Drug Interactions Metoprolol And Multivitamins

Ann Watson Says:

I'm taking Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg since June 2012 and it says I can't take multivitamins while I'm on these. I've been having menstrual cramping but when I was taking multivitamins I really didn't have them. Is there a way that I can take multivitamins without interfering with the metoprolol?

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David Says:

Hi Ann,

I find this interaction to be odd, simply because there are vitamins and minerals in all of the foods we eat. By saying that you can't take multivitamins, it's essentially saying that you can't eat period, which makes no sense by any means of logical thinking. Lol!

If I had to suggest something, it would be taking raw multivitamins (such as the one's by Garden of Life). These vitamins are still in their natural unaltered state and therefore should be equivalent to the nutrients found naturally in the fruits or veggies we eat.

I hope this helps! :)

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Ann Says:

Thanks David. Any advice helps a lot.

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