MedMadness Says:

I've been taking Donnatal and/or Belladona for over 10 years to treat IBS. When it was time for a refill, I was told both the brand name and the generic forms have been taken off the market. I am lost with these meds, that virtually eliminated the discomforts of IBS.

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Verwon Says:

I'm very sorry that you've run into this problem, it has to be awful to have that happen, when it's the only thing that works.

Learn more Donnatal details here.

What's been happening recently is due to the FDA crackdowns. There were some medications that remained available on the market, even though they'd never been tested and proven to be effective or safe and they've started to make the companies either do the necessary testing, or remove them from the market.

The sad part is, that in spite of years of use and helping people, many of them sell so little now that most manufacturers have been forced to pull them from the market, rather than pay for the testing, because it is so expensive.

Has there been anything else that's worked for you?

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MedMadness Says:

For the IBS, my Dr. replaced the Donnatal with dicy-clomine10mg. I've been taking it for a week or so, feel it's working but not as effectively as the donnatal.

Thanks for the info.

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MedMadness Says:

I've been taking dicyclomine 10mg as a replacement for the
discontinued donnatal/belladona for a month now for IBS and happy to report the result is amazing. It took a couple
of weeks for the noticeable effect.

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Shannon Says:

Good to heard the other medicine works for some people. I'm scared & hope it will for me. I don't want to end up in the hospital like I use to before.

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Interlineal Peruser Says:

Those persons suffering from IBS may wish to try taking some "Iberogast" or its equivalent "Swedish Bitters", which are available without prescription in most countries.

Some[many?] IBS sufferers may have a bowel obstruction[Volvulus] of which there are several types, and should be painstakingly[no pun] investigated. Given that some studies indicate that up to 60% of persons with IBS have[among myriad other disorders] anxiety and depression, which is very stressful to say the least, I believe that learning to do some Progressive[Muscle] Relaxation will definitely decrease the level of suffering in those with IBS and increase their quality of life into the bargain. It's as easy to learn to do as falling off a log! Deep[belly] Breathing is most beneficial too! Even if a person doesn't have IBS a regular stint of Progressive Relaxation will ease whatever is giving them grief and I'm yet to learn of anyone even coming close to having overdosed on it. You may find too that you're soon able to wean yourself off the "Iberogast" with regular doses of Progressive Relaxation and Deep[belly] Breathing alone, so the only 'cost' to you then will be your time, and hopefully it's time 'well spent' enjoying life devoid of p_un'necessary pain, which can descend upun..err..upon us in big m_obs'tructive!

We must be ever mindful too that an army marches on its 'Iberoga_st'omach, so put your best forward and soldier onward! Happy New Year!

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Bill Says:

dicyclomine is a drug that I had to quit. It has a side effect I call stupidity. You may notice that it works for IBS, but watch out for stupidity. Ask people around if you have become unpleasant to be around.

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Interlineal Peruser Says:

Bill, I notice from my saved page about dicyclomine hydrochloride[Bentyl] that it says possible side effects are: confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behaviour and several other things if that's not enough already. Further down the page and still on "Bentyl" there's somewhat of a "non sequitur", as persons are informed that: "Before taking dicyclomine, tell your doctor if you are allergic to it...." If this isn't putting the cart before the horse then I'll go spare! If a person knows that they're allergic to dicyclomine from their already having used it then it's highly unlikely that they'd knowingly take any even if they were prescribed it and given 10 year's free supply, and if they're prescribed it for the very first time then they'll not yet be aware as to whether they are allergic to it, so if they were able to truthfully tell their doctor that they were allergic to it without ever having taken any then they could just as easily forecast who will win every presidential election and always be able to pick winning numbers in all lottery draws with their eyes shut tight, among myriad other things that the average Joe can only guess at. I'm wondering if the person who scripted the "non sequitur" was also the taste tester for Bentyl and had taken too much of it just before writing said nonsense that folk should tell their doctor if they're allergic to it. Just like several drugs that I've noticed folk complaining about, plain old garden variety logic seems to be in such very short supply nowadays that I suppose it won't be long before it too will become unavailable over the counter, with or without prescription. I must rush now as I'm off down to my local store to purchase all the logic on offer that I can afford before any price increase and then I'll store it away for a b rainy day as I'm told it still has a very long shelf life, if it's kept dry of pun'intentional humor and wit. ;o)

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mleote Says:

The generic form is still being produced (belladonna + phenobarbital). I am sure your pharmacy will fill it generically.

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MedMadness Says:

The deep belly excercise is an interesting concept, that I will try. In addition to the dicyclomine, I'm also taking Pro-
biotics and happy to report, I'm pain free and without any
episodes of IBS for months

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Interlineal Peruser Says:

That's great news, and as antithetical as it may seem, to the p_un'initiated, hopefully your pain-free months "soon" turn into years...and "so_on"!

I do like Bill's comment. It's succ_int'estinal and to the po_int'rospective, showing that he is definitely not stupid, quite the contrary in fact, but his comment makes me wonder somewhat, because, although I don't have IBS, nor have I ever taken dicyclomine, it has cros_sed'atively my m_ind'igestively that it might be stupid of me should I ever deign to ask folk if they've ever sometimes thought that I was p_un'pleasant to be around!

I know that I would do my very g_utmost to just stomach it if they did though. ;o)

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Katharine Says:

Where is the belladonna still being made? I've been told by every pharmacy that it is no longer made in the generic form. Please tell me where?

I am able to get donnatal, but it is $$$

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I was just told at my CVS that my RX for Donnatol will now cost over $100 for 30 pills as the ( much less expensive ) generic form has been withdrawn from the market. The pharmacist had been given no reason for the drug's sudden withdrawal. Sadly, I left without my pills, and am very concerned to read of the side effects that some of you are having with alternative medications.
Has anyone tried getting it from Canada ? Or had success with other meds without suffering nasty side effects ?
It's helpful to know that I'm not alone in this predicament!

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Cali Girl in Pain Says:

Help... Generic Donnatal is the only thing that has helped me. I have had IBS-C for over 20 yrs. I live in pain on a DAILY basis. Unfortunately, the brand is too expensive. Has anyone found it in Canada or Mexico??? If I find it, I will post.

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Ravenfriend Says:

Sorry, but my pharmacy says exactly the opposite. Donnatal is only available in the BRAND name version, which will cost approximately $230, or $170 with my insurance card. This puts it out of reach for me, financially. I've used the generic PRN for about 15 yes and it's been really life saving. I don't know what to do now for my IBS-D.

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Geri Says:

NO! I am told by my pharmacy here in NY that there is no longer a generic for Donnatal and the Brand name is 135 dollars for 30 tabs...I found the Donnatal to be much more effective than Bentyl...I am just holding my breath that bentyl will be enough...and my pharmacist recommended either Levsin or Librax as a replacement for Donnatal...

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Geri Says:

made in Brand form but not generic form the Brand form is very costly...135 for 30 on LI,

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Debbie Anatole Says:

I tried and they will not ship to US.

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Ralski Says:

I found this link and am going to look into it as an alternative. I too am desperate because I can not afford that much for any medication, let alone one that I rely on to live a fairly normal lifestyle.

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Chronic IBS Sufferer Says:

I downloaded the Donnatal ad from the link posted- how does this help as far as the cost being so out of reach for so many? I am confused as to how this is good....

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Ralski Says:

Here is the website this link was generated from.

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