Does Anyone Know Where I Might Be Able To Find Donnatal Extentabs These Days?

Lori Says:

I've exhausted all resources to obtain this medication and now I am having problems finding the regular Donnatal tablets. These work womderful for me but no one has any? Please share if anyone has any ideas ... Thanks!

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David Says:

Hi Lori,

From what I've heard, the generic is no longer available. But there have been several posts in another discussion thread here mentioning that brand name Donnatal is still available in immediate release form as well as an elixir:


The manufacturer's website also happens to list a customer service number (1-877-370-1142) for those who have product related inquiries. Maybe they can work with your current doctor/pharmacy to make sure they have something in stock for you next time you get a prescription? If not, it sounds like they should at least be able to point you in the right direction.

I hope this helps!

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Joan Says:

Donnatal extend tabs have been discontinued and are no longer available. Try contacting the company directly to plead your case.

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