Doctors That Prescribe Xanax Warren Ohio

Piffy Says:

Help please! I am a 57 yr old Totally and Permanently USAF Vet. The VA Hosp I Want to do my Hip Replacement is the Wade Park VAMC in Cleve. My Medical Probs are severe and lengthy, but my only Psych need is for my increasingly-severe Panic Attacks, and my Anxiety Disorder, which had responded well to Xanax 1mg. However, in its ever-lasting quest to make a junkie of no one, The VA Dr here in SC recently tapered me off of my Xanax. In just over a month, I am moving back to the Warren-Y'town area (my locale for 40 yrs and then some) for a min of a year and a half to address the Phys. Stuff incl major Surgery. I am so far unable to find a Dr there who'll write the Xanax. I can drive around up there but no more than say 20mi each way fm Warren. Help!

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EDDY Says:

Look for a website like this one in your town that lists the M.D. and the drugs they provide:

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Nikki Says:

I have been on Xanax over 10 years and my family doctor has cut me down to 01? Told me to find a shrink? Anyone know of one in warren county area?

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WB Says:

Google Drs who write alprazolam in Ohio. It's give u a list of Drs who wrote scripts an how many. There are a few around but your gonna need to drive. I have PTSD an am in the same boat. The VA is useless when it comes to listening to what works

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