Does Anyone Taking Lyrica Have Memory Loss?

Karel Says:

I have been on Lyrica for about 8 months now and I am having fantastic results. My dr is trying to increase my dosage and I have been doing it in 50 mg increments. I am up 100 more now in a month, for a total dosage of 400mg. I find that I have very bad recall and loss of my vocabulary during conversation. It eventually goes away, but I was wondering if anyone else has this? If it keeps up, I just may have to drop back down 50mg until I get used to it? That seemed to work that last time I had to raise it.BTW, I have nerve pain in my ribcage. (not caused by shingles)

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Verwon Says:

It is a possible reaction to this med, it is listed as a side effect that you should see your doctor about if you experience it. You can see it in the monograph listing here: Pregabalin Details

Have you consulted your doctor on this? There are other meds, of a similar nature, that work on the same types of pain, that you might be able to try instead.

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Kelly Says:

I have to say that I have had the same side effect! I thought it was just middle age coming, but that sounds so much better. I can't remembert alot of things lately. Also, I lose words, and peoples names in conversation, so, you are not alone! But, I'll stay a dummy, because Lyrica has kept me out of the ER for about 6 mos. now.

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nervedisease Says:

I'm running into the same problems as you-memory loss, stumbling on words, loss of some vocab, etc. Although it is totally frustrating, I will stay on my meds if they work well enough.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, this is a common side effect for most people taking this drug, however, these side effects usually do ease or wear off entirely, once your body adjusts to the medication.

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dbryant Says:

My doctor has prescribed Lyrica for pain due to a far lateral herniated disc at L3-4. I initially was started on 50 mg 3 times a day and he is increasing me to 2 50 mg tabs 3 x day (Six a day!). Today I have been unsteady, had blurred vision, a little bit rapid heart beat & generally feel bad. At night I am to take Klonopin 0.5 mg and Ambian (10 mg). I am in alot of pain due to this disc, however I feel like I'm headed for an overdose!!!! Is taking this amount of drugs safe???

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cari Says:

Wonder if you have MS and just don't know it. I am taking Lycria and also have MS. I take it because I had bunion surgery on the side that affects my ms and nerves. Memory loss is a big part of MS. Good luck.

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Verwon Says:

dbryant; do you have all your meds filled at the same pharmacy? It is always important to do so, that way if you are reaching a dangerous dose of something, or a dangerous mix, your pharmacist can let you know right away and consult your doctor about alternatives.

Now this is not an exorbitant amount of meds for some people, but it really depends on the person, your drug tolerance and how your body metabolizes them.

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Kat Says:

Just wondering how old the women with memory loss are.. I had memory loss and started taking hormones (I am 53) and I couldn't believe the difference. I just started on Lyrica for Fibromyalgia and have only been on that for a week. good luck everyone

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Karel Says:

I have been off LYRICA for about 2 years now. I have a pain pump, and take Topamax instead for nerve pain.

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vicky Says:

I had a spinal cord injury in 05 and have been on Lyrica and high opiates for chronic pain. Lyrica, I take 900 mg a day is a wonder drug for me, without it I would not be able to function. Now the downside, It has caused me to have extreme weight gain loss of urine blurred vision, memory loss extreme, confusion and lastly I lost all my teeth. Unfortunatly for me I have all the side effects but couldnt live without it. I am on high doses of opiates which also contributed to teeth loss, there is a word for it something like xterior, defintley not the right spelling but there is a term for teeth loss due to meds

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Michael Johnson Says:

I take Lyrica, I just came in here and can't remember why!

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Cubbet Says:

Lyrica was a NIGHTMARE for me. I have basically lost 1.5 years of my life(memory loss) from taking it. I am very angry that my doctor did not know enough about this medication and kept giving it to me and tried to tell my family I must have some brain damage or something! I also had severe, painful swelling of my feet and alot of weight gain.Liver enzymes went sky high also..

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Cubbet Says:

Just had a question. Is tooth decay-loss a side effect of this also as Vicky stated? I lost all my jaw teeth but never knew why. Can not remember anything from that time period,as stated before. My beautiful teeth just rotted and there was nothing wrong with them before taking this medication.

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Cubbet Says:

Does anyone know why OUR FDA ever approved this horrible drug? Almost everything I hear about it is one horror story after another! I have heard that some doctors(lawsuit pending- is the rumor) were getting kickbacks for prescribing it, so if this is proven true maybe someone should find out if something similar was going on over at the FDA. Has anyone heard any allegations about this? I just want something done before another unsuspecting, innocent patient ends up like me. I would NEVER wish this on ANYONE!! I want my memory back! Living with a hole in your life is about enough to drive you crazy- trying to remember and you JUST CAN'T...
I do not think anyone can understand the loss and despair I feel unless you have ever had to experience it also.

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Edward Says:

I have been on this medication for over a year. Yes there are days when I can't remember simple things. I couldn't remember my previous employer, I got confused and had to stop the car and wait to remember where I was and how to get home. And much much more. I have cut the use to absolute minimum... that is helping some. If my mind doesn't clear up I am stopping this med.

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Karel Says:

Tooth decay comes from the drying that these drugs do to our mouth. This happens from narcotics as well. My cousin is a dentist and says this is very common. There are toothpastes and drops now that you can use to keep your moth better hydrated, but I forgot the name.

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Candace Cunningham Says:

It is a possible rare side effect?I disagree, I started on Lyrica a little over 2 yrs ago, and experienced exactly what you are talking about, plus on and off fluid retention. Digestive problems,etc, I was also told that it was one of my other meds back than and over the next 2 yrs till, I finally ended up in the condition I am in now. No it doesn't get better, it might not always show but it just gets worse. In my case it lead to seizures, blackouts,and eventually a mini stroke.I have suffered also emotionally on this drug, and when I confronted my doctor last week about it, because since then I have had a whole new host of medical problems arise (kidney function, chronic infections, swollen liver,MRSA) he had me stop taking it. After two years of telling him that something wasn't right.And all Lyrica does is mask the pain, it does not heal the damage, nor can it stop it.I would not personally take another anticonvulsant for neuropathy ever again. I was on Neurontion for 5 yrs and the same thing happened, it was just a slower and less noticable process. Than after being off Neurontin for 2 yrs I believed the hype on this new drug and that is all it is. Lyrica and Neurontion are sister drugs, and have no long term studies on accumalative side effects. People are actually dying on these medicines.I am just trying to pick the pieces up and start over, the pain is bad off Lyrica, but I am going to try and approach this from a more nutritional stance now, and not be so quick to jump at these so called wonder pillls..I also ended up with facial twitching which lead to my whole face drooping. Some of the muscles have come back but not all.An as far as staying out of the ER now, better now than later with a stroke to one other person commented. The moderator keeps saying that these side effects are temp., the only thing temporary is that they diminish slightly before they really start to accumalate in your system. Than it is too late.

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Alison Says:

I have been on Lyrica for anxiety for 3 years.... It works, but my memory is dreadful. I cant remember short term, long term memory not so bad. I cant remember names, forget vocabulary and its really frustrating! My memory was so sharp. It really helps my anxiety though, so i will continue taking it.

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Hilda Says:

I have been reading your comments and I feel for all of you. I have been taking Lyrica for neuropathic pain in the rib cage. It has definitely helped me in that my life had become impossible due the pain. The Lyrica broke the vicious cycle and allowed me to engage again in physical activity which is very important for me as I tend to become very depressed when I can't get out in the fresh air. Most importantly though, it meant I could begin yoga. I joined a hatha yoga class which has had an absolutely amazing effect both on my neuropathic pain and on my general health and well being. If you are having pain in your rib cage, the yogic breathing really stretches that area out. I'm generally a very sceptical person but I would encourage anyone who is dealing with chronic pain, particularly pain in the rib cage area, to try hatha yoga. I hate to think of others out there in the amount of pain that I was in who could benefit if only they knew about this. I'm down to 75mg of Lyrica at night now and should be off it completely within the next few weeks. When you're in severe pain it can be very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I believe that if hatha yoga helped me escape my pain then it can help other people too. Please don't lose hope.xx

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Diane Says:

Yes, I took Lyrica for fibromyalgia and it was like a magic pill for me. Until, my memory went away, my vocabulary, my ability to spell or to finish a complete sentence. Occasional dyslexia. Inability to keep a job cuz as soon as I got up to go to the filing cabinet, I'd forget why I got up. I am discontinuing the drug. Does anyone know....will all these side effects go away?

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