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Donnatal ripoff

I have been a pharmacist for 45 years and remember when this medication retailed for twenty dollars for 100 tablets, now one thousand dollars. Something is really wrong here. There's no reason for such an over price for this medicine. Seems like collusion between the FDA and big pharma to ripoff the patient. Don't trust either one. Just another example of greedy pharma. ## A new company has bought out the original mfg. This company thinks it can rip people off by charging ten dollars a pill. Don't let them do this to you. Write your congressman and let them know what this drug company is doing. They prey on very sick people with no care for the patient. ## I have been successfully using Donnatal grape elixir for decades for static esophogeal spasm, and have not been able to ...

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Severe upper abdominal pain / endoscopy

In 2015 while pregnant with twins I started having severe pain mid chest right below my bra line. Being a high risk pregnancy I had weekly sonograms and I mentioned the pain to the doctor thinking it was normal due to my rapidly growing abdomen he had the tech take a look. My gallbladder was completely FULL of stones. I had no option for surgery due to being pregnant. Due to complete placenta previa I knew I was going to have to have a c-section. I had an attack one night and well I really hate hospitals but my dog was extremely in my face he would lick my feet and touch his nose to my forehead. My husband was deployed and I knew I was having an attack but I would get through it. My fur boy was relentless being extremely vocal and knowing I had 2 human beings in my body I went to the ER...

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what is donnatal used to treat

donnatal ## I need this medication for gallstones ## It is most commonly used to treat gastrointestinal spasms. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Bev, has your doctor prescribed any specific medication for you? Are you certain that you have gall stones?

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I Too Have Been Told About No More Generic Donnatel & forget those excerises if you have true IBS they won't do the trick. Please post on here.

Trying to find generic donnatel no luck I live in PA. It is the "only" med that has ever helped me with my IBS, the excerises well to who wrote it good luck.. it does not work. If someone finds the generic pls post it here Thank You !!! ## Hi Care, Based on what I've read, apparently they really did stop making the generic form of Donnatal (Belladonna Alkaloids with Phenobarbital). Some patients might get lucky finding left overs on the shelves of some of those old mom/pop type drug stores or even less popular pharmacies like Rite Aid. But I hear a different company ended up buying out the generic and now only the brand name is said to be available. Have you considered trying the brand name yet? ## When was donnatal exlir I heard from Walgreens said it was not being made any...

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White round pill 0115 4652

What is a white round pill imprinted with "0115 4652"? ## I think the pill is a form of Donnatal. I found an old prescription bottle under my dresser from 1988. Pills are round, white, and blank on one side with 0115 4652 printed on the other. Looks like the medicine name on the bottle is typed as "Donnatoli.c." When I look that up, Donnatal comes up. My prescription was for cramps - Donnatal is for that (IBS relief, among other things). Hope this helps :)

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alternative to donnatal

Is there another, less expensive medicine that does the same job as donnatal ## Yes there is a alternate to Donnatal it is a generic brand called Belladonna-Phenobarbital elixer it is a lime green color its thin and it tastes horrible! I also had.severe cotton mouth. U can always add a little karo syrup to it to make it tastes better. ## Thanks so much for your response. ## I use belladonna as an alternative to Donnatal. Mine are capsules and don't taste anything. I know that dry mouth can be a side effect, but it is not bad enough to be unpleasant for me. ## Is there an alternative to donnatal other than belladonna w/phenobarbital. The belladonna is no longer available. Thanks ## I was on Donnatal for 40 years for IBS but it has been discontiued. My Dr. put me on Bentyl and it is w...

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New drugs versus tried and true drugs

I have a question for the FDA and CDC. Drugs like Donnatal which had been on the market before WWII are now considered too dangerous. Many people have taken this drug as prescribed. In fact, I am 65 and took it at age 15 for ulcers with very little side effects. I look at the drugs currently being prescribed and see death, stroke, heart attack, liver failure, pancreatic problems, kidney failure, just to name a few and I have to question whether these drugs are not more deadly than drugs such as Donnatal? I know that any chemical in the human body has some side effects, but how can the side effects of approved drugs be any better than what has been used for years, not to mention the fact that unless a drug is priced to the max -- it doesn't seem to be considered safe. Drugs such as N...

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Donnatal or Bellaspas

For hot flashes or Alternative Treatments? Nonhormonal? ## The FDA is a government agency and they want us to die, that's a no-brainer, to keep our SSI and thin out the population. I've never been so offended by doctors not wanting to write an RX and I'm suffering in pain. The amount is high so you can take bulls*** that doesn't work. None of them do. Matter of fact, if it's not a controlled substance I don't want it. It just doesn't work. They know wtf they are doing and belladonna was way better than donnatal. Freaking con artists. ## I've been prescribed Prozac to help with my perimenopause symptoms, including hot flashes. It doesn't eliminate all of them, but it really does help. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea,...

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I've been taking Donnatal and/or Belladona for over 10 years to treat IBS. When it was time for a refill, I was told both the brand name and the generic forms have been taken off the market. I am lost with these meds, that virtually eliminated the discomforts of IBS. ## I'm very sorry that you've run into this problem, it has to be awful to have that happen, when it's the only thing that works. Learn more Donnatal details here. What's been happening recently is due to the FDA crackdowns. There were some medications that remained available on the market, even though they'd never been tested and proven to be effective or safe and they've started to make the companies either do the necessary testing, or remove them from the market. The sad part is, that in spite...

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Hello can someone help me????

I suffer excruciating pain from ibs. I had these pains for over 20 yrs. Now I was taking donnatal phenorbital Belladonna's which now I was told not longer covered its 1,000 for 90 pills for 30 pills 230.00 how is someone on Medicare Medicaid suppose to afford this?? And why they stop making it I have no clue. Now I got no more med. I call my GI and he had only 4 pills as a sample. These people are crazy do they think we are a bank? And the ins. Don't want pay cover for them. I don't understand does anyone know if something else works like donnatal cuz these spasms are not joke when you have ibs its horrifying the other day I had go Er. Yeah then you can give yourself a name drug addict cuz everytime you go the only thing they can do give you shot ativan send you home. Now I ...

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belladona w/phenobarb tab

donnatal ## I went to fill my prescription and my pharmacy said there was a recall and I'm wondering why. I have taken this prescription for 50 yrs. and have had no bad side affects. Can anyone explain why they recalled it? ## I went to fill my prescription and my pharmacy said there was a recall and I'm wondering why. I have taken this prescription for 50 yrs. and have had no bad side affects. Can anyone explain why they recalled it? the drug is Bella-Phenobarb tab ## Removed by FDA. Brand, Donnatal is $1,000.00 for 90 pills and Ins. will not pay for it, as it is not an approved drug for the Insurance List of drugs covered ## Don't know, but here in NY too...there is an organization that will send it to you for free... use your computer skills and type in donnatal....get rx...

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Why Is There A Shortage Of Donnatal Extentabs

Why Is There A Shortage Of Donnatal Extentabs? I am told that there is a back order until June 2013. How is this possible? ## According to the FDA, there are no current shortages of Donnatal Extendtabs. You can see for yourself here: Perhaps the back-order was only associated with the specific pharmacy you went to? ## I too have been on Donnatal Extend tabs for 5 years and the shortage began in November of 2012. My pharmacy swept other pharmacy's in the area and were able to hold 180 pills for me that I made last until July 2013. Donnatal's website even states, "Due to production issues there will be short term supply constraints on Donnatal® Extentabs. Both Donnatal® Tablets and Donnatal® Elixir are still a...

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donnatal replacement

This removal makes no sense to me, as you can still get ( mostly) the liquid mixture! Of course it's much more difficult to travel with, and may leak! Frankly, I've been infuriated by the removal of a drug I desperately need, with little or nothing to replace it. I get severe Esophageal Spasms, and never know when they are going to strike! They truly do feel like having a heart attack too, but if you go to the hospital, all you get is a name for yourself as drug- matter how necessary the medication is! I find the whole thing ridiculous and more of a punishment than anything else. I fail to understand the FDA's thinking on this and other issues, as they've been safely used for many years. Any info on replacements or reinstatement would be greatly appreciated...

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belladonna alkaloids w pb tablets donnatal no longer in generic listed now at $500.00 why ?

why can't anyone receive donnotal or bella Alk we need these generics for low income people. i asked my pharmacist and they said it is no longer available in generics. and that is costs 500.00 dollars. ## HI, Nanny! I'm very sorry about the problem you've run into. Some medications were never actually tested and approved by the FDA, they were just grandfathered in, since they were considered safe and had been on the market for so long. However, the FDA is now insisting that they all undergo testing for approval, just as is done with all other medications and this has resulted in many companies that manufacture such generics having to remove their products from the market, because it isn't financially feasible for them to do the testing and undergo the approval process. H...

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Round White Pill With P On Both Sides

trying to find out the pill I found. It is round, white, no score marks, flat with a capital P on both sides. I was on donnatal and valium at different times. I wonder if it is a generic donnatal.. Please help!! ## I can't find a listing for it under any prescription medications or in the general database searches. Is it possible that it may be an over the counter product? Have you been on any supplements? Cold remedies? Anything like that? Usually an odd imprint like this is an over the counter product logo. ## I have done a search and found that it is Proprinal, an Ibuprofen pain reliever.

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esi lederle generics

lavendar, oblong pill has SS on it with line in the middle ## ESI Lederle Generics, E2, bright pink, large round ## Sorry, I thought I was on a pill ID forum. That's whar I am looking for, is this pill's ID. Thanks ## Is this the same Elkins-Sinn, Inc (Cherry Hill, NJ)... that I worked for when they were affiliated w/ the AH Robins Company... hospital generic injectable division? ## What is the story on Donnatal Extentabs- suppliers tell me manufacturer has stopped making it in August. Have been using for over 20 years and was first drug that really helped my IBS

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Is Bella Alk/pb the same as Donatol?

Is Bella Alk/pb the same as Donatol? ## The answer to your question is yes; Donnatal is just another brand name for the generic version. Information I was able to gather states the following: "Each Donnatal Extentabs (belladonna alkaloids, phenobarbital) tablet contains: Phenobarbital, USP (3/4 gr.) ......... 48.6 mg 
Hyoscyamine Sulfate, USP .......... 0.3111 mg
 Atropine Sulfate, USP ................... 0.0582 mg
 Scopolamine Hydrobromide, USP ......... 0.0195 mg Each Donnatal Extentabs (belladonna alkaloids, phenobarbital) tablet contains the equivalent of three Donnatal tablets. Extentabs are designed to release the ingredients gradually to provide effects for up to twelve (12) hours." You can view more details about Donn...

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Donnatal being discontinued?

Is Donnatal still being manufactured? I am told it will no longer be available. ## I have also been told that Donnatal is no longer available. But nothing else seems to help with my spastic colon.

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