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Yellow round pill with DRA on one side

The pill has DRA I think, but the other side has been rubbed off. ## Hello, Angie! How are you? The DRA marking is used on over the counter Dramamine products, but without anything on the opposite side. It contains the active ingredient Dimenhydrinate and is used to prevent motion sickness and vertigo. Learn more Dramamine details here. I'm not sure which one this is though, since they are all very similar and the color is the only difference. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Pill is Subutex 8mg. Round, Orange, Scored, Capital DRA on opposite side. ## The yellow one with DRL on one side, is the less drowsy formula of Dramamine. The white one with DRL on one side, is the original formula of Dramamine. ## I've been unable to confirm this anywhere else. I actually can...

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false positive on drug test for benzodiazepines help please

Today i went in for my pain management and got a positive drug test gor benzos ehich i have not taking the dr said it was calozapine which i have not heard of and i dont want to get kicked out of pain management last night i took a tiny piece of dramamine and 2 nights ago i took a flexaril to help put me to sleep i also take adderall lisinopril norco 7.5 and tramadol why is this happening to me i've always taken medicine as perscribed and im freakin out ## Flexeril is a benzo. ## I have thr opposite issue... my meds are not showing on 3 urine test two different labs. I am requesting a blood test. Maybe you should too. I heard energy drinks like Monster can give a false positive for benzos. My friend's now decease boyfriend (drug reasons) was in drug court and was actually keepin...

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I need to know what kind of pill im taking?

It is orange or peach on one side its just a line through it, On the other side is a triangle with a "P" in the middle of triangle with 115 under the triangle.... ## Hello i found this same pill in a Dramamine container but it's not Dramamine. Wondering if you found any information about this pill I'm not having much luck finding info on this pill?

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tcl 086 yellow round pill

What is it? I found one in my house, but noone claims it. ## it's dramamine ## Time Cap Laboratories lists this tablet as containing 25mgs of Meclizine, which is actually a generic for Bonine, but it is used to treat motion sickness, and nausea, just like Dramamine. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and weight changes. NDC code: 49483-0086 Is there anything else I can help with?

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round yellow pill with dpa

Found the pill on the floor. It's been rubbed off on one side and i thik the letters are DRA or ORA. Please help me find out what it is! ## Hello, Angie! How are you? The DRA marking is used on the various over the counter Dramamine products, which are used to prevent motion sickness and vertigo. I'm not sure which one this is, because they all use the DRA marking, only the colors tell them apart. Learn more Dramamine details here. Does anyone else know which one is yellow? ## Dramamine for adults. I use them because I get dizzy all the time. There safe and over the counter. ## The peach Dramamine is for adults. The white ones are for kids. ## Alye (# 3) - The dramimine are actually yellow. Sorry.

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dramamine dosis

Dosis for an adult of dramamine ## Hello, Nury! How are you? Unless your doctor has instructed you otherwise, you should follow the dosing instructions as provided on the package. That would be 1 to 2 tablets, every 4 to 6 hours, nor more than 8 tablets a day for adults. Side effects may include drowsiness and dizziness. Is there anything else I can help with?

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unidentified green pill with dpa on it

I have a small (size of the top of an erasure), the color is leaf green, and it has the letters DPA in all caps, the color black. I am unable to identify. Please advise ## Hello, Stephanie! How are you? Is the marking possible DRA? If so, it may be an over the counter Dramamine product, they use that logo on all of their products. Unfortunately, that means I can't tell you specifically which one this is, however, I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you.

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natural a c e taken with zzzquil

If taking Ace diet pill can you take zzzquil or dramamine at night ## I'm sorry, but such over the counter supplements aren't tested for possible interactions with medications. Have you tried asking your pharmacist? They may know more on it.

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Dramamine and Drowsiness

My husband always takes dramamine when we travel to avoid motion sickness on planes, trains, taxi's, etc. It works excellently for the motion sickness, but always makes him tired and spacey. Dramamine 2 does not work as well and though doesn't make him as tired, makes him spacey for a longer period of time. So my question is if there is anything being tried in the medical research community to further eliminate the drowsiness caused? I have read that one of the ingredients in Dramamine is 8-Chlorotheophylline to counteract the drowsiness. Is there any form of Dramamine that has a higher dosage of 8-Chlorotheophylline? Or would there be any way to have 8-Chlorotheophylline prescribed separately so it could be given in a higher dose? With so many people relying on this product, it...

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small round yellow pill with the numbers 44 on the top of the pill and 403 on the bottom of the pill\

small round yello pill with the number 44 ontop of the pill and then 403 on the bottom of the pill ## I have one just like that except its 44 on the top and 404 on the bottom instead of 403. Cant tell the color but it seems like a similar one. ## These are both over the counter medications. 44 403 has been identified as a store brand or generic of Dramamine II, containing 25mgs of Meclizine to prevent nausea and motion sickness. I cannot find an id for 44 404, but it is made by the same company and they only make OTC items.

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