Does 30mg Of Morphine Sulfate Relieve More Pain Than 50mcg Fentanyl Patches

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Ponchoponcho Says:

My pain Dr.had me on 30mg. of morphine sulfate 3 times per day & switched me to 50 mcg. Fentanyl patches at 1 every 3 days.The morphine was keeping me up at night & did'nt seem to ease the pain.Second day on the patch & it does'nt stop the pain either any suggestions will be truely appreciated..Thanx

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David Says:

I don't have an exact answer to your question, since everyone responds differently to both of these medications (based on tolerance, etc). However, according to numerous articles, Fentanyl is said to be approximately 100 times more potent than Morphine, with 100 micrograms of Fentanyl approximately equivalent to 10 mg of Morphine in analgesic activity (or in regards to pain relief).

I hope this information helps!

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Josie Says:

You need to give it a little time. I am on 75 every 3 days and doing great, consitant relief without bother of taking a pill every 6 or 8 hrs to stay ahead of pain. I have percs for break through pain and have not had to have a dosage increase in over 5 yrs. I have bad days but more goods. Hope it works for you, as the other poster stayed the fentynal is more powerful then almost anything else out there.

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Daniel Says:

I have "failed back surgery syndrome."20 years of diffuse pain,Frim C1 thru lumbar,both arms,hands,legs,feet.Former Athlete.
Currently on 60 mgs Methadone/10mgValium/2,400mgsGabapentin/40mgs Prozac/50mgsTrazadone DAILY.
25 epidurals over 10 yearss killed 95% of lumbar pain
lost their efficacy..side affects brutal.
Thinking of PAIN PUMP but??
Would asking DOC for FENTANYL PATCH and slowly weaning off other drugs be better option?I hate pills of any kind/never touched marijuana.But may move 2,000 miles to Phoenix where I am approved for Medical marijuana.I went from businessman to recluse
as many of you have...Any advice on Fentanyl Patch??

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Surprised Says:

Ponchoponcho are you seeing a real pain mgt doctor? The patch is for base line pain but you also need something for what is called breakthrough pain. Have this doctor refer you to a real pain mgt specialist. If he is then change. He is not following protocol. If you do not have a history of abusing meds, there is no reason in this day and age why you can't be relatively comfortable.

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Daniel Says:

god bless you,

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Mr EFhurting Says:

I am a 51 year old male. To many horrible, high speed (200+ mph) wrecks 3x over a 13 year period) Formula 1 car wrecks. To much damage to list. I had to learn about drugs for survival.
1st. Use Duragesic Patches, made by Jansen ONLY!!!!!

2nd. You can change the patches every 2 days, and get much more pain relief. When you follow the instructions for application on the box (hold the patch firmly pressed against the site for 3-5 minutes) that is the best and only way to apply and it works due to body heat from hand and application site. Use Paper First aid tape, and tape the edges full length while making sure that no more then a 1/8th to 1/4th edge overlaps on the patch.
I have more good advice but i am exhausted, and ,my days are soon over. please save this as a draft and i will finsh asap. mark!

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Dean Says:
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Hi, the fentanyl patches are much stronger, it can take a couple of weeks to get into the bloodstream, when I first started on fentanyl patches and I am on 150mg every three days anyway like I said when I first started the patches the doctor gave me 100mg of slow release morphine which you take every 12 hours.
I hope this is helpful


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Chris Says:

Try oxycodone 30 mg 6x a day if you can find a doc to give you this much. Methadone will make you tired though as the oxy seems to perk me up but I believe it perks me up as it relieves the pain so well that I want to get up and do things I would not be able to do without it. All peeps react different to diff meds it's going to take some trial and error to find a happy medium I would say

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MissesTaha Says:
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This is to all.. I'm an American living in Turkey and I can tell you it's been a real eye or pain opener.. I have osteo arthritis, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs and chronic neck pain.. I've been on various pain medications for 12 years now and this is my experience.. In Florida my doctors had me on 75 Fentanyl patch every 72 hrs with 10mg Lortab for breakthrough pain.. When I lost my insurance I changed to Methadone and due to cost and the fact that my body metabolized medicine quickly.. Then I moved to Jordan and over seas there are realitively no countries that have Methadone so I was given 100 Duragesic patch with 30mg Morphine 3 x day and it worked well.. Then I moved to Turkey and in Turkey they have a very strict opiate system and the only opiate they will give you no matter what your condition is the patch.. So, I have been withdrawing for 2 weeks now because I only have a 50 patch to change every 3 days with NO pills to help with breakthrough pain or the withdrawals.. In conclusion, the patch will help with pain but try your very best to stay on as little dose of any opiate as possible because the withdrawals are a nightmare and will occur no matter what you change to, for at least a month..

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josh Says:
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I rhink the fentanyl transdermal system is great. I would ask the doc to allow you to change your patch every 2 days instead of 3.once you build a plasma level of fentanyl (about 1 day wearing the patch) it provides a good constant pain relief. I found that reliable pain relief to become more hit or miss on day 3 wearing the same patch hence my recommendation of replacing every 48 hours. I believe if your doctor will allow this and gives you a high enough dosage patch I'd say at least 50mcg I was placed on the 75mcg patch the first time I was rxed. That was coming from about 180 to 300 mgs of ms contin per day with up to 5 30 mg instant release oxycodone for breakthrough. I dropped the ms contin changed to .75mcg patch and kept my breakthrough the same. I unfortunately had to get off the patch due to a bad skin reaction to the adhesive on the patch..that's something to watch for and you will also want to get some of these coverings that can go on top of your patch to insure it stays on. I've lost them before and didn't even realize until my back started hurting more..that is a dangerous thing..if that patch falls of and a pet or god forbid a child finds and picks up thay fentanyl patch even if it's spent after 3 days use. .there is still enough fentanyl left in that patch to kill a family pet or child...hell there could be enough left to kill them many times over or kill an adult but your kids and pets don't always have the advantage of knowing not to out things like that in their mouths.

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Dean Says:

hi i have been on 300mg of fentanyal patches every 3 days and 50mg of oral morphine because six discs have gone and its bone on bone

i don't know what problems you have but i would say you need to be on 100mg fentaynal patches when i first started the patches the pain was unbearable and had to double then so i would try this first one other thing when i first went on the patches i was given 150mg slow release morphine tablet i hope this helps you

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ratio Says:
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why do u say to only use the Jensen fentanyl patch

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robin Says:
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I don't know where u all live, but be grateful. I live in KY, and after the HB1 law passed last year, people with verifiable chronic pain conditions, who were treated in law abiding pain managements, now literally suffer. I do know Fentynal patches r excellent for pain but like many said, u have to first let it get built up in ur system and like many pain meds. If ur use to being on one and then r switched, ur body has to get the old completely out of ur system and the new built up, before u r going to truly be able to tell..Just over a year ago I was up to 60mg of methadone a day for baseline pain and 60mg of oxycodone a day for breakthrough, now...I am only given 3 percocet 7.5 a day...I am 47, and have been disabled since 1995, started by rupturing 2 discs (L4/5 L5/S1), in my low back then having a failed back surgery in 99...then a car accident in 03 requiring a C5/6 I have osteoarthritis in knees, hips (had total rt hip replacement last yr, at age 46), back, neck, shoulders, I have bulging or herniated discs from from L2 all way to S1, I have bulging to herniated C2-C8 except for the fusion at C5/6, degenerative disc disease, canal stenosis in back. Discs in neck and back flattening thecal-sacs causing neural for Amina narrowing (which means affecting nerves), had nerve damage since 1999, hip dysplasia in left hip only now, sciatica, a inflamed ligament T11/12, relapsed carpal tunnel rt arm, complete torn rotator cuff on rt (total full thickness tear, which they wanna do surgery honestly it worries me, my surgeries tend to cause more problems), migraines (mainly from neck and STRESS) top it off Fibromyalgia, which hurts all over...I have never been discharged from a dr, failed any drug panels, failed to do anything...and all my drs were legitimate drs, yet because of the laws now, and the people and drs who for years took advantage of things, now most people in KY like me, have to suffer...So never take it for granted when u r at least on something strong enough to knock the edge off because u never know when it could be worse...They shut down the pain drs not following rules, passed these laws, now the government controls our healthcare, and legitimate drs, pain drs, r afraid to adequately treat their pts, because they r given such strict guidelines with such harsh punishments, that the government scares them more than the oath they took as a dr, means to them.

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tipper55 Says:

Did you have problems with the patch not lasting 3 days when u first started them?

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brokenbackscrewedbyobama Says:
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Is Marijuana legal in AZ? I'm moving. I really hate to say it BUT I have similar issues as you and am sick and tired of depression caused by opioids and doctors and others treating you like a junkie. MaryJane works for the suicidal days when nothing else will touch the pain. I'm going to get off the opioids that just don't work anymore and have become a major issue ..and just be sick for a few months of withdraw and use MJ to control pain and withdraw. Bottom line I was on methadone years back for pain and it shut down my frontal lobe. I was a vegetable. I went cold turkey against doctors orders and was deathly I'll for several weeks. I continued to take oxys 30 MG's. I think I would have coded (died) if I just stopped everything. I have tried that in past because I felt like a useless **** ..and landed in the ER. Look brother be careful. Don't be stupid like me and cold turkey, but you can do it. As a counselor and a minister there is help.

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Topeka Says:

I m on fentanyl. 25mg &oxycod/acetam 10-325 & suffer thru restless &shakes shortly. After taking. A dose .have been trying a few anxiety. Meds. Like hydroxyzine to no avail. Need help.

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Osteo Says:
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They came out with an opiate scoring chart. I have Percocet and was on morphine. Dr took me off morphine cold turkey. Can't function now.

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Sunshine270 Says:
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Sorry to hear bout that. Yes it does make it more difficult to get adequate care with pain meds. Doctors too scared to actually treat the patients with effective pain meds, so patients suffer or get illegal drugs to help cope with the pain. Maybe if some of those people in the white house making the laws would get sick enough to need powerful pain meds, maybe they would change their minds about letting doctors dispense accurate meds to patients.

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Gpatchman Says:

Please note that no medical provider would prescribe fentanyl patched dosed in "mg" as a dose of say 1mg would kill anyone who took it. Fentanyl patched are prescribed in dose calibrated in "mcg" which is multiple time LESS powerful that "mg". Mg and mcg are not the same thing. There are 1,000 micrograms (mcg) in 1 milligram (mg).
Just an FYI

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DJ Says:

Wow, thank you for explaining the difference to me. I'm on Morphine ER 60mg and Morphine IR 15mg 4x day as needed. And since the doctors can't use a Demerol shot anymore, (thank you government) the only thing that stopped my horrible breakthrough pain, he is now trying the fentanyl patch 50 mcg with my Demerol. I talked him down from 75mcg to the 50mcg patch. Now I understand why he was doing what he did. I haven't started the patch yet because I didn't understand the difference between mg & mcg. I am a lung cancer survivor for 16 yrs, 8 months and a few days. My intercostal nerve under the rib was damaged during surgery. I'm so blessed to just be here, therefore I "try" not to fuss too much about pain, but as all you know, sometimes it's hard when you have breakthrough. We all need support and understanding...unfortunately something that is sorely lacking in certain areas. I count myself fortunate to have a PPO that cares. Just for the record, I had 8 surgeries in 4 years; 1 for the thoracotomy and the rest for a Dorsal cord stimulator implant and all the problems I had with that which included a staph infection from a Dr. who didn't listen to me when he switched out the battery. I almost died. Plus I had the regular intercostal and trigger point injections, two times trying to kill the nerves, and many more for 3 years. So I did try everything they threw at me before going to only meds, even anti-seizure medications which I'm highly allergic to. That's what two pain clinics did to me. Thank God my PPO is a kind, Christian man who cares. Thanks for listening (yes did fentanyl suckers, they did about$6,000 worth of damage to my teeth. so if you use them, put under tongue and brush afterwards.) They did work quickly for me, just too high of a dose. Good Luck to you all.

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