Doxycycline And Chest Pain

Jennifer Says:

I have been taking 100mg tablets twice daily for 2 days. I have been up with the most horrible chest pains both nights. It hurts to eat, drink, or even swallow. What is this? Is this normal for this medication?

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I am experiencing terrible heart burn. Could this be caused from this drug Doxycycline? I never have this problem. What do I need to do?

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Please e-mail me back concerning this, Thank You, Doris

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Erey Says:

The heartburn is caused by not drinking a full 8oz of water with each pill. I didn't do that and though I was dieing the burning and chest pain was so bad. Now I see they say take with full glass of water.

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Verwon Says:

Regardless of anyone else's experience using the drug, you should always speak to your doctor about such problems, to rule out other causes, which could potentially be seriously detrimental to your health, they will have a better idea of what this drug will or will not cause, and thus they can narrow down what is causing your problems.

Just because someone else solved their problem by drinking a full glass of water when they took each pill, doesn't mean that is necessarily what it causing the problems for someone else, there are other problems that can be caused by meds that are far more dangerous, or it could be the sign of some other underlying health problem.

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Laura Says:

I talked to my Doc about this very thing. She told me to take it atleast 30 minutes before I go to bed (at the latest), because it can get stuck in your throat, and actually start to burn it. Make sure you talk to your doctor if this happens.

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Jessica Says:

I'm actually on it now for a few days and I've been fine. It's very important that you read informational paper that comes with it and follow prescisely. I did try to cheat and not wait the whole hour before I ate, and I threw up but after that I've been great.

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brett h Says:

this is a drug that must be followed by a fullglass of water or else you could experience osephagitis . It is a burning sensation that is so incomfortable you think you may be having a heart attack. I too had the same experience as you did and now am very weary of taking this drug only if it is followed by a large glass of water . Its a very effective drug used properly

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riv Says:

forgive my ignorance but i was prescribe this med twicde a day and ive puke in the morning n now i know the thing about eatin an hour be4 because of the replies but if u puke those the pill still does its work or those it depend cause i puked 2 dosis already after 30 min of takin the pill

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riv Says:

and i did take the full glases of water hehe

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terri Says:

I was advised to eat half a sandwich with a full glass of water, but most importantly do NOT lie down within 30 minutes of taking this product, it does lead to heartburn, etc. I make sure to time my night dosage accordingly, also stay away from calcium products right before and after taking.. hope this helps

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erin Says:

The glass of water is VERY important...I also eat a mini begel right before taking the pill and that helps alot as well...they wait 30-1hr before not being upright (I sit at my desk to remind myself)...

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simon lucas Says:

I have taken this countless times as a malaria prophylactic and yes it does cause heartburn but you are advised not to take anti-acids with them. I found milk or yoghurt helpful.

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Amanda Says:

I experienced the exact same thing! I am also in great physical condition, do not smoke, drink, I exercise, and I am probably considered underweight, but I am very healthy. I was originally prescribed doxy for acne and after a couple months of taking it I had severe heartburn. I had never had heartburn before so initially I thought that I had a pill stuck in my esophagus, it was horrible. It was so bad that I too couldn’t lay down it felt like there was seriously a patch of acid burning through my chest. I was miserable, it became hard to swallow even water. Some time had passed and I was planning a trip to Thailand, not even thinking of my previous reaction, my doctor prescribed me doxycycline for malaria. After reading up on the drug I made sure to take it in the morning with plenty of food and lots to drink. I was fine until about 3 days into my trip, talk about a damper on the Thailand experience without being able to eat Thai food. It was horrible, painful, miserable, could have ruined my trip horrible, so I stopped taking it. I have been home for about 20 days and Im still battling the heartburn, its not nearly the extreme that it was, but its still irritating. I told a pharmacist about my problems and he told me to get checked for H Pykori. He also said to stay away from PPIs such as Prevacid/Prilosec as new data is showing that they can permanently effect the acid level in your stomach negatively. Zantac/Ranitidine is safer to use long term.

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Angela Says:

Me too! It's been hurting for days. What is it?

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Al Says:

When I take DoxYCYCLINE,I get heart burn chest pain, how long before I can take a Zantac or milk or yogurt ? I am taking it for a urin infection. I tried taking CIPROFLOXACIN but could,nt handle it.

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Valika Says:

I'm taking DOXYLIN 100 mg tablets ones a day last two days,, and I have a chest pains all day. do I need to see the Doctor about it, or just taking till I'm finish. just worried about it.

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Al Says:

My Doctor. Told me to stop taking Dox,and re test the urine to see if the results is the same, I have been drinking Cranberry. Juice,waiting for a reply,

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Catherine OC Says:

DO NOT LAY DOWN FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES AFTER INGESTING DOXYCYCLINE. The medicine will not remain in the stomach. It will creep up and burn your esophagus. That is the burning sensation you are feeling. This has happened to me and it was the most painful experience I have ever had with an antibiotic. Take the doxycycline in the middle of your dinner, so it is surrounded by food, and with a full glass of water. Avoid taking it before bed, even if you sit up for 30 minutes. It still has the potential to burn you. Better to be safe than sorry.

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BO Says:


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Daniel Says:

I had the same thing happen to me and it was terrible. I woke up at like 4:30 think I was having a heart attack. It's been two days and I still have pain in my chest and swallowing. How long was it until you started feeling better?

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Isabel Says:

How long and what can I do to take away the burning from chest and stomach. I've been taking doxycycline for 3 days. Please help!

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Ben Says:

Re: Verwon (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

So how do we cure the chest pain? It has been hurting me for a week . And the pain doesn't seems to go away

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Elizabeth Says:

I had the same experience it was awful. Stopped taking it...took awhile to get over the feeling.

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Museri Says:

I've been prescribed gulf ferrous sulphate, 14 doxycycline and anaerobyl 400, but my breasts have now become more sore and the one on the left feels like it's swollen.

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Dave Says:

Doxycycline is a very caustic drug, and will burn tissues, that is why they say not only to drink with plenty of water, but also not to lie down for half an hour after taking it. However, in my view, that advice is nowhere near sufficient, as tablets often just stick to the oesophagus on their way day the gullet, as they start to absorb water, so my advice to to would be to eat food on top of that to make absolutely sure that the tablets are totally pushed all the way down the gullet into the stomach, and that no traces of the drug are left smeared along the wall of the gullet.

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Kaiyya Says:

Hi I have been taking Clarithromycin 500 mg xl for a week and now got Doxycycline antibiotics. I've taken them for 3 days and feel a tad better but my cough is getting worse. I'm in all these for a respiratory tract infection chest infection. The cough was dry before and had now gone real thickly and worse when I lie down. How long will it take? it's been 2 weeks. Feeling generally unwell, sore throat, cough, etc, but now just cough and still a tad tired.

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Suzi Says:

I've not been well for a week. Thought it was the flu but my doctor said today that it's a chest infection. How long till Doxycycline starts working? Thanks.

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Jean Says:


I've been bitten by a tick and prescribed doxycycline. I feel so nauseous and I thought this would have settled by now. I started with two tablets on Tuesday, now on one a day and I have three days supply left. When I've taken other meds the side effects have usually settled after three days. Is it usual for the nausea to last so long?

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mike Says:

I'm on doxycycline 100mg. What do the numbers B 312 mean? B is on top and 312 is below the B.

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Fuzzy Says:

It happened to me to just like that... They say it can eat a hole in you stomach too

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