why pharmacies will NOT fill early is because the pharmacist CAN & some do loose their license to practice pharmacology. Also it is a Federal Law. We have a MAJOR MAJOR MASSIVE Opiod Drug Addiction problem in this country MORE people Die from accidental over dose than car accidents & guns everyday in this country. Unfortunately those who abuse opioids make it SOOOOO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT for those to get them who REALLY NEED them & who follow the Rules/Laws & has a Pain doctor and their prescriptions are VALID & LEGAL!!

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Anne Says:

Pharmacies in general will not refill a scheduled medication before the refill date. Legally they can't do it without authorization from your doctor.

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Bill Says:

Re: JOHN (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

F*** pharmacists. I went on day 30 to fill my meds (Xanax and Adderall) and Walgreens said they stopped filling narcotic medications. So I called Walgreens corporate and told them the location the pharmacists name and store, and I have not had a problem since at that Walgreens. They even filled my Adderall 7 days early ha!

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Roy Says:

Re: Bill (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

That's strange - Xanax and Adderall are not technically "narcotics" in the sense that they are not opioid medications (such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, etc). Maybe they were using the definition of "narcotic" how the DEA classifies drugs with high abuse potential. Regardless, it doesn't make sense that such a large pharmacy chain would stop filling those drugs.

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Bill Says:

Re: Roy (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

It was the Walgreens pharmacy in Chicago...... it’s the same pharmacist who won’t fill ever so I walk to cvs hahah

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