Eliminate Taste Of Opium When Taking It.

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Chuck J Says:

I have been swollowing 3 drops 3 times per day of Tincture of Opium for the past 8 months. 1 week ago I put the 3 drops into a geletin capsule and swollowed it, eliminating the contact with the tongue etc.I have been taking the opium that way ever since. I drink a half glass of water with the capsule and then while it desolves in the stomach (about 20 minutes) I sip a little water during that time. My reasoning for the extra water is because when it desolves it is in a more concentrated form and might harm something.Each day since I started this I have noticed an improvement in the taste of food, not that tinny overpowering taste.WOW!! No more horrible taste when taking the medicine. Does anyone see anything wrong with this idea? The dropper puts the drops into the capsule so easy.

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Verwon Says:

The only thing I see wrong with it is the fact that Opium can be very dangerous and highly addictive, which is why it's not freely available and commonly prescribed by doctors.

Even most medications that contained an opium tincture have been removed from the market, because of the possible dangers and the fact that they have never been tested for safety.

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Are there any other comments or questions?

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sylvia Says:

I use to take this medication. put the drops in water. i now have a prescription for tincture of opium but I can not find any one to fill it. Where do you get yours? I have crohns disease and this is the only med. that helps.

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Melinda Says:

I have been on tincture of opium since 2001, I take 15drops 4 X day, I found mixing it in grape juice hides the flavor. Where do you get the empty caps as our pharmacy's said it was against the law to sell the empty ones anymore in Ar at least

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Melinda Says:

I have a hard time finding it myself, I have a pharmacy in Cabot, Ar that orders it for me. Not sure where you are but the best thing to do is just call your area pharmacy's. Also at one time Fred's pharmacy carried it. They might have to order it but mine does and has it the next day.

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Charles Says:

I have been taking my tincture of opium via the capsule for over a year now. It took several months for the taste of the medicine to go away in my mouth from when I took it orally mixed with water.The taste of food has gradually come back, and now I can enjoy food now with no effect of the opium taste. For the record I have a prescription for the tincture of opium and I have it filled by the Salem, Oregon Hospital.
I get my size "O" gelatin capsules from iHERB.com for $8.28 for 1,000 capsules. Enjoy food again!!! If I am not getting this message out the right way please follow up and do it right so that the many that complain about the taste can now enjoy life.

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Charles Says:


I get my gelatin capsules from IHERB I use the size "O" capsule and it sells for $8.28 for 1000 capsules.

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Charles Says:

When you are sitting on the toilet pooping out your guts day after day,month after month, tell me about addiction. Of course you become addicted and the person that gave you the prescription should ,of course, advise you of the same.

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Larry Says:

I have been taking Tincture of Opium for over a year. I take 0.4 to 0.6ML three times per day.

Unfortunately, to obtain the best adsorption, it is best to put it under your tongue. I know, it tastes like crap. Sorry but that is where reality is at.

The addiction comment, that comes from some that knows very little about Tincture of Opium and relies on information from those with financial interests elsewhere. I get no buzz or dizziness from Tincture of Opium but if I forget to take it, I am committed to the can for a while.

Where to get it? There is only one company who is producing Tincture of Opium, Marathon Pharmaceuticals. This made the price go from $100.00 to $500.00 per 4oz bottle (118ML) from 2008 to 2011. For this reason, Pharmacists will not buy a $500 bottle to provide you with 70ML ($300 worth). They do not want to get stuck with the remaining portion because there are not very many people use it. I would suggest finding a Compounding Pharmacy using g00gle maps. They are more like old fashion pharmacies and less like vending machines. Another thing to try is to have your doctor prescribe a whole four ounce bottle. The pharmacy will be much more receptive to this idea.

I have found inexpensive alternatives for all of my other medications but not for Tincture of Opium. I strongly believe that there is not one.

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Larry Says:

Sorry but your comments are not true. First, in the US, three people died last year from using Tincture of Opium. All three were in very poor health and had gross errors in their prescriptions. Secondly, about the addiction issue, I know of four others using Tincture of Opium (same doctor and medical condition as me) and none of them have addiction issues or get a buzz from it.

I believe that smoking Opium, or anything else, is foolish. Smoking anything will adversely affect your health. That is my personal opinion.

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Charles Says:

The only reason that I have posted anything in this forum is to hope that my experience with tincture of opium will help some one that has had the same problems that I have had. It works for me and that is all that I offered in the matter of safety and other peoples problems. I did not lie about this and every thing that I have quoted is my bible truth.
You contradicted yourself in your statement that tincture of Opium in non addictive. Why did you follow up with the statement "I get no buzz or dizziness from tincture of Opium but if I forget to take it I am commited to the can for awhile. What in the world is your definition of Addiction?
I fill my prescription of tincture of opium (10 MG/ML) at the Salem Hospital Oregon Pharmacy. All I know is that this has proven to work for me and the taste of swollowing it is gone and now I completely enjoy my food without the "tinny" taste that I had before.
Best regards, Charles

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Virginia Says:

first, where did you get the capsules
second did this medication help you with the diaharrea?

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PerriWinkle Says:

Try a hospital pharmacy or ask for the Pharmacy Directed of that Area you live in eg. CVS. Make a stink about your privacy, filling it, and call your prescribing DR. they will ususally help. Went thru hell getting mine filled, made a few people upset. But your regular pharmacist should do a little research as in part of the job! Good Luck

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Nefaru Says:

Regarding Verwon's ignorance ignorant statements:
"The only thing I see wrong with it is the fact that Opium can be very dangerous and highly addictive, which is why it's not freely available and commonly prescribed by doctors.
Even most medications that contained an opium tincture have been removed from the market, because of the possible dangers and the fact that they have never been tested for safety."

" Never tested for safety " Are you for real ???? Do you realize that the poppy was the first plant from which alkaloids were 1st synthesized??? Do you realize that there is evidence the Papaver Somniferum was cultivated as far back as the Neolithic ( AKA Stone Age ) in the cradle of human civilisation. That means it has been used since 3400 BCE.

Can opium be dangerous and addictive ?? Yes it can. So too can all of the far more potent synthetic opioids used legally in modern medicine: Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, Fetanyl ----- just to name a few. The pharmaceutical industry benefits financially from these meds as opposed to the use of the natural plant from which they were originally derived.

So why don't you extract your cranium from your rectum and not chime in ignorant anecdotes that are off topic.

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Cyndi Says:

I actually got Walmart to order mine. They have a specialty distributor that they get it from. It took about 2 weeks for it to come in, but if you let the pharmacist know in advance, they'll make sure to order it in time.

And yes, the taste is nasty, but it's a far cry better than the alternative if I don't take it (sometimes 8 or more trips to the john in an hour). My IBS is so bad I haven't been able to work in 8 years. My gastro guy and I have been trying anything and everything for 9 years with no success. I hope this does the trick as it is my final option for any relief.

Thanks for the tips on eliminating the taste.

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Delaware Says:

I have taken tincture of opium for 5 years. Like others on this chain, it is the only thing that calms the symptoms -- and by symptoms, I mean going to the bathroom 20 times a day....everyday, dealing with unbelievable levels of pain throughout my digestive system, spending every other night trying to sleep on the bathroom floor, non-stop shakes, constantly vomiting, inability to eat, dramtic and alarming weight loss, inability to work, inabilty to be the parent and spouse that i used to be, endless tests and endless trial medications with terrible side effects hat often make you even more sick....and that is not an exhaustive list -- it gets worse and almost always leads to serious levels of depression. To say it is life altering is a dramatic understatement. I was perscribed the medicine by a team of doctors that specialize in this area....and only after 10 year of trying everything else possible. I do not abuse it and I report to my docs monthly. Why do I say all this? -- to get the people preachinig about addiction to step off of this chain. We all know it is addictive -- all of our doctors make us aware of that fact and monitor our intake. That addiction risk is absolutely worth taking for those of us that have actually lived with these evil digestive disorders. If you have not walked in our shoes, then stop preaching - it is not helpful

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Mel Says:

Hi. I have not taken it for a couple of years, but I did take for over 25 years for Pouchitis and short bowel syndrome. Go to any of your neighborhood pharmacies and ask them to check their master drug list. If it is on their list they can oder it in for you in a few days. If that fails go to a compounding pharmacy they will make it for you. If that fails also most large city hospitals have outpatient pharmacies, but the catch is you need a script from one of their staff docs. If all these fails contact the manufacture and ask what retail pharms in your area can special order the tincture.

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Chris Says:
via mobile

All walgreens have tinture of opium

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Mel Says:

Opium Tincture saves lives of those of us with a short bowel and rapid transit times. It also works fairly exclusively on the GI tract, and does not cause a buzz in the small quantities used for bowel conditions. The only real side effect is nausea which does go away after your body becomes accustomed to the drug, and other opiates are less effective for pain control. That is a small price to pay though if your other choice is to slowly waste away due to dehydration and malnutrition. I wish healthy people would just shut-up, as they do not know what they are talking about, and they would probably be the first to be crying their eyes out everyday if they had bowel trouble all day everyday.

It is like a healthy person telling someone with cancer not to use cancer drugs because they essentially make the body toxic. Besides if someone wants to feel euphoria there are much cheaper and more effective methods than spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on a small bottle of Opium Tincture. In addition to that the tinctures highly controlled, must be filled within 24 hours of being written, and the law requires that the patient hands the pharmacist a written RX. This is to hard to get and to expensive to run any real risk of being abused anyway. Besides as it does not produce a buzz in this form, why would anyone have any cause to try to misuse it more than once anyway. Unless you are chronically stupid that is.

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