Drug Addiction Of Nebicard 5

madhu Says:

age-57cont B.P sometime120/80,140/90 and today is140/95.Advised nebicard5.Iwant to know about potency,that is,5/2.5mg. another wheather dependancy of medicine will occur. Should I start Nebicard5

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Verwon Says:

What you need to understand first is that allowing your blood pressure to remain elevated and to continue to rise is far, far more dangerous than any possible dependence your body may develop on the medications for it, since it creates the risk of heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure and etc.

That said, Nebicard contains the active ingredient Nebivolol, which is a beta blocker and the 5mg is a fairly low dosage, but yes, if you do take it for awhile, you will need to slowly taper off of it, if you ever have to stop taking it, due to the risk of rebound effects that it can cause.

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Sukumaran Says:

I am taking Nebicard H and clopilet. I think due to Nebicard, my uric acid levels are high ( 8) Then I started taking Zyloric 300. When I stop zyloric my uric acid levels go up.Why it is. Is there any other medicine in place of Nebicard H for hypertension. The cardiologist had changed from Atpark to this medicine after tread mill and echocardiography.

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