Doxycycl Hycl Cap 100mg Heart Burn

JoAnn Says:

After the first dose of doxy-cycl hycl 100mg I have had heart burn ever since I'm on day 3 of a 30 day course. Will this go away or will I have heart burn the whole time?

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David Says:

Hi JoAnn,

Are you taking this medication with any food or on an empty stomach?

Although heart burn is not listed as a side effect of Doxycycline, I have come across a number of other posts in which patients mentioned having severe heart burn and have had to call their doctor or go to the emergency room. They also noted that having the pill with food could help relieve some of the symptoms associated with heart burn.

There's really no way to tell how long symptoms will last, since everyone reacts to these drugs differently. If it persists though, you may have to consider stopping the medication and opt for a different drug or a safer, more natural alternative.

I hope this helps!

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Verwon Says:

It's very difficult to say, that isn't a common side effect but it has been known to happen to some people and really, in just 30 days, your body doesn't have much time to get used to the medication, so it may persist.

Learn more Doxycycline details here.

Have you tried taking an antacid to see if it helps, such as Pepcid/Famotidine?

There aren't any interactions listed between it and the antibiotic, but you should check with your pharmacist to be certain.

Learn more Pepcid details here.

You should probably stay away from calcium based ones, such as Tums, because it can lessen the absorption of some antibiotics.

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hurting Says:

would this medicine cause arm and leg aching or total body aches?

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josie Says:

i have the same thing heart burn, even i am not taking it is so bad. chills, fever like and my stool has yellow and like oil. loss f apetite, eyes burns on lights and the heart burn is so bad even i eat with food or drink full of water. it says not to take antacids within two hours before taking it and still doesnt help...

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nancy hagins Says:

I am taking this med for sinus infection for 10 days. I started taking it on Monday and friday morning I was horase and been hoarse every since. Could this be a side effect if so will it go away when all the med is taking.

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Toobah Says:

I have been taking doxycycline hyclate 100MG capsule for about 22 days and just recently 4 days ago I took this capsule with a small glass of water right before I slept. Waking up with pain in my esophagus. I felt as if the pill was still in my throat and it was quit a discomfort. Ever since I have had difficulty eating. When I swallow I can feel the food going down my throat and I feel inflatiomation under my ribs. I'm assuming I'm having bad heartburn and it's continuous ever since. I don't know if its safe to finish my 30 day course or should i stop. I'm scared this has damaged my stomach. And i asked my pharmacist and they were no help.

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Beverly Says:

I have been taking doxycycline for 4 month and am supposed to continue for another 3. This is for treatment of sores on my scalp. I have been having pain in my right kidney for the past 6 month, could this be a side affect of long use?

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goodlettha Says:

That is exactly what is happening to me. I called the nurse on call at Baptist and she is suppose to call me back. I will let you know what she says.

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Audra Says:

I have been taking doxycycline for a week now, twice a day. Before today I haven't noticed any major problems with it, until today. I've been noticing more and more things since I started the medicine. Around my eyes have really been irritating me, my eye lid and especially underneath my eyes with a constant burning tight feeling. Also this morning I took it on an empty stomach and soon after I became dizzy, weak, with a sick feeling. I also have noticed I haven't been sleeping like I used to, I now wake up more often in the middle of the night. But tonight is the worse of all. I've had extreme heartburn and It wont seem to go away. I tried tums, lots of water and a little bit of food because it's late at night. I really hope I don't have to get used to the side effects, and they'll eventually go away...Because I'm permanently on this medication for the rest of my life so they is not much I can do I guess.

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Dora Says:

My pharmacist recommended taking with lots of water because doxycline burns the esophagus.

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Sandy Says:

My med instructions were loud about not taking this before laying down. Wait an hour because the capsule dissolves in the esophagus and causes erosion. Make sure you are upright for at least an hour after taking it.

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