Dolo 650 Batch Number

DN Says:

Batch number DOBS0164
MFG Aug 2015

Please let me know the expiry date, as that portion has been cut out.

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Avinash Says:

Dolo 650 , B.No.DOBS0433
I want its expired date?

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Dksingh Says:

I want know if DOLO 650 with a batch number of DOBS 197 can be used or not because the expiry date is not visible?

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Abhishek Says:

DOBS0491 - Is this Dolo 650 batch number genuine?.... If anyone can confirm this, please let me know how to check if the medicine is genuine or not?

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Manoj singj Says:

Please find out the expiry date of Dolo -650 is batch number is DOBS0486

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KS Tagore Says:

Paracetamol 650 batch number gmw 055 013 AK manufacture date November 2015 give me expiry date

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abhishek Says:

B. NO. DOB S0580 - This is the batch number of my dolo 650 medicine. Please inform me as to whether this medicine is expired or not?

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Purni Says:

Please give the Manufacturing date & Expiry date of Dolo 650 tablets, Batch No.DOBS0842

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Srinivasan Says:

I have a DOLO 650 strip that was partially consumed with the mfg date part already used. The batch # is: DOBIK0966.

I want to know the expiry date?

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Rakesh Says:

Mere paas dolo 650 ki tablet hain jiska batch #: DOBS0424 hai and MFG date of june 2016 hai. Please iski expire date confirm karein. Kya mein inka use kar sakta hun.

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Trinie Says:

I would like to know the expiry date for the tablet Dolo -650 Batch No. DOBS0485.The mfg. is Sep.2016.

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Anudeep Says:

Hey guys I want the dolo 650mg expiry date because the strip has been cut off and I lost its expiry date so can u say by its batch no.DOBS0863

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Raghavendra Says:

I have a few Dolo 650 tablets with a batch number of: DOBS0946. I want to know the expiry date?

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Kriti Says:

Dolo 650 tablet batch number: DOBS0958. Please tell me its expiry date.

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Vinod Says:

I have Dolo 650 with a batch number of "dobso582" & a mfg. date of Nov. 2016. Can it can be taken as a medicine today (September 6th 2018) and still be effective?

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Silvester Says:

What is the manufacturing and expiry date of Dolo 650 with the batch number DOAD1303?

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Manikandan Says:

I have this paracetamol (Dolo 650) tablet with a batch number of "dobs1026" but I don't know the expiration date. May I still use this tablet? Please inform me of this tablet's expiration date.

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varsha Says:

I have Dolo 650 with the following batch number: DONS0609. Kindly let me know the expiry date.

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Dilesh Says:

Please help me determine the manufacture date of Dolo 650 with the following batch number: dobs 1064

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Swapnil Says:

What is the expiry date of Dolo 650 with a batch number of "DOBS1069"?

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Soni Says:

Please tell me the expiration date of Dolo 650 with a batch number of "DOBS 1319".

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