Drug Interactions With Ciprofloxacin Hcl?

Sam Says:

I Need to Take 500mg of Ciprofloxacin HCL Twice a for Six Weeks. I also take aspirin, Toprol, Amalodipne, 2 grams of fish oil and Jarro-Dophilus (acidophilus) daily.

A friend told me acidophilus may interfere with Ciprofloxacin? Is this true?
Do any of the other drugs I take interfere with Ciprofloxacin?


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Verwon Says:

I can't find anything on the Ciprofloxacin with the Acidophilus, since it is a supplement, it's most likely that they haven't actually been studied together.

What your friend is probably thinking of is taking it with milk, not the supplementary bacteria, since milk can affect the absorption of some antibiotics.

You can learn more Ciprofloxacin details here.

And the actual problem medication in your list, which I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned to you before, is the Aspirin.

It can decrease the efficacy of the Ciprofloxacin and the Toprol, plus both it and the Toprol can increase the levels of potassium in your body.

And it can increase the antihypertensive effects of the Amlodipine and make it work too well.

Is your doctor aware that you're taking all of these, including the Aspirin?

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Sam Says:

Thanks for the useful reply. Yes, the doc is aware of all the drugs, including aspirin. I take these drugs for HBP and cardiovascular health. I next see him on May 29th. I have not yet started taking CIPRO.

I took cipro three years ago (I was also taking aspirin) and it didn't cure the problem.

Do you think there's a problem with too much potassium.

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Sam Says:

I'm also taking 3.75g Welchol (colesvelam HCL daily.

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