Does Garcinia Cambogia Show Up On Drug Tests?

Pilot Says:

I would like to know for certain if garcinia cambogia could show up on drug test? I am a pilot and always concerned about taking any supplements or things that could help with weight loss in case there's something that could show up as a drug.

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kim Says:

my husband was on this an came back postive on his drug screen

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Tracey Says:

What did your husband test positive for using garcinia

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April Says:

No.. It does not because its not a control substance. Its a weightloss regime. Im pretty sure ur safe.

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Leelee Says:

Okay, I'd like to know how it would cause it's all natural and if you take it and are like me on c.o. b. Which is condition of bond which requires u. a. 's and show it to the p. O. Or manager or company or like me on c.b.o. then even if it does, they are aware your taking a natural supplement and it shouldn't cause harm to failing a drug test. Also I've been taking 2 random twice a month drug tests since January and it's now June, if I had failed at the county office, I wouldn't of ever walked back out to my car to go home so........ Just stating what I know based on my 10 panel unine tests I've been taking for a while now.

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Michell Says:

Me and my daughter take Garcinia Cambogia and took to different drug test and failed taking these pills

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Jjsmith Says:

What did you fail for? I might have to take a drug test and i dont want to fail

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Rachel Says:

I need to know if I will fail a drug test after taking garcinia cambogia

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Gamo Says:

What did you fail your urine test for while taking garcini

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Brook 7 Says:

U need to be very careful. There have been several FDA recalls for vitamin supplements for weight loss like what u r taking. They were actually found to have amphetamines in them. Others for sleep and calm tested positive for benzodiazepines. You can google this and read it urself.

For weight loss get a calorie counting book or web site. Ur body is like a bank where U save money at. When u take on more calories than u can burn off, then u have a savings of fat. If ur a man in his 40s or more, u should've been eating more than 2000 calories a day. Especially if u don't work out. Walking 4 miles in 1 hour, burns 300-400 calories an hour!!! Plus it increases ur metabolism for several hour afterwards.

Learn what a SERVING SIZE REALLY IS. For instance, a serving of breakfast cereal is not just a BOWLFUL, swimming in milk. If u look on the side of the box, u will see how big the serving is. About 1/2 -3/4 of a cup. Depending on the cereal. A serving of granola type cereal is about 1/4 cup. Not very much. A serving of peanut butter is 1 tablespoon. That's 100 calories. Same with mayonnaise and butter. Most salad dressings too.

Doesn't mean you have to measure things every time you going to eat something. Just do it for a while until you get used to looking at what you're serving size looks like and then you can just eyeball it. U would not have to measure it anymore. That's how you lose weight. Don't take in more calories than you can burn off. Simple mathematical science and I'm a dumb s*** when it comes to math LOL.

Eating a salad can hide calories. 1 tiny once of cheese or a pre-sliced cheddar is also 100 calories. Then croutons maybe a hard boiled egg. U could easily put together a 800 calorie salad by the time u add ur dressing. So u make a cheese and 2 tablespoons of mayo, 2 slices cheese, 2 slices bread, that's a whopping 600 calories in one measly cheese sandwich. Now if ur frying it, ad another 100 calories. 700!!! Google how many calories are in a Big Mac. U will s*** yourself.

Started eating open face sandwiches. At ur age u don't need milk anymore. It's wasted calories. Use ur calories on something else. Or don't. Lose weight faster. There is no other animal that drinks milk from a different species. It's not the 1800s anymore. Milk is merely a money maker. Not a necessity!

A serving of mashed potatoes about 3/4 cup. Gravy 1 table soon. Not 1/2 the plate dripping in gravy. Anything ur going to eat, u can google and find out how many calories and what a serving size is. Do that and u will lose weight. Walk and u will lose more. Or get a bike on ur days off push urself. Ur worth it. Don't reward urself by being lazy and eating crappy food. Lol.

Really!!! It's doesn't have to be hard. Plus u don't have to keep taking pills that u really don't know what's in them.

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Comments Submitted Says:

Funny how NO ONE who says they "failed a drug test" will further reply on the matter after being repeatedly asked WHAT they tested positive for.

Could it're so BORED that you feel the urge to stir some s*** somewhere online, not giving a s*** that peoples' LIVELIHOODS are on the line?

Pathetic much?

Yeah. Pretty pathetic.

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Court eh Says:

I fail countlessly for THC in my drug screens for probation. And I’m 48 days clean and sober

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Melissa Says:

I had a hair drug screen done in July, passed it with flying colors, I started taking Garcinia Cambogia in September, I received a new job offer in October, once again I had to do a hair drug screen... I tested positive for cocaine. Never in my life have I done street drugs. When I received the call for the "positive" cocaine drug screen, I freaked out, I said that it was impossible... so I did some research... sure enough Garcinia Cambogia has been know to test positive for cocaine. That's the only new supplement I've added to my regime... I talk to the doctor that did the drug screen, he didn't want to hear me, let alone would research the dietary supplement... so now I'm out of a job... I called my regular doctor and told them what happened - they called there Lab and sure enough said you can test positive for cocaine when using Garcinia Cambogia... I will be retesting at the same facility AND getting my personal doctor involved, thankfully my recent employer is working with me, and if I can provide proof I have a great chance of getting my job back... long story short Garcinia Cambogia does come back as a false positive for cocaine...

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Chrissy Says:

Re: Melissa (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

My mom took a drug test for dyfus and tested positive for an outrageous amount of cocaine. She does not do cocaine, though she had been taking garcinia cambogia. The dyfus lady claims shes never had a false positive read. The amount of cocaine that was in her system was as if she had done a huge line of coke and walked into the place. They won't let her retest and they told her that she was basically a liar. My mother is a good woman and these pills have ruined her life! My brother got taken away because of them and they won't believe her at all.

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Barb Says:

Re: Court eh (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

It would have to have tested positive to methamphetamine or cocaine. Diet pills are stimulants.

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Dp777 Says:

Re: Comments Submitted (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

It tests positive for cocaine. I am still wondering how though? I'm still trying to do research.

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mma Says:

Re: Barb (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I'm a nurse and just tested positive for methamphetamine while taking this product.

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Danny Says:

Re: Comments Submitted (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Hun, my grandmother is 87 and takes these pills. She had to be put in rehab for a knee replacement and failed a test for methamphetamine. This is a serious situation putting peoples jobs at risk that just want to lose weight.

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Danny Says:

Re: Leelee (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

my grandmother is 87 and failed a pain management drug test for her knee replacement and she is taking these pills

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JMJ Says:

Re: Danny (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Drug testing an 87 year old woman is offensive in itself! Unless they are checking for foul play....arsenic or something. An 87 year old woman is not enjoying illicit drugs. Her energies are spent staying alive and somewhat comfortable in the process. My father is 87. The last thing he craves is a high or to get drunk. He hasn't a clue about opiates, opioids....that type of med. But, he does take suppliments. I could see him using something to aid in maintaining a decent weight. Yep, still a bit vain. Lol. But if he were in pain management and having to take ua's, I'd see if I could get his general physician to oversee pain meds. So many of these pain management policies would be somewhat degrading and undignified for the elderly. Thank God his regular doc does oversee. A 87 year old woman should not be stressed out by failed drug tests. JMHO

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Danny Says:

Re: JMJ (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you... You right she's not concerned about the test her doctor knows she not doing methamphetamine but she has taken three test all positive now the garcinia cambogias is out of her system her fourth test was negative. So I started doing my research and I'm seeing a lot of people screaming out for help and I thought my grandmothers story could maybe help a few people out that garcinia cambogias is making people have false positives and my grandmother has doctor records to prove it

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