Does Penorit Tablet Cause Miscarriage?

sana Says:

I am 3 weeks pregnant. Can i use penorit to remove it? Or what medicine can i use? Will deuton capsule and penorit work in combination?please help me, I'm really worried.

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Verwon Says:

Penorit is an emergency contraceptive that is used immediately after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy, it will not terminate one, if you are already pregnant.

Learn more emergency contraception details here.

And no, Dueton will not abort a pregnancy, either.

The most commonly used medication for that is Misoprostol, but it is only safe to use up to the third month.

Learn more Misoprostol details here.

Have you consulted a doctor?

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Dubay Says:

Is penorit good for treating amenorhea, my friend has pco?she is not getting her period for 3 months now.her age is 23yrs.

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sweetamna Says:

Plz help me mera hormones problem ha main ne last month duphaston tablet Khai ha ab mery 2 din upar ho gy ha stik chek kia ha but not positive kia ab main penorit kha lun.?koe efect to ni ho ga ager pregnencey hoe to plz tell me as soon as possible

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thu ya Says:

My girlfriend was pregnant for 1 month. What medicine should she drink?

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moe moe Says:

Hi, I am 1 month pregnant. Should I drink the penorit tablets? Please guide me on how to take them.

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sana Says:

Asslam-o-alaikum, I am married and my first baby is 3 years old. I'm again 20 days pregnant, and I'm worried bcoz mai abe ni chahti or 2 din sy abortion k liye penorite tablet kha rhe hn dosage ye hai 2 tablet gram dodh k sath sony sy pehly leti hn mgr kch result ni nikal raha yeh tablet abortion k liye kitni days mai work krti hai kindly information den jld sy jld.

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Tayyaba Says:

I have same problem k 3 weak pregnancy hy double penorit khae ab daily one. One Kha Rae hun 3rd dy hy but no bleeding. What should I do

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Tayyaba Says:

Hi I am too worried bcz I don’t want onother pregnancy bcz I have 3 kids and lil one is too small. I take penorit 2 with milk after that I take one daily but not bleeding my date was 2 march now today is 30 march kindly suggest me for abortion please. I will be glad to you. Now a days I am in hyper tension

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Deya Says:

I take penorit tablets for periods but no bleeding can this tablet work for abortion

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Mrs mir Says:

Can a breastfeeding mother take this medicine?

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