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Doral 15mg quazepam

Your frequent correspondent minoguesque, who as you know is in Scotland, has extreme difficulty getting hypnotics prescribed despite a 35+ year history of severe bouts of insomnia. Quazepam is the only BZD hypnotic proven to give S4 REM sleep & none of the side effects usually present with these meds. Fresh, no hangover effect, and real restful sleep is provided. I fail to understand why it is not available in the UK or even my perennial standby, Belgium. Can you suggest a way of my obtaining a 90 day supply with refills as required? As far as my research goes, it would appear to be licenced only in the US, and as you know, I need to find regular access to US meds - mainly pain meds n/a elsewhere such as IR oxymorphone 10mg & IR hydromorphone of 4 & 8mg strength. Not to ment...

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