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therapeutic bath and shower oil for dry skin. Contains a skin moisturizer (diisopropil sebacate) and skin softener (isopropil myristate). Useful in the treatment of dermatitis characterized by dry, itchy or chapped skin.

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Prue Says:

Can you advise where I can purchase domol bath oil or an alternate with the same properties?

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DSBailey Says:

Where can I find this bath oil called Domol, or an oil with the same/similar ingredients as Domol?

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Century Says:

What pharmacies carry domol bath oil or where can I find it? It was always useful in the treatment of eczema.

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Dan Says:

Have you found this product?

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Bobbie Says:

Re: Dan (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I am also looking for this product or an effective alternative. I guard like a royal treasure the wee bit I have left from my mom, who has been gone for years now. I have searched to no avail. The medical world must know of this product, or something similar.

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