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I went to a clinic to be tested for an std. The nurse discovered a discharge and prescribed a green capsule called doxytet. Now I am having diarrhea and some discomfort in my bladder. Is this normal? What is this tablet supposed to do?

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Verwon Says:

This is Doxytetracycline, which is an antibiotic, used to treat many type of infections, including STDs and others.

Yes, diarrhea can be a side effect, as well as nausea, drowsiness and skin rash.

As to the bladder discomfort, sometimes these antibiotics can cause a urinary or yeast infection, even though they are supposed to clear up others. Have you consulted the doctor on this, yet?


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slenda Says:

i also went to the clinic for std. the nurse gave me doxytet. i take the capsules twice a day. in the morning and before i go to sleep. so my problem is that when i wake up in the morning i feel pain in the abdomin part of my body,its more like period pain. so i was wondering if the pain is also a side effect.

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resoke thobela Says:

what is the effect of intercourse on these antibiotics cos they say no sex during the course of medication

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maya Says:

i had a miscarriage - after 3days my groin sumtimes itches bt dnt hv any unusual discharge, and im taking both doxytet and ambral z ths jst a minor thng o should i b worried?

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liltha Says:

what happens when taking doxytet but having unprotected intercourse is there a possibilty of pregenecy?

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Joyce Says:

Is there any possibility if u had intercourse during the time you taken doxytet

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Nthabi Says:

I went to clinic, nurse discovered a discharge and prescribed a green capsule doxytet. I am having diahorrhoea and some discomfort in a bladder is this normal. What is this tablet supposed to do. So my problem is that when i wake up in the morning i feel pain in the abdomin part of my body, is that normal?

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Carl Says:

I have also had Doxytet prescribed for me, after testing positive for an STI; and have also observed a mild diahorrhoea.

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lala Says:

i went to the clinic on friday and told the nurse i suffer from stomach cramps,severe headaches and that my discharge is a bit thicker now and she gave me Doxytet,Fixime and Dio/metronidazole.i dont know whats wrong with me cause she never told me what my problem was

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lhe Says:

my partner had a disharge and went 2 a doctor and was told that i should get treatment too. i was gvn Ciprobay to take immediately & a 7day course of doxytet & metronidazole & since iv bin taking the treatment im always dizzy & naseaous and i now have s creamish brownish smelling discharge, is this normal?

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dodos Says:

I went to a clinic and the nurse prescribed a green doxytet(capsule) for me and a GDC pills to take in the morning and at night b/coz she told me i had a lot of discharge that was very thick, so i want to know what are they for?(the both pills)

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Roy Says:

Come to think of it Doxytet might also contain Doxycycline - Basically I'm seeing mixed references, some listing Tetracycline and others Doxycycline. Could this be a combination of those antibiotics?

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msakana Says:

I went to a clinic and the nurse prescribed a green doxytet(capsule) for me. aftre 7 days I have completed my prescription but the penile discharge has not stopped. What do i do now?

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Tanaka Says:

I have PID symptoms for nearly a year which antibiotic would u suggest?Secondly I have one sex partner and did I contracted PID from him since we are having unsafe sex ?

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Raeesa Dawood Says:

I'm a South African Indian, and recently diagnosed wid systadenoma cancer. Since jan2012, I've developed a vaginal leak, after major surgery in aug 2011. I crashed while drs were trying to remove a massive tumor. I've been to the oncology surgeon, who decided I need debulking surgery, but my surgeons do not dvise it, theysuggest I complete my second line of chemo and also the third, if the tumor does not shrink, u see my initial tumor n uterus etc was stuck to my bowels, hence debulking n not a complete pelvic clean. Now I was prescribed Dooxytet n ibrufin to take in spite of the gynae dep, declaring absolutely no infection. A major side effect of my chemo is swelling hands, legs, face evrywhere. My chemo is Gemcitabine. The doxytet makes me soooo nauseas its not evn funny accompanied with this unexplainable leak. I've had a pvc, vuc, ultra sound and ct scan, to establish where the actual problems starts and still no answers. Maybe this post will bring me answers. The ultra sound however did reveal an untied tube, I'm wondering if its the tube that my ovary was snipped from. Any advice, suggestions???

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mahlomola Says:

motho ya nang le karabo a ke a romele email ho [email protected] i have a whitish smeely discharge

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zanele Says:

i had the back pain the last three weeks and i went to the clinick they gave me doxytet and dynametron so i would like to know what really is this pills used for

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confi Says:

I went to da clinic to get tested since my bf had a discharge n was on treatment. No smelly dischrg but I had abdorminal pains. N metrodia...and doxytet was prescribed to me. Da pains were gon da 2nd day,but now I'm only 3days to finishing da treatment and I'm having abdorminal pains again and I'm ovulating. And having facial rash. I dnt knw if its da pills or ovulation or sumthng else

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kefilwe Says:

I went to the doctor on saturday cause I gave birth with operation I told the doctor that I'm havin abdominal pain and the operation is sore inside I thought its something to do with operation and they gave me doxytet and fixime tablets but my abdomen is in pain

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Desiree Says:

i have been on doxytet for 5 days now and i feel really drowsy and have the worst heartburn i have ever experienced, my chest gets really heavy and i actually thought i was having a heart attack. the pain in my abdomen is terrible. i have also been put on metrouidezole 400g, which just makes me feel worse.

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